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Thys is as fer as I can schew you of this day, and when I can know mor, ye schall have knowlege.

From Wyndesouer this Saterday, at v. of the cloke.

By yours,


[Footnote 172-3: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] This letter gives an account of the meeting of Henry VII. and Philip, King of Castile, near Windsor, during the time when the latter was detained in England in the beginning of the year 1506. It is well known how after setting out from the Low Countries to take possession of his kingdom of Castile, Philip met with a storm, and was driven to land on our coast, and how, on hearing of it, Henry invited him to visit him at his Court, where he staid for some time while the damage done to his fleet was being repaired.]

[Footnote 173-1: Henry, Earl of Stafford, eldest son and heir of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, who was attainted and beheaded in 1521.]

[Footnote 173-2: Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset, was the son of Thomas, the late Marquis, who was the son of Elizabeth, Queen of Edward IV. by her first husband, Sir John Grey of Groby. This nobleman in the next reign became Lord of the Marches between England and Scotland, which he stoutly kept and boldly maintained.

He died in 1530, 22 Hen. VIII.--F.]

[Footnote 173-3: George Gray, Earl of Kent, was a true soldier to, and a favourite of Henry, and survived this pageant a very short time, dying within the year.--F.]

[[Master Sant John apon a blak hors, with harnes of cloth of gold _text has "withh arnes"_]]



James Gloys, j. dongge,[175-2]


Item, a coverlete, v_s._

Item, ij. blankettes, vj_s._ viij_d._

Item, ij. pare of shettes, x_s._

Item, a sellore,[175-3]


Item, a rosour, viij_d._

Item, v. shertes, viij_s._

Item, j. roset cape, iiij_d._

Item, iiij. gownes, xxvj_s._ viij_d._

Item, a curt baron, xl_d._

Item, iij. gyrdylles, vj_d._

Item, iij. payre of hossen, vj_s._

Item, j. song boke, pris xx_d._

Item, j. dowbelet of fustian, iij_s._ iiij_d._

Item, j. grene cotte, ij_s._

Item, ij. payre schone, xiiij_d._

Item, j. box with j. porse of cloth of gold, xl_d._

Item, j. crosse silver, xl_d._

Item, j. sawtere, vj_s._ viij_d._

Item, j. premere, ij_s._

Item, j. boke of statutis, xl_d._

Item, j. boke of _vitas Patrum_, ij_s._

Item, j. purs in the bedstraw with xx_s._

Item, j. boke of xij. chapetyrs of Lynccoln, and a boke of safistre,[175-4]


Item, vj. steyned paperis, xij_d._

Item, ij. scochenes, viij_d._

Item, a swerd, pris vj_s._ viij_d._

Item, a towayle, x_d._

Item, a _supersedyas_ of Gloys, Osborn and Snallewell.

Item, a bleu gown of William Tavernerys, x_s._

Item, a blake cloke, vj_s._

Item, a bottell for wine of a potell, xij_d._

Item, a peyre of tabille of horne and box, xvj_d._

Item, a confessionall, ij_s._

Herre Boll, a dongge, xl_d._

Item, a traunsom, ij_s._

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