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Chapter 355: Fu Zhi Set A Trap For Herself

Before Lu Jingqing went to Myanmar, he went to the Lu Household to tell Madam Lu that Lu Yushen had finally opened his mouth to speak.

Normally, Bai Yao would pretend to be very delighted, but this thing about Lu Yushen was different.

After all, it was all because of Bai Yao that he could not speak! Thus, Bai Yao chickened out and went back to her parents’ house without any hesitation.

The Bai Family was considered an elite family in Yu City. They worked in the medical sector, and some of their younger members worked in the government sector. In Bai Yao’s opinion, her family members were successful.

After Bai Yao got out of the car, she dashed straight to Madam Bai’s room. Just as she was about to tell her mother about Lu Yushen, she saw someone sitting next to Madam Bai right now.

It was her sister—Bai Miao.

“What’s all the panic about?” Madam Bai shot daggers at Bai Yao. “Do you know how old you turned this year?”

The corner of Bai Yao’s mouth twitched awkwardly, but since the situation was urgent right now, she bit the bullet and said, “Mom, Lu Yushen has already regained his ability to speak! Do you think he will tell Lu Jingqing that it was me who tried to drown him last time?”

Bai Miao helped Madam Bai get up while putting a pillow behind her back.

Bai Yao continued to blabber without stopping. “Besides, you asked me to give the drug to Xu Wei. Otherwise, she would not have had labor dystocia. What if she found out?”

Bai Yao’s weakness and incompetence exasperated Madam Bai. “It has been so long, and all the evidence is gone. Besides, Lu Jingqing was not able to get anything on us, so what’s there to fear?”

It was Bai Yao who had wanted to do this. Lu Jingqing had already been a very successful businessman when he’d married Xu Wei, and Bai Yao had felt threatened. She feared that his descendant would snatch the Lu Corporation from them, so she had decided to drug Xu Wei when she had conceived Lu Yushen.

Madam Bai was disappointed in her for pushing all the blame on her now that something had gone wrong.

“But mom,” Bai Yao said, her brows tightly furrowed. “You don’t know Fu Zhi. She’s an odd kid. She can cure any illness she comes across, and she’s the one who cured Lu Yushen! I’m afraid she’ll find out something!

“No matter how great she is, she’s just a girl. There’s nothing to be afraid of!”

Madam Bai rubbed the spot between her brows. “If you don’t like her, then do something to kick her out of the Lu Family.”

“I’m not the one who adopted her. Besides, Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei like her very much.”

Madam Bai was left speechless by Bai Yao’s stupidity. She had already given her a hint, yet she still could not get it.

“Hire someone and take her away. Once she’s married to a barbarian from a mountain and has her chastity stripped away, do you think Lu Jingqing will still treat her like she’s his treasure? Besides, she has put Chuwan in the reformatory and she still wants to live better than my granddaughter? There’s no way I’m letting that happen.”

Bai Yao’s eyes glowed. “That’s genius, mom!”

As she was standing aside, Bai Miao frowned and chimed in, “I don’t think we should do that. The most important reason I came to Yu City this time, other than to look for someone, is to look for a suitable marriage candidate for Zhicong.”

Madam Bai harrumphed. “What does my grandson’s marriage have to do with Fu Zhi?”

“Mom, you don’t use Weibo, so you don’t know this. Fu Zhi’s biological parents were researchers, and they were related to the FZ Research Institute!”

As Bai Miao was talking, she showed Fu Zhi’s profile to her mother. “She has good grades and she’s rich, so she’s the best candidate for Zhicong! If possible, I want to arrange a marriage for them and have them get married as soon as she’s of age!”

Madam Bai frowned. “Xiao Wu is doing really well in the capital, so why don’t you find someone of an equal social rank for my grandson? Her parents died early, and she’ll bring bad luck to us.”

‘But Wu Zhicong is mentally handicapped!’

He had gotten a high fever as a kid, and his mental age was equal to a six-year-old kid’s. Given his situation, it would be extremely difficult for him to get a wife, and after thorough contemplation, Bai Miao figured that Fu Zhi was the best fit.

Bai Yao then added, “But are you sure she will agree to it? After all, she’s kind of… How should I put it… Eccentric and difficult to control.”

Bai Miao scoffed coldly, “There are a lot of people out there who want to marry into the Wu Family. Besides, it’s the Lu Family that took her in, so she must listen to Madam Lu’s advice on who to marry and who not to marry.”

Bai Miao then pulled out a Buddha pendant made of high-quality jade that Wu Qi had gotten from a stone-gambling session the other day.

Then, she gave the pendant to Bai Yao and said, “This is high-quality jade, and it’s more than enough for Fu Zhi. You help me give it to Madam Lu and tell her that this is my bride price. As for the rest, wait until I’ve seen Fu Zhi…”

Fu Zhi received the ointment from the research institution two days later, and her wound healed after she applied the ointment for a night.

At night, after she wrote the entry number and password in the medical journal, she turned the journal in and left the matter alone.

At the same time, the hacker alliance sent her a message on WeChat.

[Siren, let’s talk about the class you’re going to give the kids of the family that saved you when you ran into trouble in Country F. Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want us to do it for you?”

It was only then that Fu Zhi figured that she could not put off this matter any longer.

She did not want to think about the tear-jerking past, when she would have died a horrible death in Country F if that unknown guy had not saved her.

At the time, she had indeed received some help from a few families.

However, giving one-on-one classes was not her style of doing things. Thus, the hacker alliance had made an announcement several days ago that they were going to hold a class with Siren as the teacher. The applications for the class would be submitted on a first-come, first-served basis, and they’d only accept 10 students.

This was a once-in-blue-moon opportunity, and the class was full in just a few minutes.

The hacker alliance then secretly exposed Fu Zhi’s QQ number. However, what Fu Zhi did not know was that Ye Jiu had set up an authentication message on her QQ messenger, and anyone who wanted to add her on QQ had to answer a question.

Question: Call me daddy.

Answer: Daddy.

Therefore, only a girl with a rabbit as her avatar called her “daddy” and added her on QQ.

Fu Zhi was speechless. That said, the girl had earned her respect. After all, if one wanted to achieve great things, then they had to defy trivial conventions, and this girl was willing to do that.

As she’d expected, the girl was there to learn something from her, and this was the first thing she asked after she added her on QQ messenger.

[Is there any way to quickly crack someone’s account password and still not be noticed?]

Fu Zhi sent a type of software to the girl. [Just follow the steps.]

On the other side of the screen, Mu Chenxi was stunned. Then, she asked doubtfully, [Is this software trustworthy? I won’t get noticed, right?]

She had heard about the paper Director Liu and Fu Zhi had talked about this afternoon, and an idea crossed her mind.

She downloaded a dozen medical journals on the official website right after she went home. Right now, she only needed to discuss with Lu Chuwan which journal to use to replace the journal made by Fu Zhi and give her a taste of what it felt like to lose everything.

Fu Zhi, who was still oblivious to what might befall her, was going through Lu Yu’an’s medical profile. When she saw the question, she replied, [Are you questioning my ability?]

Mu Chenxi had paid 10 million yuan to join the class. She did not dare to offend Siren, so she replied, [I’m sorry, master. This is not what I meant. I do believe in you!]

Fu Zhi replied, [Alright, have fun then.]

Mu Chenxi did not reply to Fu Zhi anymore and just stared at the software on her computer. After a long while, a smile appeared on her face.

While her father had been publishing a mission on the hacker alliance, he’d happened to see the announcement and had immediately signed her up for the class.

Mu Chenxi felt that even God was helping her and Lu Chuwan.

Since Siren had become her master, she was certain that it would not be long until Fu Zhi met her demise.

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