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Chapter 191: Setting the Tone on the Internet

Previously, the majority of comments on the internet were praises for Xia Xibei.

However, a few hours had passed, and things had taken a sharp turn.

Someone noticed that Xia Xibei looked rather familiar, so they went browsing for a bit and found something different.

“I was wondering why she looks so familiar. She was the girl in the ‘kitty with a gift’ video!”

“So it’s her! I remember it, now that you mentioned it. That kitty was adorable!”

“Oh, by the way, wasn’t the cat’s owner looking for her previously? How did she come all the way here? Has she lost her way?”

At this point, someone posted a few pictures.

“She’s here! Also, I don’t think the matter is as simple as it seems!”

There were several figures in the picture, with Xia Xibei in the center, surrounded by a cat and a dog.

“Why is there another dog? The kitty is cute, and the doggie is adorable too! I wanna stroke them so bad!”

“Not simple? What do you mean by that? The person has been identified now, isn’t that pretty great?”

“Haha, how naive of you guys! Try to think of all that has happened. Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence?”

“Now that you put it this way, I find it strangely coincidental too. Look at the timeline. He was only looking for her just that morning, yet he managed to find her by night? That’s too soon, isn’t it?!”

“Exactly. I won’t believe you if you say there’s nothing wrong about this! And look at that! The two pets were so friendly towards the girl! How could they not have met before?”

“Damn it, can this be yet another hype? Is this girl about to debut or something?”

“Holy jeez, she’s received so much hate before she even debuts, how unbelievable! But if you put everything else aside, it can’t be a hype that she stopped the bad guy and rescued so many children, can it?”

“Right! Can you guys not come up with so many conspiracy theories? Does everyone have to hire people to do bad things just to debut? Is she going for the title of ‘world savior’ now? Aren’t you thinking too much into this?”

“Who knows? Also, I’m doubting whether her so-called background is real. Do such tragic people still exist these days? People love acting pitiful now. This is not new anymore.”

People started bickering in the comments section.

With some ill-intentioned people setting the tone on the internet, people were beginning to doubt the authenticity of the news.

After all, it seemed like too much of a coincidence!

Xia Xibei looked like a weak, feeble, little girl at first glance, so how could she stop a big, burly man just like that? Was she some kind of King Kong-Barbie hybrid?

“Just wait and see! I bet fifty cents that this girl is trying to make her way into the entertainment industry! Perhaps you’ll see her debut out of nowhere in a few days! By then, you’ll know who’s real and who’s fake!”

Song Jiaren recited the comment through gritted teeth, rage burning within her.

“These people are disgusting! How do they even have so many ill thoughts!”

She was so furious that her chest began to ache.

“Pffff! Do they think that everyone’s trying to make a hype? You’re not even part of the entertainment industry!”

When she finished talking, she remembered something, instantly becoming worried.

“Erm… If you become a celebrity for real, is this going to…”

She knew that Xia Xibei was planning on becoming a celebrity, but if she joined the entertainment industry at this point of time, what they said would come true, wouldn’t it?

Those haters would die due to all the excitement!

“It’s nothing to worry about,” Xia Xibei laughed. “They clearly don’t want me to join the entertainment industry by saying all those things, do they?”

If the previous comments were normal, then it was obvious that someone was deliberately setting the tone at this moment.

“If I try to prove my innocence by not joining the entertainment industry, I’d be hitting the nail right on the head, wouldn’t I?”

Her eyes glittered as she flashed a bright smile.

“But it’s a pity that I won’t be kind enough to tend to their wish.”

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