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Chapter 143: I Will be Famous

“It’s okay,” Xia Xibei said with a smile. “I envy your closeness. I want to have a brother too.”

Nie Zehai also smiled, “I am ten years older than him and he has been running behind me since I was a kid. I am like his brother and his uncle combined.”

Nie Zehai was 26 years old. After graduating from university, he entered the entertainment industry and worked hard, but he hadn’t become very popular yet.

Otherwise, he would not have come here so calmly.

Popular stars didn’t dare appear in public so casually.

“Hi, Asura.” He looked at Asura. “You are here too.”


Asura also knew Nie Zehai, immediately greeting him enthusiastically.

“Asura is even more handsome than before!” Nie Zehai exclaimed while stroking Asura’s head.

“Bark!” Asura put a paw on Xia Xibei’s arm.

“Oh, is this your friend?” Nie Zehai smiled. “That’s good.”

“Right, I forgot to introduce you guys,” Yu Ziqi said. “This is Xia Xibei, that’s Ren Juncheng, and finally Tang Luo. I met them all today. This is my cousin, Nie Zehai, a d-list actor.”

“Do you need a beat-down? What do you mean by d-list?” Nie Zehai laughed in irritation.

Yu Ziqi avoided his fist and defended himself, “You are a d-list actor! Besides Xibei, how many people would recognize you?”

“Don’t say that,” Xia Xibei spoke up, “Brother Nie’s acting skills are very good. When he gets the opportunity, he will be popular.”

“Exactly!” Nie Zehai snorted at Yu Ziqi, “I will become a big star, and when you ask for my autograph, I will refuse.”

“Please! Who knows when you will be popular!” Yu Ziqi snorted in response.

“I have a new show next month. Maybe I will be popular by then!” Nie Zehai was very naive, even compared to his cousin.

“Aren’t you still a supporting actor in your new show? How popular can you be?” Yu Ziqi asked unceremoniously.

“How do you know that I won’t be famous? Maybe I’ll be famous this time!” Nie Zehai pushed back.

“You think too much…”

Xia Xibei smiled as the two brothers bickered with each other.

Of course, she could not tell them that Nie Zehai would really become famous after a month.

It was a costume drama, in which Nie Zehai would be playing the loving supporting role.

He was good to the heroine and did a lot of things for her, but in the end, the heroine still chose the male lead who bossed her around.

The leading actor was a popular idol and heartthrob, but his overbearing personality as the CEO character made people complain.

Coupled with the heartthrob’s embarrassing acting skills, the overbearing CEO character resembled a thuggish gangster and the audience cursed the heroine for her foolish choice.

Although Nie Zehai was not well-known, his acting skills were very good, especially his devotion to the heroine, which mesmerized many girls.

The more the male and female protagonists were the topic of complaints, the more famous he became.

Of course, Xia Xibei was deeply impressed by Nie Zehai not because he became popular but because of what happened later on.

“I’m really sorry. I embarrassed us again.” Nie Zehai had finally stopped arguing with Yu Ziqi.

“It’s all right.” Tang Luo and Ren Juncheng immediately shook their heads in assurance.

“Although it is presumptuous to say this, my cousin is a bit silly. I hope you will be considerate and don’t mind it too much.”

“Nie Zehai!” Yu Ziqi said angrily. Was he visiting him or insulting him?!

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