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Book 5 Chapter 11 Bad News

In the Great Yan Mountain, the twenty Silver Dragon Soldiers were enraged as they encircled Teng Yongfan, attacking him!


Teng Yongfan glared fiercely. He held up his arms high in the air, as if he was about to hammer down on red hot iron.He swung the Damascus Steel Spear in his hand, making it seem like an enormous guillotine had just passed by!


As the soldiers saw this, they backed away, dodging the attack. Immediately, a huge gap appeared in the circle around Teng Yongfan. In this critical moment, Teng Yongfan could only rely on this move as a last resort to avoid being simultaneously cut by a group of people!

Teng Yongfan’s crazy swing definitely contained the strength of a few thousand Jin.

If the soldiers were hit, then their body would still be hurt by the impact, regardless if they had heavy armor on or not.

“This man has great physical and inner strength. Brothers, watch out! Let’s tire him out!” The one-eyed soldier hastily roared as the twenty Silver Dragon Soldiers continued to encircle Teng Yongfang. They were like a pack of wolves circling tiger, with each “wolf” taking turns to bite. Every time Teng Yongfan attacked, the soldiers would immediately dodge.

The worst thing about this situation was that this group of people wore heavy armors, making it almost impossible for Teng Yongfan to injure them.

“Pu!” Another wound appeared on Teng Yongfan’s left arm. He now had more than ten deep cuts on his body. Fortunately, his practice of the Tiger Fist was considered successful, letting him slow the flow of blood through his slight muscle and inner strength control.

“Don’t run!”

Teng Yongfan roared and forcefully leaped forward as he was cut, his left hand turning into an iron claw as he grabbed onto the wrist of a soldier. “Good!” Teng Yongfan’s eyes brightened and used the body of this soldier as a weapon, recklessly throwing him into the air——


Who would have known that the force from being thrown in the air would be too great, causing the soldier’s hand to tear off? The soldier’s hand wearing the gauntlet was left in Teng Yongfan’s hands, while the rest of his body howled in pain as it flew away! Since the armguard was not connected to the glove, with a strength of a few thousand Jin exerting on the weak wrist, it wasn’t weird for the wrist to break apart.

The soldier flew into the air and smashed three soldiers.

“Ahhhh~~!” The soldier that lost his hand howled in pain.

Holding the broken hand, Teng Yongfan shouted arrogantly, “You’re all bastards, come! I will kill as many of you as I can today! Come, bastards!” With bloodshot eyes, Teng Yongfan had already gone mad. He doesn’t care about injuring himself anymore. He will grasp every chance——

If he has the chance to kill one, he will do it!

The soldiers looked at each other.

“Brothers, don’t be afraid of getting hurt. Just kill him with all our effort!” The one-eyed soldier roared angrily, and the twenty soldiers immediately charged desperately forward.

At first, the soldiers wanted to kill Teng Yongfan without getting hurt.

However, now it seemed that was impossible.

“F*ck!” Teng Yongfan’s whole body was dyed red by blood. He glared at the leading one-eyed Soldier with bloodshot eyes. At this moment, he had no regard for the trenchant sabers slashing at him. With a deep roar, he jumped and leaped out like a tiger!

The desperate leap actually helped him dodge many sabers.

The bulky arms that had forged iron for years were raised up high and the powerful strength was instilled within the Damascus Steel Spear in his hands. “Die!” Teng Yongfan yelled as his eyes widened!

A streak of black lightning!

Teng Jia Village’s only offensive technique —— Center Thrust!!!

The one-eyed Soldier also roared as he slashed his saber!


A clear sound was heard. The Damascus Steel Spear went past the saber and penetrated the mask and through the other eye of the one-eyed soldier instantly.


The long spear pierced through the head!

“Ah!” Teng Yongfan’s body shuddered as a saber was slashed heavily across his back! “Pu——”A crazy amount of blood splattered. The scene was heartbreaking.

Although he had been wounded by sabers many times, none of the wounds were deadly. However, this slash instantly weakened Teng Yongfan’s lower body. His lower body couldn’t feel anything and… Teng Yongfan began falling towards the ground.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” As Teng Yongfan emit the last roar, he turned and threw the long spear in his hand with all his strength.


The long spear became an illusion in the middle of the air and hit the chest of a Silver Dragon Soldier, denting the heavy armor. The soldier was knocked far away by the impact.

“Kill him!” Seeing that Teng Yongfan had already collapsed on the ground, the other soldiers immediately encircled.


A deep, terrifying roar that could shake the souls of men suddenly came from the hole several Zhang away. Just hearing the roar caused the twenty Silver Dragon Soldiers to turn and look with fright… At the bottomless Pit, a figure was seen dashing out rapidly.

“Quick! Quickly run!” The eyes of the person that dashed out was filled with fear.

“My Lord!” The twenty soldiers were shocked as the person that dashed out was their centurion leader of the twenty people who entered the Bottomless Pit!


A black figure dashed out of the hole and instantly pounced on the centurion.”Ah!” A bitter and painful scream sounded and stopped immediately. A heavy and disgusting smell came along with the gust of wind and permeated the air. This disgusting odor was like the smell of dead fish. Seeing the monster, all the soldiers froze.

It was a monster that looked similar to a centipede. Its body was two Zhang long, but it was only three Chi high. The sharp claws resembling blades on its body flashed a cold gloss, and so did the pitch-black scale armor on its body.

There was only a black dot in each of its large eyes, and the other areas of its eyes were pale white.

Two fangs stretched out from its mouth like big scissors.

“A demonic beast!”

After the demonic beast killed the centurion, it immediately pounced at the other soldiers. At this moment, Teng Yongfan, who was on the ground, gnashed his teeth and thought to himself, “There’s no other place to run!” Although he couldn’t feel his lower body, with the strength of his arms, he darted towards the hole. Seeing this, the demonic beast immediately pounced on Teng Yongfan.

“Puchi!”The demonic beast tore one of Teng Yongfan’s legs off, causing blood to flow non-stop. Teng Yongfan immediately supported himself with his hands and entered the Bottomless Pit without slowing down.


In the midst of the roars of this demonic beast, the Silver Dragon Soldiers began fighting back. After over dozen men had died, the rest fled crazily.

During the evening, at the edge of the Great Yan Mountain.

Teng Qinghao looked far away at the Teng Jia Village below the mountain and carefully scrutinized. He then said to himself, “No soldiers of Qing Hu Island!” With this, he immediately dashed towards the Teng Jia Village. For caution’s sake, he did not enter the front door, but rather climbed over the west wall into Teng Jia Village.

Actually, all the soldiers of the Qing Hu Island had already assembled at another location.

Even if there are soldiers patrolling, it would be impossible for the soldiers to garrison in the village.

On the training field of Teng Jia Village, many villagers gathered here with anxious hearts.

“Why haven’t the Chief, Great Master and brother Qinghao returned yet?”

“Wait a while. They will definitely be back.”

“Sister Lan, The chief will be back soon.”

Yuan Lan was already over forty years old. Her hair was yellowing slightly, and a few white hairs could be seen. Her eyes were red and puffy as she stared at the gate of the training field and into the distance. She was waiting… waiting for her man to appear in her sight.

“Brother Qinghao is back.” Suddenly a shout of joy rang.

Everyone immediately turned to look at the source of the voice. To the west, an unkempt and dirty man was running to the training field with a few clan members. It was the leader of the Teng Jia Village’s hunting squadron.



Teng Qinghao’s wife and children immediately dashed to the west happily. The other clan members also followed excitedly.

“Qinghao is back. Brother Fan and Yongxiang should be back too.” Yuan Lan finally showed a happy expression and also rushed towards Teng Qinghao quickly.

Teng Qinghao held his son and daughter and tears flowed uncontrollably.


He almost couldn’t see his kids and his wife again.

“Qinghao, where are your father and your Uncle Yongfan?” The old chief Teng Yunlong hastily asked.

Teng Qinghao froze and looked at the crowd. When he saw Yuan Lan, whose eyes were puffy and red, looking at him, he gnashed his teeth and answered with a deep voice, “Those Qing Hu Island bastards were ordered to kill all the hunters! My father died to save me. Uncle Yongfan was encircled by those soldiers… and I was the only one that escaped.”

“What… what did you say?” Yuan Lan widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe it.

“Uncle Yongfan was encircled by a group of Silver Dragon Soldiers… I did not see Uncle Yongfan die, but… ” As Teng Qinghao spoke, the volume of his voice gradually decreased.

Everyone became quiet.

Teng Yongfan was encircled by a group of soldiers when he wasn’t wearing any heavy armor. Everyone could guess the result.

“No… no… !” Yuan Lan shook her head as she mumbled.

She refused to believe that… the man who had spent all these years with her died! Since she could remember, they had been together. They were childhood friends who got married. A long time after they got married, they had a son——Teng Qingshan. Three years later, they had a daughter——Teng Qingyu.

In all these years, the couple has never fought.

Their relationship was not the kind that shook the heaven and earth, nor did they understand such a relationship. She only knew of cooking and sewing clothes for her man… Such caring and support for each other was already very deep. In the many years that had passed, they were already like inseparable lovebirds.

“No… no… !” Yuan Lan’s face turned pale.

“Lan Lan!” Teng Yunlong shouted.

“Pu!” A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of Yuan Lan’s mouth as she collapsed helplessly onto the ground.

Teng Yunlong held his daughter in law and ran towards the doctor’s house in the village.

“Quick.” Teng Qinghao said hastily, “Find a horse, I am going to Jiangning!” Teng Qinghao returned to Teng Jia Village to find a horse to get to Jiangning City. If he relied on his feet, when would he arrive?

“Qinghao, don’t worry.” His wife hastily said, “After you, your father and our chief were taken away by them, the old chief immediately arranged Uncle Yonglei and some men to go to Jiangning County to find Qingshan. They probably arrived at Jiangning by now.”

The sky darkened as evening arrived. At the doors of the Teng Mansion at Jiangning County.

The one armed Teng Yonglei and the other three men of the Teng Jia Village arrived, led by a Black Armored Soldier.

“This is the residence of our Lord Commander.” The Black Armored Soldier said.

“Thanks.” Teng Yonglei said gratefully and immediately walked towards the big door. When the guards at the door were about to stop him, Teng Yonglei hastily shouted, “Qingyu!”

Qingyu, who was just walking past the front courtyard, turned to look and immediately felt a great joy. “Uncle!” She shouted and immediately dashed out cheerfully.

“Uncle, Brother Qingyang, why brings you guys here?” Qingyu was obviously very excited.

“Quick, lead me to your brother.” Teng Yonglei hastily said.

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