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The moment she drank the wine with her head upturned, Fang Chixia immediately sensed something wrong.

The wine she took was called Marguerite, a cocktail she had once tasted that did not taste so hot. As soon as she drank it, her body began to heat up, and her head started to get dizzy.

“You…” Her fingertips were pinched mercilessly to keep herself awake. Fang Chixia looked angrily at the man nearby. “This wine, you’ve tampered with it!”

“Xia Xia, are you drunk? I don’t know what you are talking about.” Fang Rong witnessed the scene from beginning to end. Pretending to support her, he winked at the waiter. “You can’t hold your drink, ah? I’ll help you upstairs to rest.”

MD! Chixia wanted to swear!

Go upstairs? He’d just walk her straight to his bed!

Fang Chixia wanted to resist, but not to mention a woman’s strength couldn’t fight back two men, she was mistakenly caught in his trap, and after drinking, her steps has become unstable.

Fang Chixia was well aware, in her current situation, she can’t win a fight with him, she can only outsmart him.

Going ahead following his words, she pretended to be drunk. She pushed him out of the hotel, “Home, I want to go home!”

“Go back home? You already look like this, go up and rest first!” Fang Rong tried to coax her. He motioned the waiter to lead the way leading the two people up the stairs.

Fang Rong held Fang Chi Xia in his arms all the way up, his strength was still a bit strong for her to struggle with.

Fang Chixia passively followed the two people upstairs. With her remaining sanity, she pondered on how to get herself out of this trouble while walking.

The elevator rose slowly, and when it reached the 15th floor, it stopped with a “tick.”

“Xia Xia, slow down!” The door opened and Fang Rong helped her towards the corner.

Fang Chixia really looked drunk, but her downcast gaze was clear and bright.

While passing through, a glimpse of a door ajar caught her attention. She turned and pointed at the room number, then drunkenly said, “1573, hehe, I like this room!”

–As she finished talking, not waiting for the waiter and Fang Rong to react, exhausting all her remaining strength, she slammed the two people apart, dodged them sideways then broke into the room.

1573 – a very special room. The room number was of special significance, engraved on the door with diamonds, low-key and luxurious.

In places like five-star hotels, the identity of the person who can afford to stay in this kind of room must certainly be very extraordinary.

This was the reason Fang Chi Xia barged in when she saw this room.

Although she didn’t know what kind of person she’ll meet, in any case, it would be better to deal with him than go outside for a wolf like Fang Rong who was waiting for her.

After entering the room, she flung the door with a “bang”, then neatly fastened the lock.

Her actions came so abruptly. No one has expected such an agile reaction from someone who had been too drunk to walk steadily.

Fang Rong and the attendant were deceived by her drunkenness and relaxed their vigilance. Both were totally caught off guard.

Now that this situation has occurred suddenly, the two people froze for a good while.

The duck has already been cooked, delivered and has even reached his mouth, only to fly away! Fang Rong was so angry, his face immediately became distorted.

He has carefully designed this game. Now that the prey has run away, not to mention without getting any benefit from the price he paid, just thinking about it, ignited his temper.

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