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Chapter 67: Thank You, Zhou Tingting

Fu Zhi took the access card and chased Du Min away.

Lu Yumo, who watched the whole scene as he was standing right behind her, wanted to crack her head open and see what was going on inside.

He tried his very best to suppress the urge but to no avail. In the end, he could not hold back anymore and poked Fu Zhi’s shoulder. “Is this how you treat someone who’s older than you? Do you think you’re the president of the research institute?!”

Fu Zhi followed Xu Wei’s instructions and made a heart with her fingers in the camera’s direction.

Below the stage, Du Min raised his phone excitedly. Even though he looked very calm on the surface, deep down, he was shouting, ‘Ahhh! Zhizhi, look over here! Zhizhi, look at me!!’

However, Fu Zhi did not look at him. She shifted into a more comfortable position by resting her arm on the rostrum. She played with the gold access card in her hand as she cocked her head and replied flatly, “But I’m really the president of the FZ Research Institute.”

Lu Yumo was stumped. He had no idea what made his little sister have the audacity to say something like that. Right now, he just wanted to shout at her, ‘Wake up, please! You are not the president of the FZ Research Institute! You’re just a student!’

What Lu Yumo thought of her was not Fu Zhi’s concern. Under Xu Wei’s orders, she put on another fake smile for the camera.

Lu Yumo fumed with anger upon seeing his little sister act like this. He found his sister rude, and he felt that she was too proud of herself. The man over there was Du Min, the vice-president of the FZ Research Institute. He looked up to him a lot, so how could she treat his idol like this?

‘This is unacceptable! She’s gone overboard!’

Xu Wei noticed that her eldest son was glaring viciously at her daughter. She waved her hand at him. Lu Yumo understood what she wanted him to do, but he paid her no heed. He harrumphed and replied, “Don’t include me in the picture! I don’t want to appear in the same picture as Fu Zhi!”

When she heard her eldest son’s words, Xu Wei’s beautiful eyes glowed. “That’s great! Chop-chop and stay out of the way then. I’m going to take a picture of your sister!”

Lu Yumo was stumped once more. He could not believe that his mother would value her daughter more than him.

The music continued playing, and Director Liu handed the prizes to the second and third finalists.

Zhou Tingting received 30,000 yuan as a reward, while Bai Miao received 10,000 yuan.

Before the competition ended, Fu Zhi went up to the rostrum and gave her thank-you speech.

However, it seemed like she was not good at delivering such a speech. Her beautiful almond eyes were droopy, and she looked confused. However, she still looked gorgeous.

Director Liu was a little worried about her, so he decided to help out a little bit. He suggested, “How about you tell us what made you participate in this competition?”

Fu Zhi held the microphone with one hand while she drew several invisible circles on the table with her free fingers.

Her figure looked impressive under the light, and she suddenly opened her mouth and said, “My eldest brother wanted to take some pictures at the FZ Research Institute to share them with his friends.”

She paused for a moment and then added seriously, “But his ability did not allow him to realize this dream.”

All the people in the hall had no idea why but they felt that Fu Zhi was saying all of them were incompetent.

Lu Yumo felt his fists itching to hit someone. However, while he felt embarrassed, he was touched by Fu Zhi’s words.

Director Liu had not expected Fu Zhi to say something like this.

He let out a few dry laughs and changed the topic. “That’s pretty impressive, though. Anyway, why don’t you share with us your life goal or your dreams for your life?”

“I don’t have a life goal. As for my dreams, I just hope the world stays peaceful and…”

Fu Zhi glanced at Director Liu and asked, “When are you going to expel the students that bullied me?”

It was only then that Director Liu realized he should not have invited Fu Zhi on stage to give her thank-you speech. After all, considering her performance in the competition, he should not have expected anything nice to come out of that mouth of hers.

Be that as it may, no matter how angry he was at Fu Zhi, he could not bring himself to say anything harsh to her because of her father. Thus, he took a deep breath and said nicely, “I guess that’s all you want to share with us, right? In that case, hurry up and get off the stage now.”

“There is one more thing that I want to say.”

When one was covered in lice, they did not scratch themselves. Director Liu did not hold out much hope for her anymore, but there was nothing he could do. He let out a sigh and said, “Go on then.”

The corners of Fu Zhi’s mouth suddenly turned down. She stole a glance at Zhou Tingting and moved on. “I have to thank Zhou Tingting. If she had not mixed up my name with another participant’s name, I would never have had the chance to be the winner.”

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