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Chapter 356: I Will Love You Like Your Mother Loves You

Fu Zhi took the day off from school on Monday. She sent a message to Chu Hao from an anonymous account to tell him about Lu Yu’an’s consultation appointment.

This was the first message Fu Zhi sent to Chu Hao after she arrived at the capital.

At the same time, the screen of Gu Yanqi’s computer flashed.

He took a look at the tracker on the computer. Li Nanli had attempted to use the computer to locate Z God when they had shown up last time.

Gu Yanqi surmised that Z God had not realized it yet.

The signal from the airport in the capital was strong after Z God sent the message to Chu Hao.

Gu Yanqi hurriedly put on his coat and called Li Nanli. “Jiang Jinshu’s idol has shown up. Unless I’m wrong, Z God will be heading to the Chu Residence later.”

Jiang Jinshu had not been in a good shape recently. Ever since Fu Zhi had given a bucket of Valley Orchid to Li Nanli, he had been devastated and still could not accept it even now.

Thus, Gu Yanqi did not tell him that they were looking for Z God.

Z God played a vital role in the Li Family’s medical research, and this research was not only important to the Li Family but was equally essential to Ye Jiu and his group.

Li Nanli rose from the couch. He stubbed out his cigarette on the window and said, “Surround the Chu Residence. I will be going to the capital now.”

After the plane touched the ground, Shen Cizhou sent Fu Zhi a message and told her that Li Nanli’s men were on her right now.

Fu Zhi felt that this might be a problem. However, she had already made the appointment with Chu Hao, and Lu Yu’an had been put under general anesthesia. She did not want to change the time and let Lu Yu’an go through this hassle again.

As a result, after a short bout of rumination, Fu Zhi put on a face mask and made a beeline for the Chu Residence.

No one in the Chu Residence dared to stop her, as she was the Chu Family’s guest, but no one came to welcome her either.

In fact, even Chu Han did not go to receive Fu Zhi at the main entrance. Instead, he put on a white robe and waited for Fu Zhi’s father, Z God, in front of the operating room.

Before the operation started, Zhou Qiong had hired an anesthesiologist to put Lu Yu’an under general anesthesia, though the dosage was less than it should be.

As a result, Lu Yu’an would wake up early, and he wanted to know who had saved him.

Fu Zhi changed into a set of new clothes and put on a voice changer. Her slim, slender body was hidden in the white coat. Her pupils under her mask were green, and with the wig and voice changer, she looked just like a young man right now.

Fu Zhi was certain that not even her mother would be able to recognize her, let alone her nephew.

Fu Zhi tapped a few keys on her laptop.

Very soon, she arrived at the underground operating room of the Chu Residence.

Chu Hao had been waiting for her outside the operating room. When he saw her, his eyes glowed and he greeted her. “Z God!”

A certain hierarchy existed amongst the bigwigs of the medical sector. Even though the Chu Family was an elite family, this was the big shot at the top of the pyramid. He was someone who had previously been involved with the top brass of China, and many people guessed that his identity was not ordinary, so it went without saying that Chu Hao had to be respectful.

Fu Zhi nodded indifferently and went into the operating room.

She had seen Lu Yu’an profile. Even though the operation or treatment he had been getting in Country M had not yielded any effect, Lu Yu’an’s insistence on rehab over the years had done wonders for his leg injury.

Besides, Lu Yu’an was young. After the operation, Fu Zhi did not have to remove the metal rod in his legs, which saved him the trouble of the next operation.

Chu Hao and one of the elders of the Chu Family helped Fu Zhi from the sidelines.

The operation was a success. After one and a half hours, Li Nanli got out of the plane.

Gu Yanqi went to pick him up from the airport. “I didn’t see Z God go to the Chu Family. Did he realize something? Is he playing with us?”

Li Nanli froze. His brows were furrowed slightly, and he pressed his lips firmly.

Gu Yanqi did not notice the changes on his face as he added, “Everything is normal in the camera footage, and there are no other people outside of the operating room either.”

Li Nanli’s face grew grim. “You didn’t send someone to the Chu Family’s operating room?”

Gu Yanqi replied, “The Chu Family has more than one operating room, and he will certainly notice something if we send our people there. Besides, I didn’t see any suspicious people going into the Chu Residence at all. Anyway, should we go to the Chu Residence and check it out now?”

‘Go to the Chu Residence and check it out? Do you think it’s normal that there’s no movement outside of the operating room? Chu Hao and his men would be running here and there looking for him! If Z God had been there, he would have f*cking run away already!’

Li Nanli let out a sigh inwardly and booked another flight to go back to Yu City.

“You go to the Chu Residence and ask if they have any information on Z God or not. I’m going back to Yu City.”

“What have you been doing lately? It seems to me that you’ve been very busy.”

“I’ve been dating.”

Gu Yanqi was stunned.

‘The f*ck? He’s actually dating someone? Who the hell would date a weirdo like him?!’

Even though Gu Yanqi had a lot of questions in his mind, he did not ask them. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I’ve signed you up for the International Crime Unit’s selection test this year. I think they should have Z God’s profile. Oh yeah, Fu Zhi is at the Chu Residence now. She just went there to take medicine from them...”

At the same time, in the Chu Residence...

Fu Zhi left the stitching part to Chu Hao.

Initially, Chu Hao wanted to ask about her relationship with Fu Zhi, but he had to give up now.

Lu Yu’an was regaining his consciousness slowly.

He could feel pain in his leg, and he cracked his eyes open. However, there was nothing he could see other than the dazzling light above him. He tilted his head slightly and saw a young man taking off his gloves and coat not far away.

Lu Yu’an felt a little dizzy. He blinked his eyes, and his throat felt raw. He did not know if his brain or his eyes were playing a trick on him, but he saw a mole on Z God’s collarbone.

It was a tiny mole, but the color was bright.

Fu Zhi got a handful of different herbs from Chu Hao’s garden. She did not know their specific uses, and she only knew that they were expensive.

The person who came to pick her up was Jiang Ningbei. He handed a document to Fu Zhi and said, “Look at your own ranking in the International Crime Unit for this quarter. Since you haven’t been taking any missions lately, you don’t have enough points and you’ve been overtaken by other people. You’ve always been on the first squad, but now you’re the last one on the seventh squad! You should come back and do something!”

The International Crime Unit, as its name implied, was an organization that investigated major international cases and monitored genetically engineered subjects for antisocial personality disorders at all times.

Nobody knew about its existence, but it truly existed. It worked from the back to maintain social order, and only the most elite people could join the organization.

As a matter of fact, the influence of the organization had even surpassed the hacker alliance. All of the members were all-rounders, and they had a database that included all the bigwigs across the entire globe.

For example, Shen Cizhou. Normal law could no longer restrain him. Even though he worked for money, there was a clear line between what he should do and what he should not do. If he crossed the line, he would be eliminated by them.

Jiang Ningbei had joined the organization because of his excellent performance after resolving several serious crime cases. However, the identities of the members of the organization were confidential. They did not know each other, and although Jiang Ningbei had worked for the organization for so long, he only knew that the commander-in-chief of this organization was Fu Zhi’s father.

Because of this, Fu Zhi was the only one who could become a squad leader without needing to go through an assessment. Many people in the organization were not happy about it.

Other than that, he did not know anything.

Even though the organization was shrouded in mystery, the people in it were elites. Even if they were not members of the organization, they were still the cream of the crop in their respective sectors.

A lot of countries wanted to claim this organization as their own.

Fu Zhi was not interested in reading the document. However, she was curious about one thing.

“I thought you were the squad leader of the seventh squad?”

Jiang Ningbei replied emotionlessly, “Yeah, but I’ve been promoted to the leader of the sixth squad now.”

Fu Zhi was shocked. “I can understand if they want to sabotage me, but you too?”

Jiang Ningbei replied, “Well, you can’t blame me. The difference between the salary of the seventh squad’s leader and the sixth squad’s leader is huge. I work very hard to collect points to move up the ladder. You got this position because of connections, so you can’t blame me because you didn’t work hard yourself.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Do they have to hate me so much just because I became a squad leader because someone opened the back door for me?’

Jiang Ningbei then continued, “You don’t have to be so pessimistic and think that the squad leaders of other squads look down on you. They simply just don’t care about you. I heard that someone will be joining our organization soon, and I’m sure you won’t even be able to keep your position as captain of the seventh squad, so I guess you can pack up and go home already.”

Fu Zhi was speechless and felt offended.

Just as she was thinking of ways to get rid of the new member, the door was opened from the outside. Then, Li Nanli appeared out of nowhere and yanked Fu Zhi out of the car.

Fu Zhi kicked her legs in the air instinctively.

Then, before she could do anything, she was inside another car. Li Nanli coiled his arms around her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

It had all happened so fast that she could not come around to her senses. She blinked a few times and looked up in disbelief. The man’s pretty eyes rammed into her vision as he planted a kiss on the corner of her eyes.

Then, he rubbed her head and said in an affectionate voice, “Good girl.”

Fu Zhi found it normal for a couple to do something like this, but Li Nanli had gone overboard.

Li Nanli rubbed himself against the girl’s collarbone, nibbling at her mole. “Stop playing with your second brother. Show me some love as well, okay, Zhizhi?”

His tone was immodest, and his actions even more so.

When Fu Zhi finally came back to her senses, she tried to struggle free from Li Nanli’s embrace, but to no avail. Li Nanli went on to plant a few kisses on her collarbone a few times, and she felt uncomfortable.

She tried to position herself away from him, but when she thought that they were dating now, she stopped moving and said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will!”

‘I will love and care about you like your mother does!’

Fu Zhi and Li Nanli went back to Yu City afterward. When they walked out of the airport, the driver of the Lu Family was waiting for her outside.

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