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Chapter 183: The Silly Husky, King Chu

Liu Manhang lived alone.

Although the security measures in the area were very good, it still seemed too desolate for her to live in such a spacious house all by herself.

Therefore, she chose to keep a dog.

She had a husky, a breed that people often associated with dumbness, named King Chu.

Qiao Yanjue had been here a couple of times, and each time he saw King Chu tearing down the house.

Under Liu Manhong’s connivance, King Chu grew more and more “domineering,” as his name suggested, starting to tear down more places around the house.

Qiao Yanjue wasn’t sensitive to all that, as he did not have a pet himself. Besides, that wasn’t his pet anyway.

However, when he saw how King Chu was fawning over Xia Xibei, wagging his tail and sticking his tongue out at her, Qiao Yanjue found the scene too familiar for his liking, an ominous feeling creeping through him.

“Eh, King Chu loves you a lot!” Liu Manhong exclaimed with surprise.

Although King Chu was a pure-breed husky, he was different from the rest of the huskies, as he wasn’t fond of proximity with outsiders.

Him getting close with Xia Xibei was a pretty rare occurrence.

Xia Xibei patted King Chu, who was wriggling around in her arms, and smiled. “I’ve always shared a great affinity with animals,” she replied.

King Chu lay down on the ground when she patted him, sticking out his tongue even more merrily than before.

Qiao Yanjue was speechless.

What a dumb dog! Take him out for a chop!

Liu Manhong also squatted down, reaching out a hand to touch his belly, but was stopped midway.

As she looked at the furry paw, Liu Manhong was rather puzzled.

Shortly after, her hand was pushed away.

Pushed away! Liu Manhong was shocked beyond words! This heartless little thing wasn’t her dog!

After shoving Liu Manhong’s hand away, King Chu tugged at Xia Xibei’s hand and put it on his belly, then barked with delight, “Whoof!”

He could sense a soothing air about Xia Xibei, which he adored very much.


What was that? Was it edible?

As for Xia Xibei, she wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. King of Chu was even more straightforward than Asura and the others.

Seeing that she wasn’t moving, he barked again to hasten her, “Whoof!”

Then, he gently pushed her hand.

Looking at the furry paw on the fair, slender hand, Qiao Yanjue’s lips twitched.

This was such a glaring scene to watch!

“King Chu has never been so close with anyone else!” Liu Manhong marveled. She did not bother him any further, changing the subject instead, “Your name is Xia Xibei? Can I call you Beibei?”

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded while caressing the dog.

“Great! Then, are you in your sophomore or senior year right now?”


“I heard that you go to Qing Ye High School?”


As he watched the two of them actively engage in a conversation, Qiao Yanjue’s face became stiff. Was he transparent to them?!

However, he did not want to interrupt the conversation, as they were getting along really well, so he quietly sat on the side.

After chattering for a while, the two of them got more and more acquainted, King Chu happily lying at their feet.

Although Xia Xibei’s biological age was very young, her actual age was about the same as Liu Manhong’s.

The two of them had similar views and mentalities, so they got along really well.

How Liu Manhong wished she could sit beside her and have a heart-to-heart with her all day.

After half an hour of chatting, they finally got to the main point.

“Your area is going to be relocated, right?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded.

“Where are you going to live?”

“I’m currently looking for a house. I’ll probably find one very soon.”

“You don’t have to! You can live here at my place!” Liu Manhong patted her chest and explained, “You see, my place is huge, but I’m living all alone. How lonely!”

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