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Chapter 190: Getting Rid of the Sisters

What pleased Qiao Yanjue was that the cat did not appear, even after they left.

He only got to know afterwards that Honey’s owner lived in another part of the city, which was quite a distance from here.

His mood improved a great deal after finding out about that.

Xia Xibei had no idea what was going on in Qiao Yanjue’s mind at all. After comforting the two sulky, reluctant dogs, she went to meet Song Jiaren.

After a fortnight, some obvious changes had occurred in Song Jiaren.

She was now substantially slimmer than she had been before, which made her look much prettier.

She had a cup of milk tea in hand and was sipping on it. When she saw Xia Xibei coming over, she was instantly invigorated, going forth to welcome her.

“Are you alright?”

Xia Xibei had applied for a leave today, so she had only learnt about what Xia Xibei did after browsing the internet.

If not for Xia Xibei, the situation might have gotten much worse.

Even the people at school knew that Xia Xibei had rescued the children, along with learning more about her background.

“I’m fine,” Xia Xibei shook her head with a bright smile, “I have settled everything on my part.”


Song Jiaren was clear about Xia Xibei’s situation, and she knew that Xia Xibei had terminated relations with her parents early on.

Although it sounded quite simple, it was actually challenging to maneuver in reality.

She was curious about how the matter had been resolved.

“…therefore, I got a new custodian.”

Song Jiaren was exhilarated the moment she heard that Xia Xibei had terminated relations with her parents for real this time, even getting a new custodian.

“That’s brilliant! That’s how things should be!”

Although Song Jiaren had never seen Xia Xibei’s parents before, she knew that they weren’t good people. If she could sever all ties with them completely, that would be great.

Xia Xibei was such a good young lady; she shouldn’t be encumbered by them.

After that, Song Jiaren mentioned what happened at school today.

“I ran into Xia Qinghan and Liu Zhijing at school today.”

The students would use their phones between classes, so they knew about all the big things that had happened.

Their reactions towards the matter were diverse.

All in all, about 90 percent of the people were on Xia Xibei’s side.

They were all youngsters, after all, so they would stand up for youngsters who were being treated unjustly.

Xia Xibei had such a pathetic background and her parents were so shameless and cold-blooded; how could they not pity her?

Of course, there were people who were constantly looking for flaws as well.

“Don’t you know, I almost killed them all today!” Song Jiaren couldn’t help but snort.


“They were bad mouthing you!” Song Jiaren pouted, “I finally understand what those ‘green tea b*tches’ and ‘white lotuses,’ as the netizens call them, are like!”

“Looks like today’s war was intense,” Xia Xibei laughed.

“What do you mean the war was intense? It was a one-sided attack, okay!” Song Jiaren humphed, “Everyone was clapping for what you did, but some were rambling about how it was fake, and you were putting on a show. They even said that you made up your background to beg for sympathy… Pffff! I scolded them right away. If it was fake, they should be on the news sometime too!”

Song Jiaren got a little smug when she got to that last part.

“After I scolded them back, they became speechless and walked away in defeat.” She brandished her fist, threatening them, “If I ever hear them saying those things again, I’m gonna punch them in their faces!”

Song Jiaren’s wild moves made Xia Xibei shake her head and laugh, but her heart was filled with warmth.

After babbling on for a good while, Song Jiaren took out her phone. “Look, the netizens are all singing your praises!”

A gorgeous young lady rescuing so many children certainly was praiseworthy!

But very soon, Song Jiaren’s face turned dark.

“What the hell are these?!”

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