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Chapter 107: Cheating with Spiritual Power

Going to jail?

Zhou Jianlan and Tao Yueying both gasped at the thought.

Was the matter really that serious?

“Make it clear! What actually happened?!” Zhou Jianlan desperately needed to know what the situation was.

“We were having a lucky draw at the shopping complex, weren’t we?” Manager Tao took in a deep breath in an attempt to suppress the flames of anger blazing within him. Only then did he explain, “There’s a girl who won the special prize twice…”

“Won the special prize twice?!” Zhou Jianlan was in shock. “How is that possible? Have you made a mistake?!”

“I have not!” Manager Tao was wearing an awful look. “It alarmed GM Li too, and he stepped forth to look into the matter. Then…”

As he recalled the conversation that had taken place in the office, Manager Tao’s limbs went cold.

“But what does that have anything to do with Ying?” Zhou Jianlan still couldn’t wrap her head around it.

“Because that girl is a student at Qing Ye High School! The two of them have had conflicts!”

Tao Yueying’s heart missed a beat as she asked,”Dad, the person that you’re talking about…”

“Her surname is Xia, and there was a plump girl by her side who called her Beibei.”

Tao Yueying’s face turned deathly pale.

“Xia Xibei?!”

Tao Yueying’s reaction made the look on Manager Tao’s face even more awful. So it turned out that his daughter really was involved in this whole business after all!

“If you hadn’t bought such an expensive bracelet, GM Li wouldn’t have become suspicious of me!”

Sure enough, Manager Tao had kept parts of the truth to himself, like the discrepancy of the 30 thousand yuan.

As far as he was concerned, all of this had happened because of Tao Yueying!

If she hadn’t made such a big scene at school, why would Xia Xibei say such things?

Having thought of that, he nearly lost control over his temper and almost gave Tao Yueying another slap.

“Look now! I’m done for! And so are the two of you!”

He was so mad that he was pacing in circles on the spot, unable to figure out a solution to the problem.

Tao Yueying was dumbfounded too.

Out of nowhere, the Tao family had been plunged into utter misery.

Meanwhile, Xia Xibei returned home with the money, feeling delighted and exuberant.

Not even Song Jiaren knew that she had cheated with spiritual power in this incident.

Xia Xibei had known that Manager Tao was Tao Yueying’s father from the beginning.

Tao Yueying was only rampant and savage at school because she had her father’s support, right?

But how would she know that her father’s income was derived from illicit sources?

In her previous lifetime, Tao Pengqing became a manager of a branch company under the Xia family a few years later due to Tao Yueying’s ties with Xia Qinghan, which caused his income to skyrocket.

The reason Xia Xibei knew Tao Pengqing was because he had a mistress who was an unpopular female celebrity.

Tao Pengqing must be really rich to afford having a celebrity as his mistress!

Xia Xibei learnt about Tao Qingpeng’s “history of family fortune” from that celebrity by chance.

He had always been involved in underhand dealings, even earlier on, and had amassed great amounts of wealth that did not belong to him.

But what he enjoyed sharing the most was the lucky draw that was organized that year.

Due to his manipulation, the car got into the possession of a supplier.

In other words, he won a friendship with the supplier using company money, which opened up an unimpeded path to success for him.

After some time, he left the shopping complex, even giving it a stab in the back for good measure.

The shopping complex had been developing well, but things slowly deteriorated because of what he did.

However, Tao Qingpeng moved even further, living a better life with the help of these matters.

If Tao Yueying hadn’t done Xia Xibei dirty, Xia Xibei might not even have thought about it.

But since Tao Yueying had the guts to land her in distress, she shouldn’t be blamed for retaliating now.

As far as Xia Xibei was concerned, it wasn’t difficult to win the special prize, but neither was it easy nor guaranteed.

After locating the special prizes with her spiritual power, she needed an entire night to regain her strength.

Compared to the profit, however, her effort was totally worth it!

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