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Chapter 153: Pushing the Waves (Part 2)

Jing Zhe said, "The dispute in the Shen residence is big. This time the show really make one feel the bustle."

Shen Miao smile indifferently, "Perhaps, the bigger the dispute is, the better, and we will not be affected since we already have no relations."

Jing Zhe looked at Shen Miao and walked over to Gu Yu to whisper to her, "What is with Young Lady these days? Why does one see that she do not seem to be happy?"

Gu Yu shrugged and looked over at Shen Miao's direction. She saw Shen Miao sitting in the courtyard and she did not even flip a page of the book. Her hand held her chin as she looked up into space somewhat lazily, thinking of what idea.

"It seems a little so." Gu Yu also nodded, "Recent days, there is no spirit no matter what one says."

"No spirit?" Jing Zhe shook her head, "If it was before, upon seeing the Shen residence fall into misfortune, Young Lady would always be somewhat happy. Now the Shen residence is in a mess, but Young Lady only waved her hands upon hearing about it, like it was not very interesting. Could it be that she is sick?"

"Can eat and drink, can walk and jump. What kind of sickness can be like this?" Gu Yu rolled her eyes, "You think this is lovesickness?"

"Who is suffering from lovesickness?" A voice behind them came over, making both of them to jump in shock. They turned around and saw Luo Ling walking over. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu quickly greeted, "This servant greets Biao Young Master."

Luo Ling waved his hand and walked over towards Shen Miao, in front of the table. When he reaches Shen Miao's side and saw that Shen Miao was sitting there in a daze, he asked, "Youngest Biao Sister?"

Shen Miao turned her head and when she saw it was Luo Ling, she smiled, "Older Brother Ling."

Luo Tan sat down opposite of Shen Miao. His right hand was still not recovered but Shen Qiu had found a book of left-handed swordplay for Luo Ling thus these days he had been seriously practicing swordplay with his left hand. His mind had been much more open and warmer. When he went out, almost all the females would shyly steal a look. Hearing from Luo Tan's teasing, it seemed that a number of young ladies from official's families were interested in Lou Ling.

Luo Ling said, "What is Youngest Biao Sister thinking to be this engrossed?"

Shen Miao gently smiled, "Nothing much, just sitting and daydreaming."

Luo Ling thought about the 'lovesickness' and such that Jing Zhe and Gu Yu had spoken about and his heart sank. He looked at Shen Miao and said untraceably, "One thought that Youngest Biao Sister has reached the marriageable age and become a little naughty."

Shen Miao did not seem to understand Luo Ling's words and said blandly, "Speaking of marriageable age, it should be Older Biao Sister that is anxious first."

Luo Ling laughed, "Also true."

Shen Miao looked at Luo Ling, "For what matter is Older Biao Brother looking for me?"

Luo Ling was startled for a moment before a trace of awkwardness rose on his elegant face. He came here to take a look at Shen Miao and now Shen Miao ask him such a serious question, he did not know how to answer. However he was quick witted, "Oh. A few days back some of the snacks that Youngest Biao Sister gave me were too sweet so one came over to tell Youngest Biao Sister that."

Gu Yu who was standing behind had a somewhat resentful expression on. Her Young Lady was not the pastry chef of the Shen residence and not the master who makes cakes. Luo Ling ate Shen Miao's cakes but still dare to blame Shen Miao.

Jing Zhe however was fighting back a laugh. Gu Yu had a lump of wood for a brain and could not see it but she was smart. This Young Biao Master obviously wanted to get closer to Shen Miao but was unable to find an excuse. However Jing Zhe saw her Young Lady having a lack of mood for small talk and shook her head, feeling that it was a pity. The falling flowers were yearning for love, but the heartless brook rippled on. One feared that her Young Lady would nto appreciate Young Biao Master's earnest intentions.

Shen Miao indeed frowned and asked, "Too sweet? I did not add a lot of sugar."

Luo Ling scratched his head awkwardly and said when he thought of something, "Ke. Tan-er mentioned that Youngest Biao Sister knows how to make cakes with fruit flavours, one ask if it is possible to make that for me the next time?"

Shen Miao was stunned.

Luo Tan often come over to Shen Miao's courtyard to look for Shen Miao to chat and she would just eat the snacks on the table without any fuss. Those cakes were Shen Miao herself attempted to make since she had not made them for a lifetime, it was very unfamiliar when she tried making it. However Luo Tan found it delicious and ate clean the entire plate of snacks.

That pastry had fruit juices mixed in it and it was just the taste that the Great Liang Imperial family liked. Previously Xie Jing Xing instructed Shen Miao to make two baskets of snacks so that he could allay his hungry when killing others. Afterwards Princess Ming An was indeed eliminated by XIe Jing Xing but the two baskets of snacks were not given to Xie Jing Xing. Even more afterwards Xie Jing Xing disappeared for a period of time and Shen Miao had been watching the chaos in the Shen residence and was also making snacks at the same time so as to return the other person's favour.

Just as she was thinking, Shen Miao's gaze gradually hang down. Speaking of which, XIe Jing Xing had left for a number of days and there did not seem to be much talk in Ding capital when Great Liang's Prince Rui left so casually. One was unsure if Xie Jing Xing was safe or not, after all he still carrying the identity of the dead Little Xie Marquis of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An. It was difficult on the front and back for him.

Luo Ling saw that Shen Miao started to be in a daze again and he waved his hands in front of her, "Youngest Biao Sister?"

Shen Miao recovered to her senses and smile apologetically, "Sorry Older Biao Brother, this recipe was made by me in a whim and at that time one only made that one plate and it was all eaten by Older Biao Sister. If I have to make that again, I do not know if I make it."

Jing Zhe widen her eyes as she stood behind Shen Miao as her Young Lady could actually like to Young Biao Master with a serious face. Jing Zhe naturally knew whether Shen Miao knew how to make those snacks. Shen Miao had memorized the recipe and personally made it, looking like she was very familiar with it, so why was she not willing to make a plate for Young Master Luo?

Could it be that Young Biao Master had offended her Young Lady? Jing Zhe was very puzzled.

Luo Ling had totally not expected Shen Miao's rejection and was embarrassed and was somewhat in a loss.

Shen Miao appearance was leisurely and there was no trace of shame on her expression. Since it was Great Liang's Imperial family's snacks, the process of making it was complicated. She had done it once but had no patience to keep doing it for others. It would be better for Luo Ling to get the pastry chef of the kitchens to make him something else.

They converse here but did not know that their cheerful and witty chatting appearance was seen by someone afar. That person was clad in white with a white fane. It was a picture of graceful nobleman. It was Gao Yang.

Ever since Xie Jing Xing left, Gao Yang had followed Xie Jing Xing's instruction and stayed in the Shen mansion, because of the injury on Luo Ling's hand. Thus it was convenient to see what kind of movements Shen Miao had. Not only that, he could actually see the lively appearance of Luo Ling and Shen Miao.

Gao Yang's gaze of Luo Ling had some sympathy in it and when he looked at Shen Miao again, he shook his head and sighed deeply.

"What are you sighing about?" A head suddenly stretched out from behind Gao Yang's back and nearly scared Gao Yang so much that he took a step back. That person took a step from behind Gao Yang. With a moving brows and heroic spirits, who else could it be but Luo Tan?

"Doctor Gao." Luo Tan asked, "What are you doing here?" She looked along Gao Yang's gaze and saw the scene of Shen Miao and Luo Ling chatting while sitting down before looking back at Gao Yang. Gao Yang felt somewhat restless to receive Luo Tan's strange gaze when he heard Luo Tan said in understanding, "I know. So you like Youngest Biao Sister!"

Gao Yang hurriedly reached out to cover Luo Tan's mouth. What a joke. Xie Jing Xing did not only send him one person to the Shen mansion, there were secret guards too. If any of the itchy mouth secret guards said these words to Xie Jing Xing, then he would not be able to stay in Ming Qi. Gao Yang looked at Luo Tan, who was struggling in his hands, and helplessness formed in his heart. This Luo Tan really knew how to find trouble for him. This was not the first time already!

Luo Tan finally struggled out from Gao Yang's hands and most probably knew that her voice was a little loud so she suppressed her voice. However her expression was still filled with pride, as if she had caught some leverage from Gao Yang, "So you like Youngest Biao Sister. So you are jealous."

"Do not be smart." Gao Yang said, "This one dare not have feelings for Fifth Shen Young Lady."

Luo Tan pursed her lips, "Good that you know it yourself. My Youngest Biao Sister is a so smart and pretty Young Lady that it would be hard to find one even if one held a lantern to look. You a doctor dare to think about it? Just go and look at a mirror."

Her tone of voice deeply pierce Gao Yang's heart and made Gao Yang have the urge to immediately find a mirror to see if he had that kind of look that could not be seen outside like what Luo Tan mentioned.

Thinking of his own Highness, Gao Yang coldly laughed and pointed towards Luo Ling's direction with his chin, "I am delusional and he is qualified?"

Luo Tan looked at Luo Ling and sighed, "Older Brother Ling is very good but is not the person for Youngest Biao Sister."

These words were out surprisingly of the contrary for Gao Yang as he thought that Luo Tan would wholeheartedly support her own TangXiong, thus he asked, "Oh? Why say that?"

"Youngest Biao Sister is a person with a mind of her own and Older Brother Ling 's temper is too warmth but unable to make any sparks. One thinks that Youngest Biao Sister only treated Older Brother Ling as an older brother." Luo Tan felt that it was a pity.

"You still know about sparks?" Gao Yang was surprised and continued asking, "Then what kind of person does your Youngest Biao Sister will have sparks with?"

Gao Yang only casually teased Luo Tan and never had thought that Luo Tan would really think about it seriously and finally said, "People like Prince Rui?"

Gao Yang was surprised.

"Prince Rui is good-looking and also mysterious and unpredictable. And what is more, he is a person who value relations and righteousness thus he can be considered as a incomparably good man in this world. My Youngest Biao Sister should match with this kind of husband. But this is probably only one's wishful thinking." Luo Tan's voice was suppressed but she saw Gao Yang smiling at her when she lifted her head. She then realized that she had said too much to Gao Yang and she did not have such a good relationship with Gao Yang. Luo Tan's expression immediately changed and she said by Gao Yang's ears, "Hey, you got a hold of me because of the matter of me going to the residence of Prince Rui. Today I know that you admire my Youngest Biao Sister in your heart and also got a hold of you. Since both of use got hold of each other's leverages, then it is considered even. In the future you better not think of using the matter of Prince Rui to threaten me. Be careful that I will tell my Youngest Biao Sister about your cunningness and let you unable to lift your head up in front of her for the rest of your life!" Luo Tan said in hostile.

Gao Yang really did not know whether to laugh or cry. In actual fact, he was more fearful of Xie Jing Xing alright. But seeing Luo Tan's appearance of being smart and her brows arching in craftiness, suddenly he had interest. He got nearer and said, "That is good. Then let us hold each other leverages. How about that?"

He was born with a playboy feel and when he spoke to Luo Tan, he was very handsome. Luo Tan was originally one who like good looking things but one did not know why she felt a little guilty conscious. She violently shoved Gao Yang to a side. She was a person who practiced martial arts and that one shove could almost take blood from Gao Yang.

Luo Tan turned around and left, saying angrily, "Lecher!"

Gao Yang touched his chin and slowly smiled.

All the trivial things that happened in the Shen mansion did not acttract Shen Miao's attention as they were all irrelevant and boring matters to Shen Miao's eyes. It was until the second day when something happened in the Shen residence that was somewhat interesting.

Shen Yue had ran away.

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