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Chapter 182: Liu Manhong

Qiao Yanjue left with Xia Xibei, but Xia Shahai and Liu Lixin stayed behind.

Although Qiao Yanjue would not pursue the incident with the company, there was still the matter of the murder-for-hire.

After the couple discussed it for a bit, they finally reached a decision.

Liu Lixin took blame for all the charges.

Moreover, she was the one who contacted those people before, so Xia Shahai really did not know.

Before, she had wanted to take Xia Shahai to jail with her, but thinking about their children, she really had no choice but to shoulder all the responsibility for the action.

Liu Lixin was sentenced to several years for murder-for-hire.

Although Xia Shahai had been cleared of suspicion, that did not mean that his situation after this ordeal was much better than Liu Lixin’s.

The company had fired him, and he had to raise two children, so he was under an immense amount of pressure.

And it was not over yet. After he returned home, he realized that his neighbors were looking at him oddly.

When he went online, he almost spit out blood!

The Internet was condemning him, saying that he had no conscience, was a cheater and a scumbag…

When his kids went to school, they came home crying.

Staying here meant being gossiped about, and he couldn’t find a job here anyway, so the only possible option left for Xia Shahai was moving out of the city with his two children.

Xia Xibei didn’t have time to pay attention to how miserable Xia Shahai’s situation would be in the future. She went to see Qiao Yanjue’s aunt, Liu Manhong, a very young and stylish older sister.

Although she was almost 40 years old, Liu Manhong looked very young. With a graceful figure and creamy skin, she resembled a young woman in her 20s.

If it weren’t for the crow’s feet that appeared when she laughed, one couldn’t tell her age at all.

After her divorce a few years ago, she had never remarried. She just had a boyfriend from time to time, and her life was relaxing.

Out of all of the relatives in the Qiao family, Qiao Yanjue was the closest to her.

After seeing Xia Xibei, Liu Manhong looked at Qiao Yanjue with a knowing gaze, then glared at him. “Don’t get any ideas!” she warned.

A beautiful girl like her shouldn’t be ruined!

Qiao Yanjue was speechless.

“Sister Hong, am I still your nephew?”

Liu Manhong had always disliked being called an aunt, protesting that it made her sound old. She preferred to be called Sister Hong.

“No, she’s my real daughter!”

Liu Manhong glared back, then couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to pull Xia Xibei closer to her. “Oh, this girl is so beautiful! She has such good skin!”

Such remarks might sound awkward, but her eyes were smiling, and her gaze was clear. She simply looked at Xia Xibei in amazement, not touching her in any way.

Xia Xibei didn’t feel offended. Rather, she felt that such elders were very cute.

“If I had a baby back then, she’d be this grown up too!” she said with emotion.

“Please. You were the one who didn’t want to have kids, okay?”

“If I could have such a beautiful daughter, I would!” she retorted.

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but smile when she saw the two of them bickering.

This was the first time she had seen Qiao Yanjue looking so naive and relaxed.

“Right! Girls should laugh more. So beautiful!” Liu Manhong smiled, taking Xia Xibei’s hand and leading her to the living room.

Xia Xibei’s heart felt warm.

Before Liu Manhong could say anything, there was an excited bark.

Then, a black and white shadow rushed forward, heading straight towards Xia Xibei.

“King Chu, stop!”

Looking at the dog, who had an twisted look in his eyes, Qiao Yanjue came to the realization that he seemed to have made the wrong decision!

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