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Chapter 202: Injured (Part 2)

Shen Miao was silent. Her gaze was slightly cloudy and Pei Lang felt something

When the rooster called three times, Gao Yang opened the doors and walked out and saw Shen Miao and Pei Lang sitting at the steps in front of the doors. He could not help but be slightly startled before saying, "You both had sat for the entire night."

Shen Miao messaged her already numbed need and asked Gao Yang, "How is he?"

"Stable for the time being. The effectiveness of the Gui Yuan Pills are good. Next I will be studying the ways of making the antidote for the poison. No one should bother me." He then looked at Shen Miao again, "For these days, would trouble you to take care of him."

Tang Shu who just arrived and heard it, could not help but asked, "If you are unable to get it out in ten days?"

Gao Yang did not speak and the atmosphere became heavy in an instant.

"Go ahead." In a blanket of silence, Shen Miao spoke. Her voice was very calm, as if the person who was laying on the bed with his life hang by a threat was not her husband.

Gao Yang looked at her seriously, "I also wish it would be successful. If it isn't I would not be happy in this lifetime."

He turned around and left.

Tang Shu looked at Shen Miao and then looked at Pei Lang again, "Furen. Gentleman Pei. Both of you have been vigil the entire night and not eat anything. Now that Master's condition has stabilised, it is better to eat something first and take a rest, else when Master's injury recovers, both of you will be sick."

Shen Miao nodded her head, "Bring it to the room. I will rest a while in this room so that it is more convenient to take care. In addition, send people to pass a message to Ji Furen, saying that His Highness condition is temporarily stabilised but have yet woken, thus one need not come over at the meantime."

Tang Shu nodded his head. Pei Lang looked at Shen Miao and saw that Shen Miao had already walked into the room and sat on the chair in front of the bed and his gaze timed before he turned around and left.

Gu Yu quickly brought a bowl of porridge over and Shen Miao let her leave and closed the doors. There was only Shen Miao, the unconscious Xie Jing Xing and Tie Yi. As she ate, she asked Tie Yi, "What exactly is going on? Can you tell me now?"

Tie Yi was hesitant.

Shen Miao's hands stopped and she stared sternly at him, "That day you followed him and entered the inner fields so no one knew more clearly than you on what had happened. Even if you only recognise him as your only master, you cannot conceal it from me."

Tie Yu quickly said, "Furen, it is not so. It is just that this subordinate is not clear about Master's plan this time. Master had discussed it with the Emperor and Mo Yun Army was not even used. However there seemed to be changes in the middle of it as the Emperor was at death's door in the inner fields and there was someone who hid in the Imperial Army. Master blocked that attacked for the Emperor and there was poison smeared on the sword. Someone wants the Emperor's life."

Shen Miao in that very moment had seemed to be connected all the pearls with a string and a vague guess of an answer appeared in her head. This hunt seemed to be Emperor Yong Le and perhaps the Lu family's gamble. Emperor Yong Le wanted to use his life to bring down the entire Lu family and the Lu family wanted to make use of this opportunity to deal with Emperor Yong Le and did not expect that Emperor Yong Le had the determination to die.

However Emperor Yong Le's plan of burning both the jade and stone was not informed to Xie Jing Xing, or could be said that Emperor Yong Le knew that Xie Jing Xing would not agree to it. Thus Xie Jing Xing could only 'change the plans' and save Emperor Yong Le's fate and thus suffer such a serious injury.

Shen Miao silently looked at the youth who was lying on the bed. He was always so proud and stubborn and was good at knowing everything like the back of his palm to scheme that he would lift things up highly and place it down gently, smiling casually at everything. Because he was used to showcase his strengths, it had made everyone forgot that in some situations, he was only an ordinary person and would grow old, sick and die. Once he was injured, he would be in jeopardy and it was possible for him to completely disappear from this world.

Shen Miao's heart burst in pain as she recalled the sentence of 'wait for my return' that Xie Jing Xing said to her before entering the inner fields. Looking at this situation in front, she felt that it was extremely piercing to her eyes.

The effectiveness of the Gui Yuan Pills was not long-lasting. So what could be done if Gao Yang was unable to develop an antidote? Shen Miao frowned as she looked at Xie Jing Xing and her nails gradually dug into her palm.

Matters in front and at the back have to be taken care of. If nothing could be done on matters in front then the main culprit have to experience ten times more pain.

In Wei Yang Palace, Emperor Yong Le fiercely threw the memorandums in his hands onto the ground.

Empress Xian De sighed and bent down to pick the memorandums up.

"Hi Lu family is really courageous enough and his heart is ambitions." The Monarch's expression was as deep as water, "At such a time one even trust around in front of Zhen. Zhen could not wait to skin and drink his blood."

"The Lu family replied of their formidable power and even took the risk. If Jing Xing did not protect with his life…" Empress Xian De did not continue speaking.

Hearing this, a flash of pain appeared in Emperor Yong Le's eyes, "Zhen would rather it is Zhen that die."

"Jing Xing is a child with a strong sense of righteousness and loyalty and Your Majesty knew that he would not agree to it. Thus at the beginning one did not tell him at all. Even if Your Majesty had arranged everything, for Jing Xing's perspective, he would not be happy and it would be a shackle for him. Your Majesty did not considered his feelings at all."

Empress Xian De's words had thorns in them and did not give Emperor Yong Le any face at all. Emperor Yong Le was already not happy and was somewhat in rage upon hearing those words.

"Your Majesty need not be angry. At the moment, Jing Xing has not yet wake up and this matter is imperative. Blame and anger are all secondary." Empress Xian De saw him as such and reminded him.

Emperor Yong Le closed his eyes, "Zhen understand. Zhen only have this one younger brother."

"Gao Yang is taking care of Jing Xing's injury and the residence of Prince Rui has yet to send any information over but Your Majesty, at this moment the more important point is that the Lu family has started taking action."

"Zhen understands." Emperor Yong Le's lips hooked up slightly. At this moment his appearance became seventh to eighth tenths similar to Xie Jing Xing. It was obvious a smile but it made one feel the coldness and danger from him. He said, "He wants to deal with Zhen but Zhen did not die so it is Zhen's turn to deal with him. Everyone has military power and the Lu family has lived long enough. This time, if anything minor happens to Xie Yuan, Zhen want the all the nine generations of the Lu family to be buried with him." He paused before speaking again, "If Xie Yuan recovers, they too have no way to escape."

Empress Xian De paused slightly before looking at the skies outside. It was just shining brightly outside the Imperial Palace in the sixth month, but at this moment, it was overcast.

The skies after all had to change.

In the Gao residence, Gao Yang just returned and immediately a fierce imposing voice, "Gao Yang, you are clearly a person of Great Liang's Long Ye but lied to me that you are a person of Ming Qi's Ding capital. You are not whatever Imperial Physician but Great Liang's Chancellor of Health Affairs. You are a liar."

Luo Tan stood at the doorway in anger and her expression was somewhat gaunt and there were dark traces under her eyes. She looked at Gao Yang with an expression that Gao Yang must give an explanation on the matter.

Gao Yang returned back to refine the medication. The medicine room was in his residence and there were also numerous herbs in his residence. The Gao residence and the residence of Prince Rui was not far away thus he returned to his residence to refine the medication but did not expect to be interrogated by Luo Tan upon his return.

The maid by Luo Tan's side looked at Gao Yang with apologies. On the morning of the Imperial Hunt, she had directed Luo Tan away according to Gao Yang's instructions but one did not expect that Luo Tan slipped off herself and saw Gao Yang walking with the officials for prayers to Heavens. Luo Tan was foolish on small matters normally but on bigger matters, she would be especially alert. She turned her head around and asked the maid about it. When the maid saw that it was useless to conceal, she could only pour everything out.

For Luo Tan's perspective, this was somewhat unacceptable. Gao Yang was just a doctor so it did not matter if he was in Great Liang or Ming Qi but he was clearly Great Liang's Chancellor of Health Affairs but became an Imperial Physician in Ming Qi. There was no different as being an enemy spy in Luo Tan's eyes. Moreover the Luo family was of military lineage and when Luo Tan was young, she and Luo Qian would often listen to the shows the theatre troupes put up and most of the stoies were about loyal and righteous men who fell by hidden attacks from spies.

Luo Tan originally had a good impression of Gao Yang. Even though he had some minor shortcomings, he treated and took good care of her normally but now the person who took care of her became the bad person, Luo Tan's heart could not accept it at all.

It was truly an example of when it rains, it pours. Gao Yang at this moment was busy with Xie Jing Xing's matter and this coincides with Luo Tan's matter. If it was the past, he would definiately explain to Luo Tan nicely but time was of the essence here. After thinking that Shen Miao's heart must not be feeling good as she was alone in a foreign country and her husband was hanging by a thread so perhaps it was better to have a sister company her at her side. He then said to the servant by his side, "Tell her then. I will go in to the room and no one is allowed to enter." After finishing, he walked to the medicine room by himself.

Luo Tan had thought that Gao Yang would explain his difficulties, after all she still did not believe in her heart that Gao Yang would do such a mean and shameless thing. She had not expect that not only Gao Yang did not explain, he even ignored her and entered the room. She said, "Hey. What is the meaning of this? Explain to me first, are you…"

"Young Lady Luo." The servant by Gao Yang's side quickly stopped her and said, "This lowly one will inform you. In fact, things are somewhat trickly at the moment. Today Gentleman has gone out to provide medical treatment. His Highness the Prince of First Rank of Prince Rui residence had gotten into trouble and currently need Gentleman to treat."

Luo Tan was startled, "Prince Rui? Isn't that my MeiFu? What happened?"

The servant wiped his sweat, "This is a long story."

At the other end, Shen Miao was still in front of Xie Jing Xing's bed and rubbed her eyes before sitting back up again.

After napping for a while, she was much more alert. She turned to the male on the bed and his eyes were still closed as if he was sleeping. Seeing that nothing was happening to him, Shen Miao's heart was relieved. But her heart was still restless.

Shen Miao had felt that after her rebirth, she had always been stable and clam and it was because of her previous life experience, she could master things that other could not grasp and thus would not be at a forced position. But at this moment, it was indeed the first time in this lifetime where she felt helpless. Even though it did not happen to her, she fell more upsetting than if it happened to her.

But she did not have medical skills or understood poisons and could only have the three Gui Yuan pills to bring out. She had placed all her hopes onto Gao Yang and this made Shen Miao not used to it. She slowly reached her hands out and held onto Xie Jing Xing's hand that was on top of the bed, as if this action would make her heart feel at ease.

Tang Shu came over to bring some hot tea and snacks for Shen Miao. Shen Miao had not being eating or resting well that she looked haggard. Tang Shu said, "Furen eat something, it is very tiring to take care of Master like this."

Shen Miao said her thanks and suddenly remembered something. She hesitated before asking, "Tang Shu, two years ago when His Highness came to Long Ye, was he also like this?"

Two years ago, there was another reason for Xie Jing Xing to return to Long Ye. On the battlefield with Northern Jiang, there were Emperor Wen Hui's people in the Ming Qi's Xie family army and those people wanted his life. Xie Jing Xing had escaped death but was unable to avoid serious injuries. It sounded like it was also a life and death situation and fortunately Gao Yang was by his side and with Xie Jing Xing's great fortune, else there would not be today's Prince Rui of First Rank.

Tang Shu was stunned before glanced over at Xie Jing Xing on the bed. His eyes started recalling as he spoke, "So Furen knew about it too. Indeed when Master first returned to Long Ye, he was sent back to by others. At the beginning the doctors all said that they lacked the strength to reverse the situation and even Gentleman Gao was also helpless. However at the end Master went pass it. It was truly a miracle."

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