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Chapter 167: The Scum of the News

The nearby parents and passers-by watched the man rushing toward the children with a knife, all of them extremely frightened.

Seeing that the knife was about to fall on the children, some people couldn’t help but close their eyes; they couldn’t bear to look at the scene.

But in the next instant, they saw a girl appear behind the man. She used her left foot to jump up from the ground, giving the man a solid kick.

The man screamed and fell forward, his face planting on the ground.

Then, the girl rushed toward him and stepped on his wrist.

The man yelped in pain. His hands couldn’t help but loosen their grip, dropping the knife.

The girl kicked the knife away.

The man was struggling to get up from the ground, but the girl kicked his back once again, stopping him from moving.

Other people finally reacted, rushing up to them immediately.

“Let me go!” the man bellowed, trying to get up, but he was restrained by those around him.

The children finally came to their senses and began to cry.

Other passers-by also rushed over; they hugged the children and prevented them from seeing these things.

After pulling the man up, someone couldn’t help but punch him.

When one person did it, others soon followed.

“D*mn! What scum! He wanted to hurt kids!”

“If it wasn’t for this girl just now…”

Thinking of the tragedy that could have occurred, everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

They were used to seeing the killing of students on the news from time to time, but no one expected it to happen right in front of them!

If it hadn’t been for this girl, who reacted quickly and had great strength, these children would have been hurt.

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but feel lucky.

Although the children were not their own, if there were more scumbags like him out there, the lives of all children would be in danger.

As they thought this, everyone wanted to smash this man into pieces, and started hitting him even harder!

This kind of scum, that only dared to hurt children, did not deserve to live!

They saw clearly that he was not going for a certain child; all of these children were his targets! He wanted to indiscriminately take revenge against society!

When a child got hurt, the family would be in terrible pain!

Everyone started hitting the man even more vigorously.

When the police arrived, the man was already quite weak, with bruises present and his face swollen.

“What happened here?”

The police were also startled.

When the police asked questions, everyone explained the situation clearly.

“It’s all thanks to this girl, otherwise…”

A parent who owned a shop nearby ran over and hugged her child, tears streaming down her face.

If it were not for this girl, her child might not be alive right now.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

The parent took Xia Xibei’s hand and thanked her repeatedly.

Xia Xibei could only smile and accept everyone’s gratitude.

“This girl is that powerful?!”

The police were also stunned after hearing all the details.

This girl was fierce!

Although this man was not tall, he was very strong.

And Xia Xibei had knocked him down with one kick… Incredible!

“I have a video!”

Someone took out their phone and played the video excitedly.

The earlier part was not recorded. It started from when everyone realized that the man wanted to hurt people.

Although it was shot from a distance away, the event was clearly shown.

Seeing Xia Xibei leap forward and kick the man to the ground, the police were also shocked.

“This girl knows martial arts! So fierce!”

Everyone marveled at Xia Xibei’s power, hating the man even more.

Scum like him deserved the death penalty!

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