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Item, a paire of schettis, iiij_s._

Item, a blanket, iij_s._

Item, a coverlet, ij_s._

Item, a pillow of down, xij_d._

Item, ij. curteynes, ij_s._

Item, gownes, x_s._

Item, a dowblet of fostian, xl_d._

Item, iij. schertes, v_s._

Item, a towayle, viij_d._

Item, a blake hod, ij_s._

Item, ij. cofforys stuffet, ij_s._

Unde, j. was sprwys chyst with, xx_s._

Item, j. clasp of sylver, xij_d._

Item, of payse money, xij_d._

Item, ix. ferthynges, ij_d. ob._

Item, a lytyll chyst, vj_d._

Item, ij. pors with, ij_s._ vij_d. ob._

Item, iiij. rynges, iij_s._

Item, a box with bedys, qwere of ij. payre of jett, with Paternosterys of corall, xl_d._

Item, a poyre of jett, pris xij_d._

Item, v. payre of box, x_d._

Item, a payre of ambre, xviij_d._

Item, a purs of welwet, viij_d._

Item, iij. payre of knyffes, x_d._

Item, a payr of hernishede knyffes, xij_d._

Item, v. napettes, v_d._

Item, iij. hedkercheffes, pris xij_d._

Item, a box with sylke and perryll, iij_s._

Item, a powche of rosset damaske, xx_d._

Item, a payre of gold weghtes in a case, ij_s._

Item, a broch of sylver with a crown, xvj_d._

Item, a payre of beddes of segamore, iiij_d._

Item, a box of tene with sylver wire.

Item, iij. new gyrdyll, pris ix_d._

Item, in the second coffer was bokes, pris xvj_d._

Item, a boke of Seynt Thomas de _Veritatibus_, pris x_s._

Item, a red boke with Hugucio and Papie, xx_s._

Item, iij. bokes of soffistre, xx_d._

Item, maney other smale bokes, x_s._

Item, iij. cappis, x_d._

Item, a surplice, xl_d._

Item, iij. letterys of pardon, x_s._

Item, a stevynyd[177-1] clothe, a crucifix, xx_d._

Item, a payre of dowbyll glovys, furredde with lambe, vj_d._

Item, ij. payr of hosson, v_s._

Item, a combe of veveri,[177-2]


John Osborn, a cott of rosset, pris iij_s._ iiij_d._

Item, a stomaucher of a zerd of gode new hollond clothe, x_d._

Item, iiij. payre of sokkes, pris viij_d._

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