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Item, iiij. clokys of murry[177.1] derke.

Item, j. bollok haftyd dager, harnesyd wyth sylver,[177.2] and j. chape[177.3] thertoo.

Item, j. lytyll schort armyng dager, withe j. gilt schape.

Item, iij. payre tablys of cipris, being in casys of lether.

Item, j. parre tablys of G., enrayed withowght, and here men in baggys longyng thertoo.

[Footnote 177.1: Dark or brownish red.]

[Footnote 177.2: Silver twisted round the haft.]

[Footnote 177.3: The schape or chape was the ferule of the scabbard.--Dr. Meyrick.]


Imprimis, v. pellowes of grene silke.

Item, j. pellow of silk the growund white wyth lyllys of blewe.

Item, ij. pellowes of rede felwet and the growund of ham blakke.

Item, v. pellowys of rede felwet.

Item, ij. pellowys of rede felwet beten upon satayne.

Item, j. littill pellow of grene sike, full wythin of lavendre.

Item, j. pellow of purpyll silke and golde.

Item, ij. pellowes of blew silke, with a schelde.

Item, v. large carpettys.

Imprimis, j. longe pillowe of fustian.

Item, iij. brode pillowes of fustyan.

Item, ij. pillowys of narwer sorte and more schorter, of fustyan.

Item, j. longe pellow of lynen clothe.

Item, j. pellow of a lasse sorte.

Item, j. brode pyllow of lynen clothe.

Item, ij. pillowes of lynen clothe of a lasser assyse.

Item, viij. pelowes of lynen clothe off a lasser assyse.

Item, v. of the lest assyse.

In primis, j. cover of grene silke to a bedde, lynyd with blewe silke.

Item, j. close bedde of palle grene and whyte, with levys of golde.

Item, j. covyr of the same.

Item, j. covyr of rede silke lynyd with bokerame.

Item, j. cover of white clothe, fyne and well-wrought, purpeynte [_pourpointe or stitched_] wyse.

Item, j. cover of raynis, wrowght with golde of damaske.

Item, j. donge [_mattress or feather bed_] of purle sylke.

Item, j. seler of white lynen clothe.

Item, j. testur of the same. Item, iij. curtaynys sutely.

Item, iij. cartaynyes of lynen clothe.

Item, iij. blankettis of fustian.

[[Item, iij. blankettis of fustian.

_final . missing or invisible_]]

_Clothis of Arras and of Tapstre warke._

Inprimis, j. clothe of arras, clyped the Schipherds clothe.[178.1]

Item, j. of the Assumpsion of Oure Lady.

Item, j. newe banker of arras, with a bere holdyng j. spere in the middys of the clothe.

Item, j. tester of arras with ij. gentlewomen and ij. gentlemen, and one holdyng an hawke in his honde.

Item, j. clothe with iiij. gentle women.

Item, j. testour of arras with a lady crouned and a grete rolle aboughte her hede, the first letter N.

Item, j. clothe of ix. conquerouris.

Item, j. cover for a bedde, of newe arras, and a gentlewoman beyng ther in the corner with a whelp in hir honde and an Awnus Day abought hir nec.

Item, a seler of arras frangyd with silke, red, grene, and white.

Item, j. testir of the same, red, grene, and white.

Item, j. testur frangyd with grene silke. Item, j. seler of the same.

Item, j. clothe for the nether hall, of arras, with a geyaunt in the myddell, beryng a legge of a bere in his honde.

Item, j. clothe of arras for the dese [_das_] in the same halle, with j. wodewose [_a savage_] and j. chylde in his armys.

Item, j. clothe of the sege of Faleys for the west side of the halle.

Item, j. clothe of arras with iij. archowrys on scheting [_shooting_] a doke in the water with a cross bowe.

Item, j. clothe of arras withe a gentlewoman harpyng by j. castell in myddys of the clothe.

Item, j. cover of arras for a bedde, with a mane drawyng water in the myddel of the clothe ought of a welle.

Item, j. lytell tester of arras, whith j. man and a woman in the myddyll.

Item, j. banker[178.2] of arras with a man schetyng at j. blode hownde.

Item, j. clothe of arras with a lady crouned, and j. rolle abought her hedde with A. N., lynyd with gray canvas.

Item, j. clothe of arras with a condyte in the myddill.

Item, j. clothe of arras, with a gentlewoman holding j. lace of silke, and j. gentlewoman a hauke.

Item, ij. clothis portrayed full of popelers.

Item, j. testyr of blewe tapistry warke with viij. braunchys.

Item, j. blewe hallyng[178.3] of the same sute.

Item, j. rede clothe of v. yerds v. dim. of lenthe.

Item, j. banker of rede, with iij. white rosys and the armys of Fastolf.

Item, j. nothyr clothe of rede, with v. roses sutly.

Item, j. hallyng of blewe worstet, contayning in lenthe xiij. yerds, and in bredthe iiij. yerds.

Item, j. hallyng with men drawen in derke grene worsted.

Item, ij. pecys of whyte worsted, bothe of one lenthe.

Item, j. hallyng of depe grene, contayning in lenthe xj. yerds, and in bredthe ij. yerds and one halfe.

Item, j. hallyng of the same sute, lenthe, and brede.

Item, j. tester of grene and whyte, wyth braunchis sutely.

[Footnote 178.1: Probably representing the Adoration of the Shepherds.]

[Footnote 178.2: Covering for a bench.]

[Footnote 178.3: Hanging for a hall.]


_Clothis of Arras._

Item, ij. clothis of arras for the chamboure over the nether halle, of huntyng and of haukyng.

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