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Chapter 65: Her Dad Had Donated A Building

Fu Zhi, who had begun her speech with an impressive topic like school violence, had all of a sudden started to talk about a conflict in a bubble tea shop.

Director Liu had no idea what had gotten into Fu Zhi. As he wiped the sweat off his forehead, he felt as if there were ants in his pants while sitting beside the vice-president, who was enshrouded by a gloomy aura.

It was impossible for him to give Fu Zhi a good beating, but allowing her to mess around on the stage was not his style either.

He leaned closer to Ma Mingquan, who was sitting next to him. Then, he pitched his voice low and snarled into his ear, “Go and cut off her microphone right away. She has gone overboard. Tell her to get off the stage now, or she will face the consequences!”

“But her dad just donated a few million to our school,” Ma Mingquan replied matter-of-factly. “I don’t think it would be good to kick her down the ladder now and I won’t accept it. If you want to get her off the stage, go do it yourself. I’m not going to help you.

“Also, I think my student isn’t saying anything wrong. How can you support school violence, Director Liu? I’m so disappointed in you!”

Director Liu, who just wanted to protect the image of his school, had not expected to be reprimanded by Ma Mingquan. He turned his head back to the stage, where Fu Zhi was still talking nonstop.

She seemingly did not realize she had deviated from her speech and all she was doing right now was just complaining. She even pulled a notebook out of her pocket and singled out every student that had bullied her this afternoon.

Director Liu forcibly pressed down the urge to punch someone.

‘Keep cool, keep cool. Fu Zhi is not like other kids. Her family’s rich, and her father has donated a lot of money to us…

‘Think about all the money! Xiao Liu, this is for the kids! This is for their future!

‘I know you can do it, Xiao Liu. Hurry, Amitabha, Amitabha!’

Fu Zhi grabbed the microphone. “To put it simply, this is not the first time school violence took place in No.1 High School. According to what I know…”

Director Liu, who was on the verge of transforming into a demon, shouted inwardly, ‘I’m going to kill you, Fu Zhi!’

Each participant was given six minutes to deliver their speech, so this would not end any sooner or later.

Besides, this did not only apply to one or two students. Many students were subjected to school violence. It was a common thing that happened around everybody, and it was nearly impossible to get rid of it.

All the students in the hall listened intently as they waited for Fu Zhi to expose more breaking news about the status quo in society and their school.

Song Fang raised his leg and shifted into a more comfortable sitting position. He put down his phone and mumbled, “Wu Xu, Liu Min, Xia Mo…”

He repeated the names that Fu Zhi had read from her notebook. Then, he turned to Lu Yubai and asked, “Is your cousin the Grim Reaper?”

The vice-president of the FZ Research Institute was in the hall. Plus, No.1 High School was renowned for its strict school rules. After Fu Zhi pointed out the culprits, it went without saying that the school authorities had to expel them all. Otherwise, their reputation would definitely go down the drain.

Lu Yubai did not reply.

Fu Zhi was now ending her speech.

Toward the end of the speech, she correlated school violence with antisocial personality disorder and analyzed the relationship between the two fully.

Her voice could seemingly still be heard resounding around the hall even after she finished speaking. Silence descended in the hall, as the students could not recover from her powerful speech.

Fu Zhi dusted off her collar with her slender, fair fingers.

There was an air of elegance about her, and people just could not peel their eyes away from her.

The hall remained silent for several seconds straight before a burst of loud applause broke out.

She took a deep bow as the crowd continued to clap its hands.

In the dressing room, even though Xu Wei could barely understand anything, she still felt proud of her daughter. She pulled a rose from the vase and dashed toward the stage. “Zhizhi, you’re the pride of your school!”

Fu Zhi patted Xu Wei’s shoulder and replied, “Yeah, I know. Don’t cry.”

Director Liu was stumped.

He was pissed. He took his pen and wrote a big “0” on the marking board as a way to express his anger.

After he did this, he turned his head sideways and was stunned by the murderous look on the vice-president’s face.

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