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Chapter 146: Strange Operation

“If you were a star, I’d cheer for you!” Yu Ziqi said immediately, raising his hands.

“Ha ha,” Nie Zehai said.

Where did this naive kid come from? He should be taken away!

“What are you ‘Ha hing’ about?!” Yu Ziqi snorted at him. “Look at your own situation! If I dared to cheer you on, Auntie would beat me to death!”

Nie Zehai’s parents didn’t want him to enter this industry, but he insisted on doing so.

Although they couldn’t stop Nie Zehai from persisting, his parents did not give him any help either, leaving him to struggle alone in the entertainment industry.

If he failed spectacularly, he would naturally turn back.

Nie Zehai was the most typical spokesperson for “If you can’t succeed in acting, you’ll go home and inherit your family business.”

However, very few people knew of his situation.

Xia Xibei knew it, but she did not realize that he and Yu Ziqi were cousins.

After Nie Zehai quarreled with Yu Ziqi, he looked at Xia Xibei. “I can only give you an opportunity, I can’t guarantee that the role will be yours.”

He had to make it clear, otherwise Xia Xibei might complain to him later, and that would be bad.

“I understand,” Xia Xibei smiled and nodded, “I have confidence in myself.”

“Great!” Nie Zehai showed a bright smile. “I also believe in you!”

“Me too!” Ren Juncheng nodded.

“You can do it,” Tang Luo added.



Everyone present, including the cat and dog, expressed their support for Xia Xibei.

She was beautiful and had a great deal of talent. If director Jiang Shenghe really required these things for this role, then the role was definitely hers!

“Come on, let’s raise a toast for Xibei!”

Yu Ziqi held up a cup, toasting to Xia Xibei getting the role. The others also raised their cups.

Seeing everyone so enthusiastic, Xia Xibei couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth from turning upwards.

“Thank you! I will do my best!”

After toasting, Nie Zehai exchanged contact information with Xia Xibei and left.

After he left, it was getting late, so Xia Xibei got ready to go back.

Seeing that she was leaving, both Honey and Asura became anxious, wanting to follow her.

The corners of Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi’s mouths twitched, feeling extremely helpless in this situation.

“We will meet again in the future. But you must behave! If your brother says you are not good, I will ignore you!”

Xia Xibei lightly tapped the two little creatures on the head, issuing a warning.

She turned and said to the two owners, “You let me know if they don’t behave.”


Ren Juncheng’s eyes moved, suddenly speaking to Honey, “Honey, come here.”

Honey glanced at him, unmoved.

“See, Xibei! Honey is not behaving!” he immediately complained.


Honey suddenly froze, her eyes round due to shock.

“If you don’t behave…” Xia Xibei gave a light cough. Before she even finished talking, Honey had already jumped into Ren Juncheng’s arms, quick as a bolt of lightning.

Asura was speechless. What kind of operation was this?!

Yu Ziqi also reacted. He immediately ordered Asura, “Asura, come here!”

Asura glanced at him in disgust but still walked over.

The two pathetic owners looked at each other. They were very happy to have finally found a way to deal with them!

Xia Xibei laughed and shook her head. At that moment, the phone rang.

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