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Chapter 139: A Cat and Dog Fight

Everyone knew that cats and dogs were natural enemies.

However, no one thought that there would suddenly be a show today!

When a cat and a dog fought, no one could do anything about it. It’s not as if they could go and break up the fight.

Their faces could be scratched! But who wanted to see their pets fighting?!

“Stop it!”


The two pathetic owners shouted in vain, but the fighting did not stop.

Honey was very angry.

It was Xia Xibei’s only baby! Where did this little b*tch come from?!

However, it felt pity because its nails had just been trimmed recently.

Still… It could really make Asura bleed!

Asura was stunned by Honey’s sudden attack.

However, it was gentle in temperament, not fighting back, just carefully avoiding the cat.

Asura was a grown dog, tall and very different from Honey. But Honey was too ferocious, so Asura had no strength to fight back, only able to bark pitifully.

Its owner felt heartbroken.

His beloved dog had never been bullied like this before!

‘Asura, fight back! You have to deserve your name!’ he thought in his head.

“Stop it!” Xia Xibei came forward and shouted coldly.

The crowd of onlookers could not help but shake their heads.

Did she think she was talking to a bunch of humans? Could the dog and cat understand her?

But the scene before them stunned everyone.

The animals did stop fighting!

Honey’s paw halted at Asura’s thigh, and after a while, the paw stiffened and then slowly retracted.

Asura lay pathetically on the ground, raising its paws to cover its eyes. Its body trembled slightly, as if it was crying.

Although Asura didn’t suffer any substantial damage, its typically neat fur was now messy, making it look pitiful.

The owner was distressed. When had his dog ever been so wronged?!

Before Asura could come forward, Xia Xibei walked up to it, squatted down, and gently touched its head. “It’s okay, no more crying.”


Asura actually spilled tears after being comforted by Xia Xibei.

Then, its big head tunneled into Xia Xibei’s arms and its whimpering became louder, looking small, pitiful, and helpless.

Its owner was speechless at the moment.

What the heck was going on? If it had been wronged, shouldn’t it look for its owner to be comforted?!

Xia Xibei held Asura’s big head, patted it lightly, and gave it a little mental power.

Feeling the comfortable energy, Asura stopped crying immediately and began to grin.

This immediate effect stunned everyone around!

Dogs could fake cry?!

“What the-! This golden retriever is like a human?!”

“Are all dogs so smart these days?”

Of course, Asura was not fake crying. Although it was smart, it was not a schemer.

It could only be said that Xia Xibei’s mental power was irresistible.

After comforting Asura, Xia Xibei turned to look at Honey, who was squatting on the ground, as if nothing had happened. Her gaze was firm as she called out, “Honey!”

After being summoned by Xia Xibei, Honey’s ears stood up immediately, its body stiff.

It tilted its small head and glanced over with its big eyes, looking very innocent.

A girl nearby couldn’t help but clutch her chest. The cat was too adorable!

However, Xia Xibei was not fooled by it.

“Come here!”

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