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Chapter 124: Song Jiaren, the Domineering Boss

After sending off the reluctant Honey, Xia Xibei left with Song Jiaren.

Song Jiaren was overwhelmed with envy, asking, “Why did that cat love you so much? Has it really been humanized?”

“Perhaps it thought I was good-looking,” Xia Xibei replied with a smile.

She didn’t tell Song Jiaren that Honey was only passionate towards her because it sensed the air of friendliness that she carried with her.

As a naturalist, some elements in her soul would always remain, despite being in a different era and dimension.

However, Honey was very smart and sensitive. Indeed, that was why it had approached her before she even gave it any instruction.

“Fine, that’s the truth!”

What could Song Jiaren say? Xia Xibei was good-looking indeed!

Although Honey was just a cat, a fondness for good looks did not differ among species!

The two of them continued walking, leisurely strolling and shopping, enjoying their food and chit-chatting with delight.

After shopping for the whole afternoon, Xia Xibei was carrying a few bags in her hands.

The bags were filled with clothing that Song Jiaren had bought her.

Although Song Jiaren didn’t have a perfect body, her taste and standards for beauty were pretty impressive. She enjoyed reading fashion magazines and had some skill in choosing outfits.

She wanted to buy clothes only after she slimmed down completely. However, she couldn’t seem to budge whenever she came across beautiful clothes, her eyes gleaming.

Eventually, Xia Xibei became the one who had to try on all the clothes.

Undeniably, after putting on those clothes, Xia Xibei looked as gorgeous and enchanting as the models in magazines.

In the end, Song Jiaren waved her hand generously and bought all the clothes, giving them to Xia Xibei.

The clothing wasn’t cheap, costing around ten thousand yuan altogether.

Xia Xibei refused immediately, wanting to pay for them herself, but Song Jiaren gave her a stern look.

“You helped me out a lot, so what is it if I buy you some clothes? Besides, I feel good when I see you looking pretty in them!”

If Song Jiaren hadn’t been a girl, she would have been the kind of domineering CEO seen in novels.

Xia Xibei might be able to afford these clothes, but she couldn’t fight with Song Jiaren over them.

“Alright then, fine,” she said reluctantly.

“If my mom knew that I bought you clothes, she would blow her top!” Song Jiaren laughed heartily.

Before Xia Xibei could feel awkward, she explained further, “She’s so busy setting up the shop lately that she’s forgotten to buy you clothes. If she knew that I bought you clothes first, she’d be furious!”

When she thought of how her mom would react, Song Jiaren couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

Fang Yongxin loved those with good looks and she had always wanted a pretty daughter whom she could dress up.

However, Song Jiaren had been fat since childhood, so Fang Yongxin hadn’t had a chance to realize her dream.

And now that her only opportunity had been taken by Song Jiaren, she would definitely hit the roof!

As she thought of how friendly and hospitable Fang Yongxin had been towards her, Xia Xibei couldn’t deny that Song Jiaren was right!

Xia Xibei did not refuse as Song Jiaren insisted on it.

If she wasn’t capable of paying it back, she wouldn’t accept these clothes at all.

Nonetheless, she believed that what she could provide for Song Jiaren would be far greater than what Song Jiaren had given her.

If so, the two of them could only stay on good terms for a long period of time by exchanging goodwill.

“Alright, thanks then,” Xia Xibei said with a smile, raising the bags of clothes in her hands.

“Let’s buy more when we hang out next time!”

Song Jiaren was still in high spirits.

It was a huge pleasure to watch Xia Xibei change clothes; it felt like dressing up a doll.

The two of them kept walking. All of a sudden, Song Jiaren said, “By the way, is your place going to be relocated?”

“You heard about that too?” Xia Xibei was somewhat surprised.

“Yes! The word has spread.”

Xia Xibei kind of regretted it. If she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have saved Qiao Yanjue in the first place!

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