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Chapter 90: They Are Bullying Him

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All of a sudden, everything went silent.

It took Mrs. Zhou a few seconds to realize that the person who had pushed her was Fu Zhi, the adopted daughter of the Lu Family.

She threw herself on the ground and began making a scene again. “Look! Now all of you know I was not wrong about them being heartless! Not only do she and her mother boss my daughter around at school, but she even had the audacity to show up here and push me, someone who’s much older than her, to the floor! They just treat us like their dogs!”

Mrs. Zhou was old, but she was cunning. She knew how to make use of her old age to incite sympathy from the crowd of onlookers.

Just as she had expected, the people around her began to shower Fu Zhi with criticism.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to sponsor her, but you can’t hit her! Don’t you think you’ve gone overboard?”

“She is sick! How can you be so rude to her?!”

“Did she leave her brain at home? The Lu Family is a prestigious family. Doesn’t she know it’ll damage her family’s reputation greatly if she hits someone in public?”

Mrs. Zhou smirked inwardly as the people around her scolded Fu Zhi. Then, she let out a pained cry. “Ouch, my back! I think my back is broken…”

Zhou Rui moved his eyes away from his mother. Like Mrs. Zhou, he was smirking inwardly as he pointed at Lu Yumo. “You guys are really disgusting. Even though I’ve never gone to school before, I know we should respect our elders and love the young. Look at what your sister did. She pushed my mother to the ground! Do you really think we’re doormats who won’t dare send you to jail?”

He took a large stride forward, making the distance between him and Lu Yumo shorter.

Just as he raised his hand to jab at Lu Yumo’s forehead, a cold, nearly emotionless voice rang out. “Put your hand down.”

Zhou Rui was stunned. He had never seen such a beautiful face before, and it took him quite a while to compose himself after looking at her mesmerizing, flawless face. He shook his head to snap back to reality and snarled, “This is between my family and the Lu Family, and you, an adopted daughter, have no say in this matter. Just step aside and wait for me to deal with you. I’ll make sure you’ll pay dearly for hitting my mother!”

Fu Zhi threw a glance at Zhou Rui, her patience finally running out. She handed the bubble tea to Lu Yumo, who was about to rush forward and have a fallout with Zhou Rui.

Then, she approached a fire extinguisher that was pinned on the wall without saying anything. She took it down and tossed it in her hands.

Zhou Rui did not know what she was planning to do with the fire extinguisher, but he did not have a good feeling about it, especially when he saw the glint behind Fu Zhi’s eyes. He had no idea why, but he felt like he was being watched by a hungry beast.

Be that as it may, he bit the bullet and challenged her. “What? Do you want to hit me now? Come on, I dare you to kill me if—”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt a sharp pain shooting up his outstretched arm.


His face turned pale, and he let out a pained scream. His eyes were misted over, twisting everything, including Fu Zhi’s flawless face, out of its original shape.

Fu Zhi tossed the fire extinguisher up and down in her hands once more. She studied Zhou Rui from the top of his head to his toes as if she was considering where she should hit him next.

Lu Yumo was genuinely shocked when he saw what Fu Zhi had done. He took a large step toward her and shouted, attempting to stop her, “Zhizhi!!”

“Don’t worry.” Fu Zhi cocked her head slightly to look at him and said, “Steady. I have enough money to pay them.”

This had nothing to do with money. Lu Yumo looked at her red fingers, which were clutching tightly the fire extinguisher.

Initially, he had thought Fu Zhi was the kind of girl who would cry a whole day after being hit by someone. However, when he heard the crack in Zhou Rui’s right arm, he subconsciously swallowed a big gulp of saliva.

Mrs. Zhou was stunned.

Fu Zhi was the only one who was able to keep her cool. She looked at Zhou Rui indifferently and said, “If you let me break your other arm, you’ll have to give me a discount.”

She sounded as if she was saying, “I’ll give you the money you want, but you have to let me hit you.”

“Lu Yumo! How dare you let your sister hit my son! I’m so gonna kill her!” Mrs. Zhou said as she sprung up from the floor. She let out a scream and pounced on Fu Zhi.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” A deep, loud voice belted out, followed by a team of policemen that emerged from the entrance.

Lu Yumo’s expression changed when he saw the police. As he shielded Fu Zhi behind his back and was about to say something, he heard Fu Zhi say in a serious tone, “My elder brother was cheated out of his money by his girlfriend, and they are all bullying him.”

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