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Chapter 140: The Cat and Dog Make Up

Honey hesitated where it was, seeing that Xia Xibei was angry, before finally cautiously walking over.

Ren Juncheng’s heart hurt when seeing this scene.

When did his princess get so wronged?

He couldn’t help but speak up, “Actually, it didn’t mean to-”

However, before he finished speaking, Honey’s meow interrupted him.

And there was more! Honey bared its teeth at him, as if protesting his “nosy” action.

After yelling at him, Honey walked to Xia Xibei’s side with small steps and rubbed her hand, meowing, its tail fluttering against Xia Xibei’s arm.

Seeing the two distinct faces, Ren Juncheng almost choked.

Where was its loyalty?!

He had been speaking up for Honey, but he was the one to get scolded?!

Tang Luo couldn’t help but pat him on the shoulder, giving silent comfort.

Tang Luo realized that, in front of Xia Xibei, any notion of ownership was meaningless.

If it weren’t for Ren Juncheng, maybe Honey would have followed Xia Xibei and walked off already.

The chubby dog owner next to them was also stunned.

He thought his Asura was faithless, but this cat was even worse!

For a moment, the poor owners exchanged a sad look.

Honey squeezed herself next to Xia Xibei, rubbing and mewling softly.

Other passers-by were charmed by it, but Xia Xibei was very cold.

“Apologize to Asura!”


No! It didn’t want Xia Xibei to get close to this stupid dog.

“If you don’t apologize, I will ignore you in the future.” Xia Xibei grabbed Honey’s paw and said seriously, “You can’t just hit people… Or dogs!”


Honey’s voice held grievances. However, Xia Xibei’s threats scared the cat into obedience. It squatted on the ground and meowed at Asura, her voice aggrieved

And then, its paws stretched out to touch Ashura’s belly, with movements that were much softer than before.

Everyone was dumbfounded at the scene before them.

Is it human?

Seeing Honey’s movements, Xia Xibei had to laugh. This little thing was smarter than she thought.

It could be said that Honey’s IQ was equivalent to that of a 3 or 4 year old human.

“Asura, what do you say?” Xia Xibei asked.


Asura was a generous dog, and with Xia Xibei’s comfort, it immediately forgave Honey’s brutal display from earlier.

“Well, you have to get along well in the future. You can’t fight anymore!”

Xia Xibe grabbed their paws and stacked them together, as if helping two quarreling children reconcile.



The cat and the dog nodded.

Xia Xibei had spoken, so of course they could only obey.


Xia Xibei stroked their heads and nodded in satisfaction.

After solving the two creatures’ conflict, Xia Xibei stood up, seeing how everyone around her watched the three of them in surprise.

Everyone was very moved. Was it because the cats and dogs had become human, or was Xia Xibei too amazing?

“Can you talk to animals?”

Asura’s owner, a chubby guy about the same age as Xia Xibei, approached her. He looked curious.

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded solemnly.

She could communicate with all animals. Of course, the understanding of these animals also depended on their own IQ.

Honey and Asura were obviously “top students” when it came to animals, so they were very human-like.

“Then you teach me?” the chubby guy asked immediately.

Ren Juncheng and Tang Luo were shocked, unable to say anything.

Was this kid stupid?

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