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Item, j. gowne of Frenche russet, lynyd with blak clothe.

Item, j. chemer of blak, lynyd with blak bokerame.

Item, j. gowne of blak, lynyd with blak lynyng.

Item, iij. quarters of a russet gowne with ought slevys.

Item, j. jagged huke[175.1] of blakke sengle, and di. of the same.

[Footnote 174.2: Trimmed. The word is more commonly written 'purfled.']

[Footnote 174.3: Cromwell.]

[Footnote 174.4: The _chammer_ or _shamew_ was a gown cut in the middle. --_See_ Strutt's _Dress and Habits of the People of England_, ii. 359.]

[Footnote 175.1: A kind of mantle. --_See_ Strutt's _Dress and Habits_, ii. 363.]


_Tunicae Remanentes ibidem._

Item, j. jakket of blewe felwett, lynyd in the body with smale lynen clothe, and the slevys withe blanket.

Item, j. jakket of russet felwet, lynyd with blanket clothe.

Item, j. jakket of red felwet, the ventis bounde with red lether.

Item, j. jakket of blakke felwet upon felwet, lynyd with smale lynen cloth.

Item, j. jaket, the bret and slevys of blak felvet, and the remanent of russet fustian.

Item, ij. jakketts of russet felwet, the one lynyd with blanket, t'other with lynen clothe.

Item, ij. jakketts of chamletts.

Item, j. jakket of sateyne fugre.[175.2]

Item, j. dowblettis of red felwet uppon felwet.

Item, j. jakket of blak felwet, the body lynyd with blanket and the slevys with blak clothe.

Item, j. dowbelet of rede felwet, lynyd with lynen clothe.

Item, ij. jakketts of derys lether, with j. coler of blak felwet.

Item, j. dowbelet of white lynen clothe.

Item, j. pettecote of lynen clothe stoffyd with flokys.

Item, j. petticote of lynen clothe, withought slyves.

Item, ij. payre hosyn of blakke keyrse.

Item, iij. payre bounden with lether.

Item, j. payre of blake hosyn, vampayed with lether.

Item, ij. payre of scarlet hosyn.

[Footnote 175.2: Figured or branched satin.]



_Capucia et Capellae._

Item, j. russet hode, with owgt a typpet, of satyn russet.

Item, j. hode of blakke felwet, with a typpet, halfe damask and halfe felwet, y jaggyd.

Item, j. hode of depe grene felwet, jakgyd uppon the rolle.

Item, j. hode of russet felwet, with a typpet, half of the same and half of blewe felwet, lynyd with the same of damaske.

Item, j. hood of depe grene felwet, the typpet blake and grene felwet.

Item, j. hood of russet felwet withougt a typpet.

Item, j. hode of damaske russet, with j. typpet, fastyd with a lase of silke.

Item, j. rydyng hode of rede felwet with iiij. jaggys.

Item, j. hode of skarlet, with a rolle of purpill felwet, bordered with the same felwet.

Item, j. hode of blake satayne, the rolle of blake felwet.

Item, j. of purpill felwet, with owten rolle and typpet.

Item, j. hode of russet felwet, the typpet lynyd with russet silke.

Item, j. typpet, halfe russet and halfe blake felwet, with j. jagge.

Item, j. rydynghoode of blakalyere, lynyd with the same.

Item, j. rydyng hoode of blakke felwet, i-lynyd with blakke clothe.

Item, j. hatte of bever, lynyd withe damaske gilt, girdell, bokkell, and penaunt, with iiij. barrys of the same.

Item, j. gret rollyd cappe of sangweyn, greyned.

Item, ij. skarlet hoodys.

Item, iiij. hodys of sangweyn, graynyd.

Item, ij. hodys of perce blewe. Item, ij. hodys blakalyre.

Item, j. knitte cappe. Item, j. unsette poke.

Item, ij. poyntys of a hood of skarlot.

Item, j. blake rydyng hoode, sengle. Item, ij. strawen hattis.

Item, j. blewe hoode of the Garter.

Item, j. gowne of my ladys, sengle.

_Aliae res necessariae ibidem._

Inprimis, j. canope of greene silke, borderyd with rede.

Item, iij. trapuris, with iij. clothis of the same sute.

Item, ij. old cheses plis [_chasubles_] of rede.

Item, ij. pokkettis stuffyd and embraudyd with white rosys after his devyce, of rede with crossis leten with silver.

Item, j. pece of scarlot, embraudit in the myddell, containing in length iij. yerds and di.

Item, j. pece of blewe, contaynyng in length iij. quarters, and in brede v. quarters.

Item, j. pece of skarlot for trappars for horsys, with rede crossis and rosys.

Item, ij. stripis of the same trappuris sutly.

Item, j. pece of Seynt George leveray, for j. hode.

Item, j. ball of coper gilt, embrauded rechely with j. skogen [_scutcheon_] hongyng therbi.

Item, ij. pencellis of his armys.

Item, ij. yerds and j. quarter of white damaske.

Item, j. pece of white felwet ij. yerdis longe.

Item, j. pece of rede satayne, brauden [_embroidered_] with _Me faunt fere_.

Item, ij. strypes of the same.

Item, ij. cote armours of silke, aftir his own armys.

Item, j. cote armour of whyte silke of Seynt George.

Item, ij. pecys of clothe of golde of tyssent.

Item, j. pece of blak kersey with rosys, and embraudit with _Me faunt fere_.

Item, ij. stripis of the same sute.

Item, ij. peces of blewe canvas of xlij. yerds.

Item, j. pece of linnen cloth, steyned.

Item, j. pece of grene wurstet xxx. yards longe.

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