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Chapter 144: Could Really Talk to Animals

The group tried not to laugh.

They had only known Yu Ziqi for a few hours, but they were already aware of his true character.

As Nie Zehai said, Yu Ziqi was a bit… Simple.

Such an adorable kid was quite rare these days, so he should be protected.

“We are friends, we will definitely take care of each other,” Tang Luo nodded.

Ren Juncheng and Xia Xibei also nodded.

Although they had just met, they felt a kinship with each other. Before Nie Zehai came over, they were already having a great chat.



Asura and Honey also showed their support.

“Hey, who is this little cutie?” Nie Zehai’s eyes lit up.

“This is Honey,” Ren Juncheng introduced the cat. “It’s… A good friend of Asura.”

“Meow!” Honey shouted, sounding very disgusted.

Did they think it couldn’t understand what they said?! Asura was its enemy!

“So cute.”

Nie Zehai truly couldn’t understand what Honey said. He was just so charmed by the adorable cat.

“I’ve always wanted to have a cat, but I haven’t had the time,” he explained, looking sad.

“Bark!” Asura yelled, as if protesting his preference for cats.

“Of course I like you too!” Nie Zehai touched Ashura’s head again, speaking with a smile.

However, he was a little curious while looking at Xia Xibei, who was surrounded by a cat and a dog.

“They are…”

“Xibei is amazing!” Yu Ziqi immediately became excited. “You don’t know this, but she can talk to animals and understand what they are saying!”

Nie Zehai, Tang Luo, and Ren Juncheng looked at each other in silence.

Was he an idiot?!

Xia Xibei was also amused. She didn’t expect Yu Ziqi to be this adorable. No wonder Nie Zehai was so worried about him, making sure to come here.

“Really?” Nie Zehai gave a light cough, then looked at Xia Xibei with curiosity. “Can you really talk to them?”

Although Yu Ziqi was a little simple, Xia Xibei must have something special in her to make him admire her so much.

“Somewhat,” Xia Xibei nodded calmly, then stretched out her hand towards the cat and dog.

Before she even said anything, Honey and Asura were already pushing their heads closer, rubbing back and forth on her arms.

This scene made Yu Ziqi and Ren Juncheng both jealous.

This feeling of hugging pets left and right must be great!

Nie Zehai also watched this scene in surprise.

If it wasn’t for Asura, he might only have marveled that these pets were really obedient.

But, Asura was Yu Ziqi’s dog!

And Yu Ziqi had said that today was the first time they met each other.

It was only the first meeting, and Asura was already so close to Xia Xibei… Could it be that she really knew how to talk to animals?

But there was more.

Xia Xibei stated, “Sit down.”

With that order, Honey and Asura immediately shrank back and squatted on the chair without squinting their eyes.

“Yell three times.”

“Bark, bark, bark!”

“Meow, meow, meow!”


The cat and dog immediately landed on their hind legs and raised their upper bodies.

This scene stunned the others.

When did she train them?!

Ren Juncheng and Yu Ziqi were even more shocked. Was this still their own pets?

They were too obedient! And they knew numbers?

Clap, clap, clap!

Nie Zehai immediately began to applaud. “That’s amazing!”

Xia Xibei really could communicate with small animals!

After applauding, he suddenly said, “I know a crew that’s looking to find an actor who can get close to animals. Would you like to try?”

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