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Chapter 168: I Want to Call the Cops

The cop was wearing a look of disgust as he looked at the man, bruises all over his face and head hung low. Scumbags like this should be exterminated!

Xia Xibei had to make a trip to the police station to make a verbal report.

Several passers-by also offered to testify for her.

Xia Xibei cast a glance at the gates of the school, her eyes seeming rather crestfallen.

“What’s wrong? Is there anything else?” someone asked, expressing their concern for her.

“My brother and sister study here… I actually came to see them, but it looks like they have already left. Never mind, forget it.”

The forced smile on her face made people’s hearts ache for her.

Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t your brother and sister living with you?”

“They are the children that my father has with his current wife. We don’t live together,” Xia Xibei explained with a pained smile.

“Do you live with your mother then?”

“No,” she shook her head, “I live alone.”

The people all came to a sudden realization… So that was how the story went.

Apparently, her parents had divorced and formed new families on their own, leaving her as the pitiful little thing that no one wanted. Now she even had to resort to seeing her brother and sister in such a furtive manner.

This was just too pathetic!

Having sensed their sympathy towards her, Xia Xibei pursed her lips and headed over to the police station.

With the help of these passers-by, the video in her phone, and the nearby surveillance cameras, along with this man’s confession, the matter was quickly sorted out.

This man was a jobless vagrant. Having failed to find a job, he chose to take his revenge on society, influenced by his anger and resentment.

He dared not assault adults, so he went for innocent children instead.

He just hadn’t expected Xia Xibei to show up out of nowhere.

“Thank you for your help! I’m extremely thankful for all that you’ve done!”

Even the chief of the station came out and shook Xia Xibei’s hand in gratitude.

If not for her, the matter would have become much more troublesome.

“You’re welcome. Who wouldn’t offer help if they were capable of it? They are like younger brothers and sisters to me,” Xia Xibei said with a rather sheepish smile.

“I still have to thank you no matter what!”

The other parents came forward to thank her as well. After all, she was the one who had just saved their children’s lives!

“Don’t mention it, I just happened to come across…”

Xia Xibei responded to their gratitude hectically, even blushing.

As they looked at her flustered response and recalled what she had just done, the people nearby couldn’t help but sigh sentimentally. Youngsters as righteous and kind-hearted as this one were rare these days, especially for an underage little girl like her!

While everyone was busy thanking her, a couple dashed inside anxiously, bypassing the crowd and making their way to the front.

“Police, I want to file a report!”

They seemed utterly agitated and nerve racked.

“What’s the matter?”

“Someone threatened to harm our children!” the woman exclaimed. She seemed unsettled, her face looking horridly pale.

“Harm your children?” The cop at the reception was rather surprised. “Do you know who it was?”

“We do,” the woman nodded and pointed at her husband. “It was the daughter he had with his ex-wife.”

“A girl?” The cop was startled for a second. “Do you have any proof?”

“Yes, yes!” The woman rummaged through her bag and immediately pulled out a handful of white envelopes. “This is the blackmail she sent us! She claimed that she wants to kill our children!”

The woman was on the brink of tears.

“Who’s the girl? Do you have a photo of her?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The woman nodded right away and unlocked her phone screen. “We thought she was just kidding, but she actually went to the kids’ school today!”

As he looked at the pretty girl on the screen, the cop became stunned.

Wasn’t that… The little heroine who had just saved the children?!

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