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Chapter 152: Speak Clearly

Xia Xibei didn’t care about Qiao Yanjue’s reaction.

To her, the involvement with Qiao Yanjue was just an accident. After the accident, there was no need for them to keep in contact.

The two of them weren’t from the same world.

Moreover, she would have to be hostile to some members of the Qiao family eventually, and if she was too close to Qiao Yanjue now, it’d be embarrassing later on.

“Actually, you don’t need to worry what happened before.” Xia Xibei’s attitude was very sincere. “Although I helped you, you also paid me back accordingly. Therefore, we are even now.”

As she talked, Qiao Yanjue’s face became colder and colder.

But Xia Xibei was not frightened by his grim expression.

Today’s Qiao Yanjue was still too tender, not nearly as brutal and cold as the Lord Jue he would be in a few years.

Plus, she had rescued him before and had some interaction with him, so he would definitely not harm her.

“I know you are a busy person, so you really don’t need to spend your precious time on me.”

“I didn’t spend time on you,” Qiao Yanjue said coolly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just me then.” Xia Xibei changed her tone, “No matter what, I don’t want to waste your time. Don’t worry, I’m already looking for a house. I will definitely not cause trouble for your work.”

“Did you think I approached you for the house?” Qiao Yanjue laughed out of anger.

This was just too ridiculous!

“I didn’t mean that!” Xia Xibei shook her head. “I just want to say that your work will definitely go smoothly. In which case, you will be very busy in the near future. So, why not take advantage of your free time at the moment and go out more?”

Qiao Yanjue’s face was completely ashen.

He didn’t understand why Xia Xibei was resisting so much.

He had a temper too, after being rejected over and over again.

“Fine. I understand,” he said coldly. “I know what to do.”

The words had been spoken. Xia Xibei stopped saying anything else. It was quiet the rest of the way.

Soon, the car arrived outside the old town.

“Thank you for taking me back,” Xia Xibei got out of the car and gave a polite smile.

“Have a good rest.”

Along the way, Qiao Yanjue had calmed down.

“Okay, you too.”

After saying goodbye politely, Xia Xibei turned and walked inside.

The car stayed where it was.

After a while, Qiao Yanjue still hadn’t given any instructions. The driver couldn’t help but exchange a concerned look with the bodyguard, who was in the front passenger seat.

Although there was a partition and they don’t know what had happened, given how these two people had said goodbye just now, it seemed a bit worrisome!

“Young master?”

“Let’s go,” Qiao Yanjue’s calm voice resounded.

“Ok,” the driver nodded, ready to start the car.

However, at the very next moment, Qiao Yanjue suddenly shouted out, “Stop!”

When the driver hurried to follow orders and immediately stepped on the brakes, they almost crashed forward.

Before the car had even fully stopped, Qiao Yanjue quickly rushed out of the car and ran in the direction where Xia Xibei had just left.

The driver and the bodyguard looked at each other and immediately followed.

Qiao Yanjue rushed forward quickly, soon hearing the sound of fighting coming from not far away.

That was Xia Xibei’s voice!

His heart lurched immediately. He sped up once again.

After turning a corner, he finally saw the situation clearly.

A tall man was taking out a knife, about to stab Xia Xibei. His face changed suddenly, and he rushed over with the knife.


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