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Book 5 Chapter 10 Execution!

The military camp, Great Yan Mountain.

The young Island Lord, Gu Shiyou, was practicing with a black long spear in his hand, but when the three ear-piercing sounds blared, Gu Shiyou couldn’t helped but look up towards the sky.

“Kill all of them?” Gu Shiyou furrowed. He knew this signal.

“Doesn’t this means that Teng Qingshan’s father will die?”

When Qing Hu Island had been taking the hunters captive, the decision to capture Teng Yongfan had been purely made by Gu Shiyou himself. Although Qing Hu Island thought that Teng Qingshan posed a threat, since Teng Qingshan was only an Emptiness Dan Innate Expert, the people in the higher positions of Qing Hu Island paid no attention to him. Despite the fact that the elders weren’t worried, Gu Shiyou felt slightly worried.

Teng Qingshan was born a peasant, but was ranked first on the «Hidden Dragon Ranking». Gu Shiyou could tolerate the fact that Teng Qingshan was ranked higher than him, and even trained with all his effort to surpass Teng Qingshan.

However, he soon learned that Teng Qingshan had reached the Innate Realm!

Gu Shiyou, who’d been successful his whole life, couldn’t endure it anymore when he knew that Teng Qingshan had reached the Innate Realm at the age of seventeen. Therefore, his dark thoughts had emerged, and he’d forcefully taken Teng Yongfan captive. If this act could draw Teng Qingshan here, then Qing Hu Island wouldn’t mind killing Teng Qingshan.

“Teng Qingshan, your father’s death wasn’t my order.” Gu Shiyou smiled evilly and said, “Actually, your father’s life is pretty good, as another 179 hunters will be dying with him.”

In a valley at the Great Yan Mountain, Teng Yongfan along with eight more hunters were gathered, along with the Silver Dragon Soldiers.

In the bushes of the valley, an immeasurably deep hole that was three Zhang in width was seen. Actually, there are many deep holes like this in the Great Yan Mountain.

“Hey, you guys!” A one-eyed Silver Dragon soldier yelled, “When will the leader and the others come back up?”

Teng Qinghao shook his head helplessly, ”Lords, even us hunters have no audacity to enter this Bottomless Pit. Who knows how long it will take? However…with the ability of the twenty lords, everything will be fine.” As the new leader of the Teng Jia Village’s hunter squad, Teng Qinghao was quite experienced. He’d met the Leader of the White Horse Gang and the City Lord of Yi City, therefore, he wasn’t afraid.

“Hmph.” The one-eyed soldier grunted.

At this moment.

“Xiu!” An ear-piercing sound rang to the heavens.

“Eh? The assembling signal?” The thirty silver dragon soldier sitting on the ground looked up at the sky.

“It looks like they’ve found it.” The one-eyed soldier walked to the bottomless hole and yelled into the hole, “Leader, it’s the assembling signal! Let’s go back.” “Go back, Go back…” Echoes resounded in the deep hole.

“Everyone prepare to return.” The one-eyed soldier then said.

At this moment——

“Xiu!” “Xiu!” “Xiu!”

Three successive ear-piercing sounds rang, and the Silver Dragon soldiers that were about to stand up froze. They all knew the meaning of this signal, as they’d been told before they came. Immediately, the thirty Silver Dragon Soldiers glanced at each other meaningfully!

“We have to walk back again.” The hunters all stood up.

“Whew!” A strong gust of wind blew.

“Pu!” A cold glow flashed as a quick saber slashed across the throat of a young man. A head flew up, and a gush of blood spurted out from the neck.

After a hunter was killed, the one-eyed soldier roared, “Kill!”

Almost at the same time, the thirty Silver Dragon Soldiers pounced towards the other eight hunters. The hunters only had simple red tassel spears, while the Silver Dragon Soldiers were well-trained. Plus, there were a total thirty of Silver Dragon Soldiers. If the thirty silver dragon soldiers couldn’t even kill these nine hunters that weren’t heavily armored, then they would become laughing stocks!

“Pu!” “Pu!”
As the hunters had been caught off-guard, two more hunters were killed. Simultaneously, the thirty Silver Dragon soldiers separated in an orderly fashion and seemed to be about to encircle the hunters. At this moment, the hunters were like stuffing that was about to be wrapped in a dumpling wrapper.

“Quick, run!” Teng Qinghao yelled.

The remaining six hunters immediately fled towards the north.

“Quick, run!” Teng Yongfan roared nervously. Because the Silver Dragon Soldiers were about to form their encirclement, if they ran any slower, they’d be dead.

“F*ck.” A middle-aged man in danger held his red tassel spear and thrust it towards the incoming silver dragon soldiers.

“Clang!” The tip of the spear only left a white mark on the heavy armor.

“Whew!” The Silver Dragon soldier ruthlessly slashed the throat of this hunter. And thus, another one had died!

It was obvious that, among the remaining hunters, the three members of the Teng Clan were the strongest and the fastest.

“You guys can’t escape.” A sneer resounded. The thirty Silver Dragon Soldiers had completed their encirclement. The facial expression of Ten Yongfan, Teng Yongxiang, Teng Qinghao and the other two hunters changed drastically as the thirty Silver Dragon Soldiers began closing their circle, pressuring the five hunters.

“Charge!” Teng Yongfan yelled, and suddenly leaped up.

“Puchi!” The Damascus Steel Spear hit a silver dragon soldier in front with the force of a swimming dragon, and made an ear-piercing whistling sound. Such an imposing manner caused the facial expression of the other three Silver Dragon soldiers in front to change drastically, as they immediately blocked with the sabers in their hands.

“Bang!” Clashing sounds rang.

Teng Yongfan actually smashed a Silver Dragon Soldier into the air, and knocked two of the other soldiers to the side. One should know that when Teng Qingshan was young, his father, Teng Yongfan, was the number one expert of Teng Jia Village. Both his arms had the strength of over one thousand Jin. Teng Yongfan had also practiced the Tiger Fist for a few years, thus, his physical strength had increased to over two thousand Jin.

Because he’d practiced the Tiger Fist, he also had inner strength within his body, and at this instant, his explosive strength was almost four thousand Jin!

Normally, a Second Rated Warrior had the strength of two thousand Jin, and sergeants normally has the strength of a Second Rated Warrior. Teng Yongfan had practiced the big pole spear, so his spear arts were obviously strong. If it was a one on one fight, none of these thirty Silver Dragon Soldiers could win against him. Unfortunately…the opposing side had too many people, and all of them were dressed in heavy armor!

“Let’s go.” As Teng Yongfan yelled, Teng Yongxiang, and Teng Qinghao followed hastily.

Whew! Whew! Whew!

The three tried to run

If they could escape that easily, the Silver Dragon Soldiers wouldn’t be qualified as the elite troops of Qing Hu Island. When three soldiers fell, the other soldiers immediately joined together to fill the gap.


A cold roar rang, and sabers slashed forwards. Facing a great number of sabers slashing towards them, Teng Yongfan and the others became anxious.

“Pu!” “Pu!” During this encirclement, the other two hunters died before they could even emit howls of bitterness.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!” …….

All three members of the Teng Clan practiced the Tiger Fist and the big pole spear, therefore, they were nimble, and their spear arts were swift. The three actually blocked many sabers together.

“Qinghao.” Teng Yongxiang kicked the saber that was slashing towards his own son away. He was obviously distracted when he tried to save his son. A “Pu” sound rang. No matter how fast Teng Yongxiang dodged, the slash of a saber had still left a large wound on his body, and blood began to flow.

“Father.” Teng Qinghao was extremely shocked.

Almost in an instant, the enclosing ring was sealed tight again.

“Qinghao, go!” Teng Yongxiang grabbed Teng Qinghao’s waist, and his right arm immediately exerted a great force.


Teng Qinghao, who weighed over a hundred Jin, was thrown into the air and flew out of the encirclement.

“Puchi!” The Silver Dragon Soldiers took the chance and stabbed Teng Yongxiang’s chest.

As soon as Teng Qinghao descended to the ground, he turned and looked. The roundness of his pupils could be seen as he glared furiously. “Father!” A painful and sad cry sounded.

“F*ck!” Teng Yongxiang started to feel dizzy once he was stabbed in the chest. He actually roared and instilled his remaining strength into the Damascus Steel Spear in his hands.

“Center Thrust!”

Teng Yongxiang yelled!


It was the use of Teng Jia Village’s spear arts, the Center Thrust and the Trembling Lance. As a Spear Arts Master, Teng Yongxiang had practiced the Center Thrust for over forty years. His use of the Center Thrust, when used in the last seconds of his life, were as quick as lightning!


The tip of the spear penetrated the mask and through the head of a Silver Dragon Soldier! Among the thirty people, this was the first Silver Dragon Soldier that had died.

After killing the Silver Dragon Soldier with the use of the Center Thrust, Teng Yongfan widened his eyes in anger, before he finally stopped moving.

“Catch that punk.” The one-eyed soldier yelled

“Father.” Teng Qinghao wiped his tears and immediately fled towards the distance at lightning speed. No matter how painful and how furious he felt, he had to run! His father had died for him. Otherwise, with the spear art of his father, the Spear Arts Master, it would’ve been impossible to die that fast.

“Ah~~~” Teng Yongfan had already suffered three wounds. At this moment, he was like a fierce tiger. He pounced like a tiger and waved his Damascus Steel Spear tyrannically! A soldier that was about to pursue Teng Qinghao actually collapsed from the hit. Teng Yongfan then stretched out his left hand and grabbed the ankle of this soldier. He smashed the soldier towards the ground as if he was lashing a whip.


This smash cracked the head of the Silver Dragon Soldier, and even knocked his helmet off.

Whew! Whew!

The madly furious Teng Yongfan used the body of the dead Silver Dragon Soldier to strike a few Silver Dragon Soldiers into the air. He then threw the dead body forcefully at a soldier that was chasing after Teng Qinghao in the distance, causing the soldier to fall flat on the ground.

“Kill him!” The soldiers were extremely angry.

Just killing a few hunters could result in casualties? This was too embarrassing.

Teng Qinghao’s face was covered with tears, but he still ran like a leopard and dashed into the forest. The two pursuing soldiers soon lost sight of Teng Qinghao, because…this was the Great Yan Mountain! As for Teng Qinghao? He was the leader of the hunting squadron!

Teng Qinghao was very familiar with this Great Yan Mountain.

Of course, the most important reason was that Teng Yongfan had stopped numerous soldiers. Otherwise, the great number of soldiers could dash with the use of their inner strength, and encircle Teng Qinghao; it would then be impossible for Teng Qinghao to escape.

In the forest, Teng Qinghao occasionally found two to three soldiers as he ran, and he could only avoid them by hiding carefully. These soldiers were all heading towards the center, where the gathering location was at. After Teng Qinghao ran for while, he didn’t see any more soldiers.

Teng Qinghao gnashed his teeth and looked back.

His father had died for him!

As for Teng Yongfan? Although he hadn’t seen Teng Yongfan die, he’d seen Uncle Yongfan encircled by the group of Silver Dragon Soldiers. Teng Yongfan hadn’t had any heavy armor, but the enemies had. After Teng Yongfan killed two to three Silver Dragon Soldiers, he’d most likely been killed by the enemies.

“Father, Uncle Yongfan, I will avenge you two. I’ll get revenge for you!” Teng Qinghao hid among the bushes as he said with a ghastly expression, “I must tell Qingshan about this!”

As Teng Qinghao faced this immense Qing Hu Island……

He could only think of Teng Qingshan!

Teng Qingshan had never failed them, thus only Teng Qingshan could solve this!

“Revenge must be taken!” Teng Qinghao then fled and dashed at lightning speed.

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