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Chapter 153: Robbery

While walking back, Xia Xibei could feel a few uncomfortable gazes on her.

Soon, several tall men jumped out.

“Hand over the money,” the leader said with a devious grin.

At this time, it was getting late and there were no passersby.

Even if there were, they would not come forward to help if they saw something happening here.

Xia Xibei hadn’t expected that there would be anyone stopping and robbing her here.

This was strange.

Although the security in this area was not the best, the atmosphere was still good because of all the longtime residents that lived here.

Although these things happened occasionally, Xia Xibei didn’t expect them to happen to her.

“Bro, we waited so long for a sheep to come, we can’t let her run away.” the younger man beside the leader leered.

Under the dim light, these people looked particularly perverted.

Xia Xibei frowned, “Who told you to come?”

The group was obviously taken aback, snorting, “No one told us to come, but no one told you to go either!”

“What if I want to leave?” Xia Xibei stayed still.

“I think you should do what we say, otherwise, if your pretty face got hurt, it would be very bad! People here are going to become rich. Would you really miss the money?”

Xia Xibei understood that these people came here for compensation money.

“What if I didn’t give you the money?”

“Then you’re asking to be hurt! Go!”

As soon as the voice fell, they surrounded Xia Xibei.

Xia Xibei smiled coldly. When they came over, she spun around and kicked one person.

They were all taken aback by her fighting effectiveness.

A young woman had this kind of power?


They didn’t want to give up, thinking of the money to come.

However, even if they were all added together, they couldn’t stop Xia Xibei’s attack.

Soon, several people fell to the ground, screaming endlessly.

One man took out an intercom and shouted at the other side, “Boss, we need help!”

There were more of them?

Xia Xibei didn’t leave, staying and waiting for more people to come.

She really wanted to know what these people came here for.

After a while, a few more men arrived. These men looked taller and tougher than those on the ground. Their eyes were hostile, and one could tell that they had experienced many things in life.

“Boss, there is a problem with this girl! Be careful!” Although these people didn’t understand why Xia Xibei hadn’t run, since she didn’t go, they would make sure she didn’t leave at all now!

The boss glared at his useless subordinates, then looked at Xia Xibei. He did not speak but rushed ahead.

After being in this world for so many years, they all knew that the villain died if he talked too much.

Moreover, who could guarantee that no one had called the police yet?

This girl must be dealt with before the police came, if they came at all.

Xia Xibei was also very surprised. They were much more effective than she had thought, and much better than the earlier ones too.

The newly arrived men were even more shocked.

A seemingly ordinary girl had this kind of skill?

One of the men drew a knife out of his arms and rushed towards Xia Xibei.

At this time, Xia Xibe was trapped by several people, unable to free her hands and feet.

Just as his knife was about to stab Xia Xibei, the man stopped halfway. His wrist hurt, the knife dropping to the ground.

“Qiao Yanjue!”

Looking at the blood stains on Qiao Yanjue’s hands, Xia Xibei gasped.

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