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Chapter 145: Queen of Animals

Although Nie Zehai was not popular now, he had been in the industry for so long that he knew quite a lot of people.

A director was now preparing for a new show and the actors had not yet been found.

There was a supporting role in this movie with only a few scenes, requiring the actor to be close to animals.

The animals involved were not just ordinary cats and dogs, but also some pretty powerful beasts.

Of course, these animals could be replaced with special effects.

However, this director was very rigorous. If he could shoot scenes with real people and things, he would not use special effects.

It wasn’t as if they were non-existent dragons, just real tigers and lions. Why would he need special effects?!

One could tell the difference between real animals and special effects!

However, this led to another problem.

If he wanted to use real animals, it was a bit difficult to guarantee the safety of the actor.

This character was equivalent to the king of animals, so the actor had to get close to the animals.

It would not be completely safe, even if an animal trainer was nearby.

In order to achieve a better effect, the director wanted the actor to do it in person, so there would be no body doubles.

But what if something happened? It would be horrific.

Besides, there were not many scenes for this role, so why would any actor bother?

Therefore, the situation had become a bit awkward.

Although in the end, if there was really no one appropriate available, the director may give in to special effects, but that wouldn’t be until the last minute.

Nie Zehai thought of this role when he saw Xia Xibei’s ability.

Although for some major actors, the role was less involved, if you really did it well, it would be different.

Xia Xibei was perfect.

She was beautiful, and most importantly, animals liked her!

“The role requires close contact with animals, so I think you have a good chance of getting it,” he explained to Xia Xibei. “The strength of director Jiang Shenghe should not be underestimated.”

“Director Jiang Shenghe?” Ren Juncheng was surprised. “Is that the director who made ‘Three Lifetime Love?’”

“Yes,” Nie Zehai nodded, “It’s him.”

“He’s a pretty famous director!” Ren Juncheng exclaimed.

‘Three Lifetime Love’ told the story of the reincarnation of a couple in three different lifetimes: once in ancient times, once in the Republic of China, and the last in modern times.

If it was a TV series, it could have been made into dozens of episodes. However, to condense these three relationships in just two hours really tested the director’s skill.

This romance was released two years ago, and the box office and reviews were both great. The actors who played the hero and the heroine had become very popular because of this drama, now on a higher level in their careers.

When people watched movies, they usually only paid attention to the actors and stories, not caring about the director.

But after the popularity of ‘Three Lifetime Love,’ the name Jiang Shenghe also began to be noticed by the audience.

“Xibei, this is an amazing opportunity!” Ren Juncheng informed her seriously. “This director is very good!”

Of course, Xia Xibei knew director Jiang Shenghe was very good, and that his work was also very good, but she hadn’t expected this to be so coincidental.

She had seen the show Xia Zehai mentioned in her previous life. The show really became hot later on, and the actress who played the queen of animals also became popular.

The actress: Xia Qinghan.

Thinking of this, Xia Xibei couldn’t help wondering how everything could possibly be related to Xia Qinghan?

“Ok, I will try it!” She agreed with a smile.

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