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Chapter 68: You’re Trash

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A small commotion rippled across the audience after what Fu Zhi said.

“Is she for real? I remember that all participants have to sign their name on the registration form. How is there any chance that Zhou Tingting would make such a serious mistake?”

“Perhaps it was not a mistake at all. After all, both of them are sponsored by the Lu Family. Zhou Tingting and Lu Chuwan are recognized as the goddesses of the school and have more advantages than Fu Zhi. I’m guessing she wanted to flaunt her English skills in front of Fu Zhi. That’s why she put her name on the list. She just did not expect Fu Zhi to be so good.”

“I won’t make any comments since I don’t have the full picture. However, I have to say that Fu Zhi was quite lucky this time. Most importantly, she’s also beautiful. I can see that the school babe this year is going to change!”

Standing on the stage, Zhou Tingting clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug into her palms as she listened to the discussion around her.

This was something she had never expected. She had not expected that Fu Zhi would tell on her. The more she thought about the mud Fu Zhi had slung at her, the angrier she felt. Her eyes were blazing with anger as she shot Fu Zhi a hate-filled stare.

Fu Zhi sensed Zhou Tingting’s intense glare, which was filled with resentment. However, she paid her no heed. She shifted her body and snuggled into the chair.

She offered Xu Wei some milk candy that she had brought along. She exuded an air of indifference that Zhou Tingting found annoying.

However, Zhou Tingting was not going down just like this. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, in a low voice, she said, “I come from a poor family, so I have to work very hard to get anything that I want. I can’t afford a professional from the university to write me an elaborate speech, nor can I get them to teach me the knack of mastering the English language in a short time. To be honest, visiting the FZ Research Institute has always been my dream, but…”

But what?

Now, the Lu Family had taken her dream away and given it to Fu Zhi.

Zhou Tingting thought Fu Zhi’s speech had been written by someone Xu Wei had hired. On top of that, the Lu Family was one of the biggest benefactors of the school. They had donated plenty to the school, so it went without saying that the school authorities would favor Fu Zhi.

She paused for a second and then added in a choking voice, “Of course, none of this is important. I didn’t get the first prize because I’m not as skilled as someone else. It’s my fault for letting my friends and classmates down.”

The moment Zhou Tingting finished speaking, a female voice bellowed, “Don’t cry, Tingting! We’ll always support you no matter what! If it had not been for your big heart and your decision to go up on the stage first, she would not have had the time to seek help outside and the first prize would definitely have been yours!”

“Yeah, Tingting! You don’t have to feel bad for us. We all know how hard you’ve worked for this competition. It’s just that Fu Zhi’s richer and has received a better education than you. It’s not your fault!”

“The Lu Family can afford to find someone to write an essay for Fu Zhi, so why don’t they just donate a building to the FZ Research Institute and buy her a chance to visit it? Do they not know that a school is a place for us to gain knowledge and not for them to show off their wealth?”

“I strongly demand that Fu Zhi give the access card to Tingting. I hope she knows how she won the competition and that she should be grateful for Zhou Tingting’s sacrifice.”

The girl who stood up for Zhou Tingting was Tian Nuo. As if her statement had electrified the people around them, more and more students joined her in an attempt to force Fu Zhi to give up her prize.

Fu Zhi had already become the adopted daughter of the Lu Family, and it would be very unsightly of her to snatch the opportunity to visit the FZ Research Institute from Zhou Tingting as well.

It was as if she was purposely trying to get in Zhou Tingting’s way of getting the things she wanted.

Zhou Tingting waved her hand and added, making herself look like the most benevolent person in the world for putting up with Fu Zhi, “It’s okay. I’m willing to give that chance to Fu Zhi!”

The temptation to visit the FZ Research Institute was too great. It would be a great help to her future if she could get to know someone in the institute. Therefore, she had to force Fu Zhi to give the access card to her no matter what.

As if she could read her mind, Tian Nuo pressed on. “How can you say that, Tingting? Even though she’s a member of the Lu Family, that doesn’t mean that she’s superior to you. Both of you started from the same level. If she has the right to chase her dream, so do you!”

The remaining students stayed silent as if they were watching a sitcom.

Zhou Tingting turned to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi put the lid on the box that contained her favorite milk candy. There was no expression on her face as she said, “There are cameras in the dressing room, and you can check with security to see if I cheated or not. You’re trash, and no matter what you do, even if you cry, that’s a fact that could never change.

“Also, if you think emotionally blackmailing me is going to work, you can stop now. It has no effect on me, as I don’t feel bad about defeating you at all.”

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