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I know its fun to read what is going on at the Shen residence (I enjoyed it too) but translating it is no fun. I don't like to translate those whiny parts or quarrels there… It's like they are whining or shouting beside me… lol

Chapter 154: Overflowing help (Part 1)

Currently the Shen residence has exploded.

Most likely because Shen Wan said to let Shen Yue married into the Wang family as PinQi (aka equal wife) and it finally made Shen Yue panicked. On the situation where Shen Yue had no other ides, she actually made a bold move and escaped from the Shen residence. Before leaving, she also cleared off all the gold and silver in the room and left a big mess for Chen Rou Qiu.

Shen Wan was naturally furious and shouted angrily at Chen Rou Qiu, "I told you to watch over her properly. How can she escape?"

Chen Rou Qiu was naturally scared in her heart. Her heart ache for her daughter and did not completely confined Shen Yue up, like what Shen Wan said to. She did not expected that Shen Yue would make use of her love for her at all. Now that Shen Yue ran away, she also did not know what to do and could only say to Shen Yue, "One have already sent people out to search. Master, Yue-er did not intentionally do it. She is scared."

Even at such a time, she still did not know what was wrong and was still looking for excuses for Shen Yue. Shen Wan scoffed, "She is scared? She is scared and still could exchange marriage with others? Scared and still could run away from home? Being properly betrothed makes one a wife while those run away would be a concubine. I, Shen Wan, do not have a daughter that is this shameless!"

"How could you say that of her?" Chen Rou Qiu's eyes widened, "That is your daughter!"

Shen Wan had been a civil official for his life and would rarely say such serious words, moreover he was scolding his own daughter. Chen Rou Qiu dared not believe her own eyes. After Shen Wan said those words, he looked at Chen Rou Qiu and there was a trace of impatience and disgust in them before he turned around and stood out of the room.

Chen Rou Qiu's sensitive perception had felt that there was something wrong with Shen Wan and almost fell to the ground weakly. She grabbed onto Shi Qing's hands and her nails deeply dived deep into it, making Shi Qing's face whiten in pain but she dared not move.

The quarrel in Qiu Shui Yuan quickly spread to Rong Qing Tang. Old Shen Furen leisurely sipped tea and smiled indifferently when she heard it, "Do it. Jut do it. Chen Rou Qiu can just do it. She still think she is a newly wedded daughter-in-law." After pausing, she then spoke again, "What kind of mother would have what kind of daughter. Each one of them cause all the trouble for me."

Zhang Mama carefully massage her shoulders, "One do not know if the people searching for Third Young Lady would have found her?"

"Care for her for what?" Old Shen Furen became angry, "I do not know how capable she is but after not too long she welcome back with her tails between her legs. Throw away the Shen family reputation for nothing, let Number Three handle it, I do not want to manage these trifle matters." She suddenly thought of something and frowned, "Number Three is still heading to the Western courtyard?"

Zhang Mama nodded her head, "These days Third Furen and Third Master often squabbled thus Third Master headed towards the Western courtyard more frequently. Each trip would be almost half a day."

Old Shen Furen nodded her head and a trace of radiance appeared in her gaze, "Since this is the case then it is time for the road to be brighten. Quickly birth a son for Number Three, I still want to hold grandchildren." She laughed coldly, "Chen Rou Qiu, that stupid thing, should also see carefully how much she is weighted. Zhang Mama, go and do it. Lately nothing goes right for the Shen family. It is time to hold a joyous occasion to wash away the bad luck."

Zhang Mama nodded her head and complied.

On this night, Shen Wan had not return to the room and Chen Rou Qiu felt a whisper in her heart. Previously even if Shen Wan had social niceties outside, he would always send his servant over to pass an oral message but one did not know where he went today. Thinking of the squabble this morning with Shen Wan, she could not help but be somewhat anxious in her heart. A female at her age was after all declining in their appearance and was not as fresh as younger females that could give youth to men. Currently there was some disagreement between Shen Wan and her, it would be troublesome if one would bring woman from outside in. Chen Rou Qiu was different with Ren Wan Yun, with just those thoughts from Shen Gui, Ren Wan Yun had long settled all the females that Shen Gui had brought in in droves. As long as Ren Wan Yun could sit securely on the position as the matriarch of the household, she did not care about others. Chen Rou Qiu had dominated Shen Wan's favour for so many years and Old Shen Furen was not wrong with her words. Chen Rou Qiu was the extremely jealous type as she did not allow Shen Wan to have other women.

Thinking of this, Chen Rou Qiu was unable to sit or stand due to uneasiness.

Hua Yi walked in from outside, "Furen, Old Furen had gotten a few bolts of fabric and instructed for you to send one over to Young Lady Cang."

Old Shen Furen had always looked down on Cang Zai Qing and would usually treat it as though there was no such person in the residence so why would she be thinking of Cang Zai Qing today? Chen Rou QIu frowned, "Old Furen can directly send someone over, why need me to go?"

Hua Yi also did not understand, "Most likely because you have good relations with Young Lady Cang."

Just when Chen Rou Qiu was feeling ill-at-ease, Old Shen Furen actually instructed her to do things, which would distract her from her thoughts. Thus she did not say anything more and headed towards the Western courtyard with Shi Qing and Hua Yi after putting on a cloak.

At the moment the skies had turned dark but it was not yet to for one to rest yet, thus Chen Rou Qiu reckoned that Cang Zai Qing had not slept yet and did not notify her.

Upon reaching the Western courtyard, unexpectedly the lights were actually extinguished early. Chen Rou Qiu felt that it was somewhat strange and she saw Zhao Mama startled when she saw her, seemingly panicking as she said, "Why has Third Furen come over?"

"Old Furen instructed me to gift some fabric to Younger Sister Qing." Chen Rou Qiu said and pointed towards the bed chambers with her head, "Is Younger Sister Qing fallen asleep?"

"Yes. Yes." Zhao Mama said, "Young Lady's body is not feeling well these few days and thus slept early."

Chen Rou Qiu felt somewhat strange as she felt that Zhao Mama's expression was not natural. She then looked at the surrounding maids and their heads were all lowered, seemingly afraid that something could be discovered. At the same time there was some faint ambiguous sound coming from the room. One was unable to hear clearly but when the sounds came out, Zhao Mama's expression became more tensed.

Although Chen Rou Qiu was curious, currently she did not wish to have conflicts with Chang Zai Qing. In her view, Cang Zai Qing was perhaps a very good knife and it was good to use it to deal with the Eldest household of the Shen family. Especially nothing went right for her today, she have a stomachful of anger with nowhere to vent thus the more she want to see the Eldest household of the Shen family down in luck.

Chen Rou Qiu let the servants put the fabric down and just as she was about to leave, her footsteps suddenly stopped.

Zhao Mama look towards where Chen Rou Qiu's gaze was at and saw that there was a small sachet leaning against the window. That dark red embroidered sachet was filled with fragrance and was very exquisite. Chen Rou Qiu walked over and picked the scent sachet up. When Zhao Mama wanted to stop her, it was too late.

When Shi Qing and Hua Yi saw that scent sachet, they could not help but widen their mouth and became speechless due to shock.

On the day that Shen Yue married, Chen Rou Qiu had saw Cang Zai Qing wearing a very pretty scent sachet. The embroidery on the sachet was very exquisite that Chen Rou Qiu fondled admiringly. Cang Zai Qing was generous and gifted that sachet to Chen Rou Qiu. Afterwards due to Shen Yue's matter Chen Rou Qiu wanted Shen Wan to be happy, she then gave the exquisitely made sachet to Shen Wan. That embroidered egret on the sachet was not feminine and the scent was not cosmetic at all. Chen Rou Qiu remembered that because the sachet contains tea leaves, it has the light refreshing tea fragrance but Chen Rou Qiu felt that the tea fragrance was too light and added dried Osmanthus that were picked during autumn.

There were no two leaves that were exactly the same in the world, even if Cang Zai Qing was capable and able to make an exact same scent sachet, not every sachet was filled by Chen Rou Qiu with Osmanthus.

Chen Rou Qiu held the scent sachet and her hands were somewhat trembling. She finally brought it to her nose and took a whiff determinedly.

The sweet scent of the Osmanthus was mixed with the tea leaves slowly entered Chen Rou Qiu's nose. Chen Rou Qiu closed her eyes abruptly.

When she opened them again, her gaze made Shi Qing and Hua Yi somewhat scared.

She suddenly turned towards Zhao Mama. Zhao Mama did not pull back her increasingly panicked expression and this fell completely into Chen Rou Qiu's eyes. Chen Rou Qiu coldly scoffed, "Each one of you all really treat me like a fool?" Finishing, she walked quickly towards Cang Zai Qing's bed chambers and was about to break down the door.

"Furen cannot!" Zhao Mama quickly stop in panic.

Chen Rou Qiu asked, "Why not?"

Zhao Mama was unable to say anything.

Chen Rou Qiu's heart could not help but sank and she only felt that she was almost ripped apart. The more upset and pained she was, the colder her expression was. She said to Shi Qing and Hua Yi, "Smash! Go and smash it ruthlessly! I want to see which pair of adulterous couple that dare to do such a shameless matter in my Shen residence! Smash!"

Shi Qing and Hua Yi dared not disobey the orders and immediately stepped forward to open the doors. Chen Rou Qiu took the lamp beside her and walked in without waiting for Zhao Mama to stop her.

The brazier in the room was burning bright and there were clothes and shoes scattered all over the follow and jewelry were broken and in disorder. There was two people on the bed intertwined, looking like they were sleeping soundly.

That female's body was exposed and her posture was embarrassed and shy. That male however unhurriedly draped the clothes over to cover both of their bodies. When he turned over, it was Shen Wan.

The room was filled with the taste of alcohol, it was obvious that they drank before sleeping together but one could not use a lapse to describe it as one had feelings and the other had intend. Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan had been husband and wife for so many years, if Shen Wan did not like her, then how would he let Cang Zai Qing climb up the bed? Moreover this was Cang Zai Qing's bed and it was Shen Qan who came over actively.

Chen Rou Qiu closed her eyes and quickly stopped the tears that was almost overflowing out before screaming, "Cheating couple!"

The wind begin to raise at night and a few hundred Lis (1 Li = 500 meters) away from the Ding capital, there was an inn where the purple clad youth was sitting in front of the table in the middle of it, reading the letter in his hand. In a jiffy, he raised his hand and threw the letter into the brazier at the side and the letter instantly turned into ashes.

"Master, there is a letter from Great Liang." The secret guard, Nan Qi, beside him said, "Your Majesty urge you to hurry back.

"No need to care about him." Xie Jing Xing said without any care, "When the matters are finish, I will naturally return."

"His Majesty is afraid that you will delay matters." Nan Qi said, "The people at that end has noticed the movements in Ming Qi. Previously His Majesty mention to choose a Consort for you and in the course of time, it is almost the time. If Master still do not return, one fear that things will be held up."

Xie Jing Xing shot a glance at Nan Qi immediately kept quiet but his heart had bitter words. Emperor Yong Le had a personality of standing by one's word and his own Master was one who disregard the law and natural morality, making the subordinates sandwich between them very difficult. Moreover with regards to the matter of choosing a consort, others might not be clear but those secret guards that were beside Xie Jing Xing could see clearly that Xie Jing Xing obviously treated the Young Lady of the Shen family special. Not mentioning how Emperor Yong Le would view the matter, the secret guards felt that this matter was not feasible. Shen Miao was a Ming Qi people and how would the Shen family be willing to have relations with Great Liang?

However one would never dare to say these words in front of Master. If Master was not happy and send one off to guard the pagoda prison, then that would not be worth it at all.

"Since Imperial Older Brother is bored." Xie Jing Xing said, "And incredibly suffocated then go and tell him what kind of intentions the Qin country is planning. Don't worry about things that one should not worry about."

Nan Qi wiped the sweat off his head. One could not offend both people, on's heart was breaking a sweat.

Just as he was thinking, he saw Tie Yi walking in from outside and was holding a small box that one did not know what was it. When he entered the room, he placed the small box on the table and said, "The jewellery that my Prince has instructed to make is finished and the bank notes are sent over."

Nan Qi who was standing behind almost choked on his own saliva. What did Tie Yi said? Making jewelry? Nan Qi secretly looked towards the table and indeed saw that the box was very exquisitely made. A small little box and there was a fine flower pattered on top of it. Upon closer look, it seemed to be a tiger's head?

What thing was that?

Xie Jing Xing opened the box and took a glance. It was filled up with all kinds of jewelry. Cat's eye, a pair of jade bracelet, pearl head ornament, jasper hairpin, they were things that were extremely fine. It was not an exaggeration that this small little box valued more than a thousand gold. Nan Qi thought secretly, could it be that this was something to be gifted to the Young Lady of the Shen family? But the Young Lady of the Shen family did not look like one who loves jewels and jade? Would Master be able to gift these out?

However, it was indeed very generous.

Xie Jing Xing closed the box and said, "Not bad." Suddenly he thought about something and asked, "What is Fu Xiu Yi's recent movements?"

Tie Yi thought before saying, "There is no movement at the moment and is just closer to the Crown Prince."

The Crown Prince. Xie Jing Xing raised his brows, "Watch him closely. Fu Xiu Yi is not a simple character."

Tie Yi coupled and retreated.

"Wait." Xie Jing Xing stopped him, "Pay attention to Shen Yue too."

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