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Chapter 203: Superior One (Part 1)

So Furen knew about it too. Indeed when Master first returned to Long Ye, he was sent back to by others. At the beginning the doctors all said that they lacked the strength to reverse the situation and even Gentleman Gao was also helpless. However at the end Master went pass it. It was truly a miracle."

Shen Miao's eyes hang down, "There are a lot of people in Long Ye that wants him dead."

Tang Shu looked at Shen Miao somewhat surprised. After hesitating for a bit, he shook his head and sighed, "How would Great Liang's lands be guarded that easily? If it was so then at the beginning…" He suddenly stopped talking and said, "In short, Furen must take great care of one's body." After finishing, he went to instruct the kitchens to brew medication and withdraw.

Just as Tang Shu was about to withdraw, Shen Miao stopped him and asked, "Tang Shu, do you know of the matter that the Late Emperor's and His Highness's relationship is not good?"

Tang Shu stumbled and paused a while before saying slowly, "Not concealing from Furen, this servant is the Late Empress's attendant before marriage. It is just that if Furen wants to know these matters, it is better for His Highness to tell you personally. This old servant cannot speak of it." He then bowed and left the room

Shen Miao pressed her heart down. The secrets in Great Liang's Imperial family were not lesser than Ming Qi's so what kind of secrets did Xie Jing Xing have? What was with the relationship with the Late Emperor and the brotherhood between Emperor Yong Le? Xie Jing Xing did not tell her all these things and since she did not know the depth of it, she could not act rashly. At this time Shen Miao would rather that her personality was more impulsive and not so cautious. Perhaps she would know the truth accidentally.

Just as she was thinking, she saw Gu Yu running in with wide eyes and an incomprehensible look, "Furen… Furen…"

Shen Miao frowned. More so at such a time, rashness must be avoided as rashness would cause chaos. The residence of Prince Rui could not be exploited by others at such a time. She asked, "What had happened? Why this panicky?"

Before the voice land, one heard a familiar voice coming from outside, "Youngest Biao Sister."

Shen Miao was stunned as she saw a familiar figure behind Gu Yu. Who else was it other than Lou Tan? Luo Tan had a somewhat anxious appearance and when she saw Shen Miao, she walked quickly over and after seeing the unconscious Xie Jing Xing lying on the bed, she muttered, "He did not lie to me…"

Shen Miao stood up instantly and asked, "Why are you here?"

Her words were strict. She originally had a tolerance for Lou Tan like treating a younger generation and when she stood up coldly to speak, Luo Tan jumped in shock. Luo Tan could not help but shrink her neck and spoke softly, "It is a long story…"

After Luo Tan told Shen Miao of how she came here and the ongoing, Shen Miao could not help but gave a sigh of relieve and said in disagreement, "This is just too willful! The distance between Great Liang and Ming Qi is so far and you stayed alone on other's residence. If anything happened to you, what can JiuJiu and JiuMu do? Where do you put my parents?"

Luo Tan knew that she was in the wrong and said softly, "I know I am in the wrong. It is just that one's previous thought was to follow along with you." Afterwards her voice was even softer, "I also did not think that Gao Yang was a person from Long Ye. He previously lied to me and said he was only travelling in Long Ye and coincidently had a place here…"

Shen Miao glared at Luo Tan and did not know what else to say. Things had happened and it was not helpful to start blaming others. Moreover she was safe and sound now and nothing had happened. Even though Gao Yang was not as simple as he looked on the surface, he followed Xie Jing Xing so one thought that he would not do anything rude to Luo Tan. Even though Shen Miao was not clear why Gao Yang would be like this, but seeing Luo Tan's condition, Gao Yang should have been taking care of her very well.

Luo Tan feared that Shen Miao would bring up sending her back now and immediate changed the topic, "Gao Yang has went to the medical room to study the poison. I had thought that he was talking nonsense but now upon seeing MeiFu, one only knows that it is true." She looked at Shen Miao, "Youngest Biao Sister, is MeiFui's injuries really serious?"

Shen Miao did not planned to hide it from her and nodded her head, "An Ning's Gui Yuan Pill can only protect him for ten days. If ten days later, Gao Yang could not create an antidote then it would be dangerous."

Luo Tan was stunned, "Then there is no other way else?"

"I am still thinking." Shen Miao's eyes hung down, "The information has been passed to the ears of the Emperor and the Emperor is currently secretly recruiting miraculous doctors but… Distance water cannot quench a nearby thirst."

Luo Tan was silent for a while but her hands reached out to hold Shen Miao's hands and spoke firmly, "MeiFu is so talented so definitely everything will be alright. You will be together for a long time and I am waiting for you to give birth to a little nephew. Don't worry, I will accompany you."

Luo Tan was after all a family member. In a foreign country, be it Gao Yang or Ji Yu Shu, there would not be a layer of closeness. Even if Luo Tan unable to do anything, she would be able to make one feel better.

There must always be someone by Xie Jing Xing's side as one did not know if his injuries would flare up thus someone was needed to take care, thus Shen Miao personally looked after him. She would sit by Xie Jing Xing's bedside almost the entire day, feeding him water and when it was fine, she would read at the side. However what she was reading was all political and historical books of Great Liang.

She must quickly understand the country of Great Liang in order to have some countermeasures in the future. She really did not like to be in a passive situation.

Luo Tan accompanied by Shen Miao's side. Other than returning to the room to sleep, at other times she would be sitting with Shen Miao in the room. She had a restless personality and it was rare that she could stay there for so long even though most of the time she would be sitting there in a daze.

Three days quickly passed and in these three days, Xie Jing Xing did not wake up. Other than Gao Yang locked in the medical room to work on the medicine, Emperor Yong Le sent over the Imperial Physician with the highest skills to look after Xie Jing Xing. Because the old Imperial Physician was present, Xie Jing Xing's condition was still stable.

Everyone had placed their hopes on Gao Yang and only hoped that Gao Yang could come out with an antidote within ten days else it was really a situation where there was nowhere to turn for help.

Who knew that on the fourth day, Xie Jing Xing suddenly turned for the worse.

First, his pulse became extremely chaotic and unstable and his breathing was very rapid. His face became frighteningly white and he could not even drink any water. Pus started to fester around his wounds and it looked very dangerous.

When the old Imperial Physician came to check, he only shook his head and sighed saying that the poison in Xie Jing Xing's injuries was suppressed by Gao Yang by applying acupuncture but it only slowed it down. Currently the poison cannot be suppressed and began to spread. If there weren't the three Gui Yuan Pills, one feared that Xie Jing Xing would not be able to withstand it.

However even if now one was able to withstand it, or even withstand it for ten days, one would not be able to say anything of Gao Yang's side.

The sudden deterioration of Xie Jing Xing caused a lot of uneasiness with everyone's hearts, especially Shen Miao. Previously when Xie Jing Xing was injured but it was still considered stable which gave her a little comfort but now she was unable to deceive herself. The possibility of Xie Jing Xing unable to wake up again was placed clearly in front of her.

Tang Shu hesitated for a long time before asking Shen Miao, "Furen, at Ji Furen's end, is it necessary to send a word…" When these words were spoken, Tang Shu's tone was as if he was in great difficult, like it contained an enormous grief.

After Xie Jing Xing returned from the hunting grounds, Shen Miao had kept on hiding it from the Ji residence on the reason that she did not want to let Ji Furen worry and also to prevent from beating the grass and alerting the snakes. However Tang Shu's meaning was that if Xie Jing Xing really could not make it, Ji Furen had to come over to take a look…

"No need." Shen Miao firmly interrupted his words, "At the moment, no need."

Tang Shu was stunned and Tie Yi was somewhat surprised. Pei Lang, who had been silent, said, "No matter what, some things have to be considered."

What to consider? The funeral? Even though Shen Miao knew that what Pei Lang said was correct and at such a tense environment, grief was inevitable but the most important thing was the future and one had to plan for the future now. An unknown fire burst in Shen Miao's heart as se thought about after Wan Yun married, Pei Lang also said to her lightly, "Her Highness the Princess has already married, Your Ladyship have to think more about the future."

She looked coldly at Pei Lang and that gaze made Pei Lang stunned and his heart could not help but slowly sink.

Luo Tan could not sit any longer and returned to the Gao residence to look for Gao Yang but was informed that Gao Yang should not be disturbed when he was refining medication thus no one could enter.

Luo Tan became angry, "This cannot do, that cannot do. Could it be that one has to watch my MeiFu continue to be sick? Never mind about my MeiFu but my pitiful Youngest Biao Sister, just these short few days had been taxing on her that she had gotten thinner. She was only married when such a thing happened, and if something really happened, my Youngest Biao Sister would definitely not live on."

Luo Tan had read a lot of novel and also seen those lyrical theatre stuff. Thinking that even though Shen Miao looked calm on normal days, she was after all a young girl and just married someone, it was during the honeymoon period when her husband encountered such an accident. So how would Shen Miao take it if something happened? To let a young lady be widowed, it was just not possible.

The surrounding servants in the Gao residence looked at one another and dared not speak. This Young Lady of the Luo family did not have a simple background, she was the Di Older Biao Sister of Rui WangFei and she had a fiery personality that even their Gentleman had to give in normally, much less them servants.

Now that Gao Yang was not be disturbed when he was refining medication, them servants had fallen into misfortune and had to bear the anger of Young Lady Luo.

"Still say what famous doctor and have a pair of incredible hands under Heavens. Cannot even detoxify a poison. If ten days later the poison cannot be detoxify then what?" Luo Tan's eyes became red and her voice became hoarse. She felt that it was embarrassing to tear in front of everyone and turned around to run back to her room and slammed the doors close before shedding tears quietly on the bed.

The Luo family had been ingrain with a sense of justice and were kind to others. Especially so since Shen Miao was Luo Tan's relative. Luo Tan hated that she could not replace it with herself and watched Shen Miao be so upset but unable to help at all. Luo Tan felt that she was extremely useless. She felt that she could not face Shen Miao and could not face herself so she locked herself in the room and once locked it was an entire day. She did not even eat, seemingly by doing so, her heart would feel better. No matter how sad one was, one could not be as sad as Shen Miao.

As a result, Luo Tan's actions frightened everyone in the Gao residence. The servants of the Gao residence had followed Gao Yang since they were young and knew that Gao Yang would be gentle to female but would never bring a female to his residence. Moreover towards Luo Tan, he would like to tease her and his actions and behavior was very different from usual. If something was abnormal then it must be a demon. Gao Yang was intelligent so these servants were not stupid. The reason why they indulged Luo Tan was because the saw Luo Tan as the future mistress.

This future mistress's heart was currently not happy and refuses to eat. If a few days later, Gentleman come out and saw that Luo Tan was as such, he would definitely be heartache and once that happened, the ones who were in trouble were them servants.

The servants gathered together as they had to find someone to enter to persuade and comfort Young Lady Luo. At the end they pushed out an individual, a young lady by the name of Ben Yue.

Ben Yue was a poor man's daughter that Gao Yang saved from an evil tyrant and if Gao Yang did not save her then Ben Yue would have entered a pleasure house as a Young Lady. She entered the Gao residence and became a maid. When Ben Yue was young, she was kidnapped by traffickers and went around thus she had a wide experience and was very street smart and had a sliver tongue that if anyone in Gao residence were depressed, they would go to Ben Yue.

This time Luo Tan was unhappy so everyone pushed Ben Yue out to let her quickly console Luo Tan and let Luo Tan eat something.

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