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Chapter 91: Break Up – 1

The police officer was stunned. He turned around and looked at Fu Zhi.

She was rubbing her eyes and she looked upset.

Her skin was fair, so the redness around her watery eyes stood out particularly after she rubbed them for some time.

Would a delicate girl like her tell lies? Obviously not.

A sense of protectiveness rose from the bottom of the police officer’s heart, and he unilaterally decided that Fu Zhi had to be the one in trouble without accessing the entire situation. He said, “Don’t fret, little girl. Just call a spade a spade. We’re living in a society governed by law, so just call the police whenever you’re in trouble!”

“Alright,” Fu Zhi replied simply.

“What the hell are you talking about, police officer? We’re the victims here, not her!” Mrs. Zhou shouted exasperatedly when she saw the police officer’s attitude toward Fu Zhi. “Can’t you see that she’s holding a fire extinguisher? She broke my son’s arm, yet you’re still siding with her? Are you a public servant, or are you the running dog of the rich?”

Not only had she hit her son, but she’d also given a false account of the true facts. Mrs. Zhou was filled with so much indignation that she wanted to tear Fu Zhi’s mouth to pieces.

“Madam, please watch your mouth,” the police officer said as his face sank. He turned his head and was stunned when he saw the fire extinguisher in Fu Zhi’s hand. He asked, “What are you doing with the fire extinguisher?”

“Her son asked me to hit him,” she replied flatly.

‘So you hit him?’

Even though this was not part of Mrs. Zhou’s plan, she decided to go along with Fu Zhi after hearing what she’d said. “She’s just a student, yet she’s really ruthless. I’m sure she’ll become the scum of society once she grows up. Police officer, hurry up and lock her in jail. There’s a loose screw in her brain. She’s a psychopath!”

“Why did your son ask her to hit him in the first place?” The police officer scoffed.

Mrs. Zhou then answered angrily, “Her family refuses to give me 500,000 yuan. Then, the moment she showed up here, she pushed me to the ground. That’s why my son’s so angry!”

The police officer was confused. He asked, “Why does her family have to give you 500,000 yuan?”

Mrs. Zhou replied firmly, “It’s their responsibility.”

The police officer was speechless.

‘No wonder they want to hit you…’

Before the police officer could say anything, Mrs. Zhou pressed on. “If my family’s condition wasn’t that bad, I would never beg them for money.”

The people around nodded in assent.

“The Lu Family is rich. Since they’ve helped them this far, they should give this madam the money so that she can proceed with the operation.”

“Police officer, I can testify that the Lus went back on their word and tried to harm them! They’re really unreasonable!”

Fu Zhi’s face turned grim. Even though she did not care about anything they said, it did not mean that she was going to let them sling mud at her family.

She took a step back from the crowd without anybody noticing and pulled out her phone. She sent a message to Shen Cizhou. “Go and bring Xia Ailian’s attending doctor over here. Remember to tell him to bring along her medical report.”

A loud commotion ensued as everyone began to recount everything they had seen.

Just as the police officer was about to give in, Zhou Tingting and Liu Tian arrived at the hospital with bags of fruits in their hands.

Zhou Tingting was stunned when she saw the scene before her. She rushed to her mother’s side and asked, “What are you doing here, mom?”

Mrs. Zhou, who was filled with grievance because Fu Zhi had hit her son, pulled her daughter over and complained. “I thought Lu Yumo was a good match for you, but it seems like I was wrong. He’s completely unreasonable! Just like you said, guys who love to play games are useless and brainless. No matter how rich he is, he doesn’t deserve you at all!”

Everyone fell silent after they heard Mrs. Zhou’s words.

Zhou Tingting was merely a student sponsored by the Lu Family. On the other hand, no matter how incapable Lu Yumo was, he was still the young master of the Lu Family.

There was a vast difference between the Zhou Family and the Lu Family, so what gave the Zhou Family the right to look down on the Lu Family?

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