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Chapter 197: Never the Same

“What?! Xia Xibei signed the contract too?!”

Xia Qinghan’s shocked voice said abruptly, her face a little distorted.

Bai Meixue couldn’t help but scowl when she saw the hideous expression that Xia Qinghan was wearing.

“What are you so worked up for? Calm down!”

Although she herself had almost torn apart the room earlier, she couldn’t allow Xia Qinghan to lose her mind.

She had to be at her best regardless of the circumstances because that was the only way they could tame the monsters raging out there.

“Auntie Xue, I thought that Xia Xibei couldn’t sign the contract? Why did she suddenly…”

Xia Qinghan was overwrought.

She had initially been elated when she found out about Xia Xibei’s background.

Xia Xibei not being able to sign the contract was the best news that she could ever receive.

By the time she debuted, Xia Xibei would only be able to watch her enviously from below. It would be a fabulous feeling to look down on her from such a dominant position!

There was already a huge disparity between her and Xia Xibei, one which would only get bigger and bigger as time passed.

If so, Xia Xibei would never be able to catch up with her!

But now she was being told that Xia Xibei had signed the contract too, joining the same company…

Was she trying to drive her crazy?!

“She had a change of custody, that’s why she could sign it,” Bai Meixue had calmed down by now, her expression rather cool and grim. “Even if things have turned out this way, let’s not overthink it.”

“But, if she…”

“Don’t think about it too much,” Bai Meixue cut her off. “She joined the company, but that doesn’t mean she can do anything.”

Continuing, Bai Meixue sneered with contempt, “Don’t worry, you’re different from her. You grew up in a wealthy family, while she’s just some stray kid from the streets. Even if the two of you stand on the same ground, that doesn’t mean you are equal. Even if we put all other things aside and just talk about talent alone, she’ll never be able to keep pace with you!”

These words managed to calm Xia Qinghan’s nerves, helping her to regain her confidence a little.

She was right! Why should she get all worked up because of her?

Even if the two of them joined the same company, that didn’t mean their career prospects would be the same!

She had begun learning all sorts of skills from a young age, having been exposed to everything from music and art to literature.

And if you took a look at Xia Xibei, what did she have?

She was abandoned by her parents from a young age, with only a few hundred yuan in pocket money to spend every month. She had trouble just trying to survive, let alone learning any skills.

With the enormous gap between the two of them, just how much effort would it take for Xia Xibei to even catch up to her?

Having thought that, Xia Qinghan felt so much better.

“Alright, I get it now,” she assured Bai Meixue with her usual elegant, reserved smile. “I won’t lose control again.”

“That’s how you should be!” Bai Meixue nodded with approval, “Remember, you and she don’t belong in the same world! Rest assured, I’ve started arranging work for you. As long as you perform well, I can guarantee that you’ll be famous very soon!”

“Really?” Xia Qinghan asked in surprise. “What kind of work?”

“You shouldn’t tell anyone about this.”

“I won’t!”

“They are working on a new series right now, and there’s an interesting role in it.”

“What role?”

“The queen of animals. You’ll have to interact with some animals by then, but don’t worry about it. It’ll only involve some small animals, as the bigger ones will be produced with special effects.”

“Queen of animals? And I have to interact with small animals?” Xia Qinghan furrowed her brows. “I… I don’t like animals.”

She always felt that those little things were so filthy.

“Even if you don’t like them, you have to pretend as if you do!” Bai Meixue rebuked with a cold face.

“Alright then…”

“Don’t worry, it’s directed by a famous director. As long as your performance is outstanding, you’ll certainly become famous!”


After some motivation, Xia Qinghan finally gained some confidence.

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