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Chapter 100: Sell The Car To You

“It’s really the grand prize, isn’t it?

Song Jiaren appeared even more pleased than Xia Xibei. “Since it is real, then hurry up and help us redeem the prize! We still have other things to do after this!”

Manager Tao looked at Xia Xibei who was smiling, and the bitterness in his heart became even more overwhelming.

He really didn’t expect that someone would draw this car so soon, this is just terrible!

Thinking of the series of consequences that may follow, he almost fell into tears.

But he dared not do anything in front of everyone.

“Okay, I will hand you the car now.” He lifted the corners of his mouth into a stiff smile.

However, because Xia Xibei was still underage and didn’t have a driver’s license, even if she took the car, she wouldn’t be able to drive it.

Therefore, she asked, “Can you convert it to money?”

“Money?” Manager Tao’s complexion paled. “How do you want to convert to money?”

“Isn’t that easy?” Song Jiaren said, “Just give us the amount that this car is worth!”

“Emm…” Manager Tao’s lips twitched. “Our company does not have this policy.”

“Fine then.”

Xia Xibei did not insist and instead asked, “What is the market value of this car?”

Manager Tao replied, “Two hundred and fifty thousand yuan.”


Xia Xibei turned around and spoke directly to the onlookers around her, “Does anyone want this car? I’ll sell it to you! The market value of this car is two hundred and fifty thousand, and I’m offering only two hundred and twenty thousand.”

Two hundred twenty thousand?

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp, this was thirty thousand less!

Even twenty thousand was not a small number anymore.

If they were to go to a car dealer to buy a car, no one would offer such discount.

Some of them were moved, but they didn’t make a decision right away.

After all, they would have to take out two hundred and twenty thousand at once, which was not a small amount.

“Miss… This is against our policy…” Manager Tao came to stop her.

“This is not against the policy!” Xia Xibei shrugged. “Your company has no regulations saying that the prizes cannot be transferred. Besides, this car already belongs to me, I have the right to deal with it!”

Manager Tao’s face twitched. “That’s true…”

“Then it’s fine!” Xia Xibei interrupted him, “I can’t use it anyway, so of course I have to sell it! Or I can also sell it to you?”

Manager Tao was stunned for a moment, “Stop joking with me…”

“I’m not joking with you.”

Xia Xibei shook her head. “I’m serious. Since I can’t use the car, it’s useless for me to keep it. I’ll give it to anyone who can afford it.”

Manager Tao couldn’t help but become silent.

“Who wants to buy it?” Xia Xibei turned around and shouted to the crowd, “Two hundred twenty thousand, and the car is yours!”


Manager Tao shouted immediately, and then pulled Xia Xibei to the side.

“How about this, I don’t have that much money with me, can you… can you lower the price?”

Song Jiaren looked at Manager Tao questioningly, he really wants to buy it?

“Manager Tao, as you know, this is a new car! I have already offered 30,000 yuan less! This is already a huge discount!” Xia Xibei was serious, “If I have a driver’s license, I would not sell it!”

Manager Tao smiled bitterly. “Of course I know you have made a huge discount, but I really don’t have that much money with me! It’s also not easy for anyone to take out such a huge sum at once! See? Who among the onlookers can take out so much money? Just lower the price a little!”

Xia Xibei thought for a moment, and finally nodded. “Well then, two hundred ten thousand! Can’t be any less!”

Manager Tao still wanted to continue bargaining, but seeing Xia Xibei’s reaction, he could only grit his teeth in the end. “Okay! Two hundred and ten thousand, deal!”

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