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Chapter 64: Public Speaking – 2

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“There’s no use being beautiful if she’s empty on the inside. We’re here to study, not to participate in a beauty pageant!”

“Look at her. Who does she think she is? Does she think that she’s so pretty and special that she doesn’t need to wear any makeup? What a goody-two-shoes!”

“All men are idiots. When they see a beautiful woman, their brains will just go on a strike.”

Tian Nuo and her friends began criticizing Fu Zhi as soon as she showed up on the stage.

However, they were soon outnumbered. Their clamor and sarcasm were drowned out by the voices of the group of people shouting “little goddess”.

Fu Zhi adjusted the microphone pinned on her collar and cleared her throat, causing all the students to fall silent as they zeroed in on the stage.

After a short while, she opened her mouth and began talking, her voice flat like a pool of dead water. “A very good afternoon to all my teachers, fellow judges, and fellow friends.”

The crowd was stunned.

It seemed to them that the pretty girl on the stage was kind of airheaded.

Fu Zhi could sense that all the spectators were looking at her strangely, but she paid them no mind.

She adjusted the microphone and then began talking. “The topic I’ll be talking about today is school violence.”

The microphone amplified her soothing voice, transferring it into everyone’s ears and filling every inch of the hall.

School violence.

For a moment, everyone fell silent when they heard the topic. They all gazed with bated breath at the girl on the stage, the room charged with excitement and strong, animal-like emotions.

No one had ever removed the dirt buried deep in the marsh and put it in the palace graced by the sun.

Violence, or school violence in particular, was something that had never ceased to exist in human history. Everyone knew about it, but no one cared for it. Even if someone was brave enough to step forward and try to eradicate it, just like the grass that could not be burned by the prairie fire, it would be revived again and again, and the cycle would just keep going on until eternity.

Zhou Tingting had said that the rise and fall of a nation depended on the capabilities of the younger generation. The stronger they were, the more formidable their country would become.

However, Fu Zhi did not quite agree with that. Most school violence cases would leave indelible damage on the victims, but more often than not, the proprietors would be able to muddle through without receiving any severe punishment.

They were youngsters as well, and because they were protected by the law, their actions were easily forgiven. Since they could get by without being penalized, they did not understand the severity of their actions and would extend their evil claws to the next victim. Thus, the cycle would go on.

Fu Zhi’s speech was relaxing and had a special calming power. People were willing to sit quietly and listen to her as the microphone continued to transfer her melliferous voice into their ears. “The most important virtue of a person with noble character is treating others with kindness. Dealing with school violence is a test for the parents’ education, the society’s cognition, and the school authority’s conscience.”

Lu Yubai straightened his body and squinted his eyes, which were hiding behind his gold spectacles.

To be a great public speaker, personality and eloquence were more important than knowledge and qualifications. Undoubtedly, Fu Zhi’s speech was deep and reached a whole different intellectual level.

Perhaps this had something to do with her experiences. Just like brewing a cup of coffee, she would need to summarize her knowledge and deliver all the essence to her audience in just six minutes.

Not only were her words powerful, but they could also enlighten the benighted.

No.1 High School was the key educational institute in the province. Even if some of Fu Zhi’s words were beyond the understanding of certain students, she was able to shake their very souls with her confidence, righteousness, and her courage to stand up to inequality.

As everyone was waiting for her to continue her speech, she paused for a moment before cutting to the main point in fluent English. “This afternoon, I was bullied in a bubble tea shop outside our school compound.”

Director Liu, who was captivated by Fu Zhi, snapped back to reality.

The crowd was stunned as well.

‘Huh? Huh? Huhhhhh??!!’

There was a huge question mark above the head of every person in the hall.

Director Liu’s face turned pale as he stole a glance at the vice-president, who was sitting next to him.

It was difficult for him to describe his feelings right now. If he had to explain, he would say it felt like a venerable neighbor coming to your house and your kid wetting his or her bed on the spot.

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