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Chapter 125: Totally Out of Luck

“Is everything alright for you? Your parents…”

Even though Song Jiaren hadn’t really asked about Xia Xibei’s parents, she went to Xia Xibei’s house almost every day, so she knew that Xia Xibei lived alone.

Combined with the bits and pieces that she heard from others, she could confirm that Xia Xibei wasn’t on good terms with her parents.

It usually didn’t matter, but in the face of such enormous benefits, would those people be able to remain calm and cool?

Or would they try to inflict harm upon her?

“It’s fine, I can deal with it,” Xia Xibei smiled. “The house is now under my name. After it gets relocated, the money will naturally belong to me.”

“Great then,” Song Jiaren nodded, “If you need any help, remember to tell me.”

“Of course,” Xia Xibei nodded with a smile, not bringing up the subject again.

Neither did Song Jiaren linger on the matter any further.

Having been with Xia Xibei for such a long time, she knew that Xia Xibei wasn’t as innocent and harmless as she appeared to be.

On the contrary, Xia Xibei was much fiercer than she was.

Even Song Tianqin had said that Xia Xibei certainly wasn’t a mediocre person.

Therefore, Song Jiaren wouldn’t shove in Xia Xibei’s oars.

After making a trip around the place, Xia Xibei received a call from Huo Zijun, saying that they had just installed a lot of new herbs and asking her if she was interested in having a look.

Having shopped the entire place and surveyed the milk tea shops nearby, Xia Xibei had come up with many new ideas, and was just about to go and take a look, so she agreed upon it right away.

Thus, Song Jiaren dropped her off somewhere near the herb store.

There was on-going construction near the herb store, so traffic was rather congested. Xia Xibei got out of the car halfway and asked Song Jiaren to go back on her own.

After seeing Song Jiaren off, Xia Xibei went down another path with the bags of clothes in her hands.

The situation around here was rather unique. On the left were newly constructed tall buildings and skyscrapers, while on the right were old houses yet to be torn down and relocated. The new and the old were divided very distinctly.

Construction was taking place all over the city these days, taking down the old and worn from the past while burgeoning with new vigor and vitality.

It was around seven or eight o’clock at night at the moment, and the path was lined on both sides by tall, luxuriant trees and foliage, making the streetlights dim a bit, unlike the well-lit roads.

Xia Xibei was treading this deserted path, brooding over her new milk tea creations.

At a dark corner, she stopped dead in her tracks, her face becoming grim and alarmed.

A series of quick footsteps approached from afar, accompanied by furious yelling.

“Quick! Tackle him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

Xia Xibei scowled deeply, cursing on the inside.

She was out of luck, wasn’t she?

With a shift of her feet, she wanted to step out of the way.

But before she could move, she recognized the face of the person being chased.

Her pupils constricted abruptly, only one thought on her mind—it was too much of a coincidence, wasn’t it?!

When they locked eyes, the person’s unhurried pace became chaotic all of a sudden.


Looking at the gang of big, robust men running after Qiao Yanjue, Xia Xibei was rolling her eyes so hard on the inside.

Was Qiao Yanjue too disastrous, or was she too unlucky?

How did she stumble upon him being hunted down once again?!

However, Xia Xibei did not dwell on it. Instead, she turned around and started running.

Qiao Yanjue sped up and dashed towards her, pulling her hand as he sprinted forward. The bags in her hands fell all over the ground.

“Stop right there!” someone yelled from behind them. “If you don’t, we’re gonna shoot!”

Xia Xibei paled, cursing furiously on the inside. What kind of people had Qiao Yanjue offended?!

However, she stopped running and soon stood on her spot.

When she stopped, Qiao Yanjue also did the same.

Before those men could rejoice, the ruckus of flapping wings resounded throughout their surroundings.


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