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Chapter 353: Lu Yushen: My Sister Did This For Me!

When Xu Wei heard the commotion coming from the living room, she dashed out of the kitchen and saw Lu Yushen carrying Fu Zhi to the couch. There was some dirt on Fu Zhi’s shirt.

Xu Wei was stunned. “What happened to you, Zhizhi? Did you fall again? Does it hurt?”

Fu Zhi swung her legs. She thought about the ointment that she had given Lu Yumo the other day and said, “I’m fine. Oh yeah, my brother just spoke.”

Xu Wei turned her head to look at Lu Yushen, her voice thick with disbelief. “I heard someone muttering just now. Was it Yushen?”

Lu Yushen nodded, his eyes filled with sadness and trepidation as he held Fu Zhi tightly in his embrace.

Fu Zhi coiled her finger around his pinky finger and said, “Say another word, will you?”

“We need to take my sister to the hospital,” Lu Yushen said as he tightened his arm.

Xu Wei’s eyes turned red. “Sure, sure, sure! Let’s go to the hospital!”

She was both happy and worried at the same time.

Lu Yumo, who had returned home from school, fell silent when he heard his brother speak. He thought for a moment and then patted his brother’s shoulder in relief.

Lu Yushen looked at his elder brother and said, “Our sister is in pain. She said you have the medicine in your room.”

On a rather embarrassing and serious note, Fu Zhi had given Lu Yumo quite a quantity of medicine for him to sell it and pay off his debt. Little had she expected that Lu Yumo would be a brilliant seller and sell out all of Fu Zhi’s medicine through various channels.

Of course, it went without saying that Chu Hao and Sun Sanzhen had played a major role in the success of Lu Yumo’s business.

The ointment was the best-selling item out of all the medicine displayed in the shop ‘Definitely Not A Dishonest Shop”. Most of the people that bought from them were rich, and Lu Yumo had sold out the ointment that Fu Zhi needed right now. Thus, he did not have any ointment for Fu Zhi anymore.

As if he had gotten used to this, Lu Yumo dropped to his knees beside the couch with a plop. Then, he clutched Fu Zhi’s hand tightly and said, “Zhizhi, let’s go to the hospital, okay? Let’s go put a cast on your leg. You can bear through it, right?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She did not know whether to feel happy about Lu Yumo’s business skills or complain about the pain that was ripping through her swollen limb.

The family doctor of the Lu Family had gone abroad. In the end, Lu Yushen carried Fu Zhi on his back. The driver started the car, and they all went to the hospital nearby.

Dr. Wu, who was working at the hospital Fu Zhi went to, had just gotten off work.

When she bumped into Fu Zhi, she exclaimed, “What happened?”

‘Wasn’t she fine when she left? How come she nearly became a cripple in a matter of hours?’

Lu Yushen was carrying Fu Zhi on his back, so Lu Yumo had to do the talking. After he filled Dr. Wu in on everything that had happened at their house, she smacked her thigh and said, “Oh! I told your sister before that proper stimulation could prompt Lu Yushen to speak!”

Lu Yumo nearly passed out from rage after he heard what Dr. Wu had said. He turned his head around, staring at Fu Zhi angrily as he snarled, “How dare you do something so dangerous? Why can’t you use your brain to think before doing something like that, huh? Have you ever considered how I’d keep on living without you by my side if something happened to you?”

‘I’m sure you’d be able to stay alive without a problem even if I was not by your side. After all, you sold all the ointments that I needed.’

Although Fu Zhi thought of this, that was not the main point. She said, “I fell down because I stepped on my dress!”

However, no one believed her.

Tears began to stream down Xu Wei’s cheeks as she sobbed. “It’s your mom’s fault. I should’ve kept my eyes on you the whole time. If I hadn’t looked away, none of this would’ve happened and you wouldn’t have done something so dangerous. Promise me that you won’t do it again in the future, okay?”

Lu Yushen had taken the pills that Fu Zhi had made. Thus, his voice was less raspy than the last time he had spoken. His eyes were red around the rims, and he said, “Sister, hurt... I know you want me to get better, but you... you must not hurt yourself.”

Lu Yumo shrugged. “See?”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

‘See what? Your stupid face?’

The silver lining was that the chair had not been very high from the ground. Just as Fu Zhi had expected, it was just a minor injury, and all she needed were just some ointments to put on her wound.

Dr. Wu ran to the corner of the hospital to call Li Nanli in order to get a promotion and a raise. “Oh my goodness, President Li! Ms. Fu sacrificed herself for the sake of her brother...”

She told Li Nanli that Fu Zhi had willingly and bravely sacrificed herself by jumping off a 10-meter-tall building to make her second brother talk.

Li Nanli’s face darkened after he heard what Dr. Wu had said. When he hung up the call, he called Director Ye. “My girlfriend has suffered some injuries because of her brother. Find a specialist to take a look at her, and by the way, order a head CT for her.”

After the department director finished bandaging Fu Zhi’s wound up, and before she could get home to sleep, she was escorted to a large emergency room by a group of brain specialists, orthopedic specialists, physicians, and surgeons—just to name a few—like a paralyzed patient.

Who was Fu Zhi to Ye Zhiwen?

She was his aunt!

Ye Zhiwen was worried sick about her, so he added, “Let’s perform a blood test.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She could only watch as Ye Zhiwen removed the bandage with extra care. As he applied a new layer of medicine on her wound, he sobbed. “Don’t worry, auntie. I will try to be gentle!”

The group of directors and specialists was sharp-witted. Some of them had gotten to know Fu Zhi when she had come to treat some patients the other day. When they saw the scene, all of them chimed in.

“How... How wonderful! I’ve been a doctor for ten years, and I have never seen such a strong-willed patient before!”

“Ms. Fu is a triton among minnows. I’m sure she will pull off great achievements in the future!”

“I’ve always taught my children to work harder so that they can fight alongside Ms. Fu for the glory of our country. Now, I really have to say that Ms. Fu is truly the greatest person I’ve ever met in my entire life!”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

She looked at the bunch of elite doctors as if she was looking at a group of idiots.

‘Are you all nuts? I think you guys need a head scan more than me!’

Fu Zhi lay exhausted on the bed like a salted fish.

Ye Zhiwen was worried sick about her. He turned to Xu Wei and said, “I’m not sure if there are any complications in my auntie’s case, so you have to keep a watchful eye on her. Don’t touch the wound with water and don’t let her eat anything spicy...”

Xu Wei took out a booklet and began jotting everything down. “Okay!”

It was a good thing that Lu Yushen could talk again, but Lu Zhiwen made it look like the fall had left Fu Zhi a quadriplegic.

He even suggested that Fu Zhi stay in the hospital for a month for observation and treatment.

Upon hearing what he said, Fu Zhi jerked up from the bed and gave him a slap. “Pull yourself together, Zhiwen. I’m not sick!!!”

Ye Zhiwen, who was in his mid-forties, was taken aback.

On their way back, Ye Zhiwen gave Fu Zhi a wheelchair, just as Li Nanli had told him to.

Fu Zhi would rather die than sit in a wheelchair. Lu Yushen was not happy either when he saw the wheelchair.

He had recovered. He did not need injections anymore, so he could carry his sister in his arms.

Fu Zhi replied, “It’s okay. I’m fine. I can walk on my own.”

But Lu Yushen paid her no mind. He grabbed her by the midriff and lifted her up from the floor. “Let me carry you.”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

In the end, after Xu Wei bought some Melatonin and Vitamin C from the hospital, all of them went home.

Ye Zhiwen then sent a message to Li Nanli. Truth be told, the Li Family owned some of the hospital’s shares. He was only curious about one thing.

[If you don’t mind me asking, why is my auntie your girlfriend?]

Li Nanli replied, [Because she likes my body.]

Ye Zhiwen was stunned.

After Fu Zhi got in the car, Lu Yumo wrapped a children’s bib around her neck. Then, he pulled a milk bottle out of nowhere and shoved it into Fu Zhi’s mouth.

Fu Zhi had no idea why, but she felt that Lu Yumo was treating her like a mentally handicapped patient.

After Fu Zhi finished the bottle of milk, she felt like her body was filled with energy again and she let out a burp. She turned her head around, and when she saw Lu Yushen looking at her with a worried expression, she comforted him. “I didn’t lie when I said I tripped and fell. You should know that this is the first time I put away the clothes. I’m not used to doing it, so mistakes will definitely occur. Don’t overthink, okay?”

“Okay.” Lu Yushen nodded. Just as Fu Zhi heaved a long sigh of relief, he opened his mouth again. The sunlight coming from the window cast a halo of golden light around his bloodless face.

He said, his voice gentle as the wind at night, “My sister was injured because of me. She didn’t want me to overthink, so...”

His eyes were filled with shimmering rings of light, and his gaze reminded Fu Zhi of a certain fluffy animal that had just lost its mother.

‘Well... Your sister is not as great as you think...’

But how could Fu Zhi explain this when nobody wanted to listen to her? Even Lu Yumo refused to accept her explanation, and she did not know why.

Mama Zhang had finished preparing dinner by the time they got home. Lu Jingqing had returned from work as well, and he looked exhausted.

Xu Wei threw herself into his arms like a small butterfly. “Yushen opened his mouth to speak!”

Disbelief flashed across Lu Jingqing’s eyes as he turned with an expectant gaze toward his second son.

Fu Zhi tugged at Lu Yushen’s hand, and he began to say their names one after another as everybody watched on.

After all, he had not spoken since he was a child. Lu Yushen was embarrassed and stopped speaking afterward.

Lu Jingqing had the urge to cry.

While they were having dinner, Xu Wei told Lu Yushen, “If you want to go to school, mommy will make an arrangement to put you in the same school as Zhizhi, but it’s fine if you don’t want to go as well. I’ll leave it up to you.”

Lu Yushen knew that everyone in the house had been looking forward to the day he would start to speak and live his life as a normal person. That said, when he thought of going to school to study books that were meant for children and communicate with strangers, although his sister was there, he still...

Lu Yushen shook his head.

Lu Jingqing chimed in, “It’s okay. When the time comes and you see something you’d like to study, just let daddy know. I will send you to study abroad.”

Fu Zhi knew her father was rich and was willing to spend his money on his family.

It was worth mentioning that he had not gotten his money from Madam Lu.

Lu Jingqing was a businessman, and he had invested in many sectors, such as the clothing industry, the jewelry industry, and real estate, with the first two sectors being the main business of his company.

Lu Jingqing rubbed Fu Zhi’s head. After he finished talking to Lu Yushen, he told her, “Zhizhi, all of us love you very much, so promise daddy that you won’t do that again, alright? Your mother, your brothers, and I would be worried about you.”

Fu Zhi sighed inwardly.

“Actually, dad...” Fu Zhi attempted to explain herself, but since she was certain that no one would believe her, she said, “You’re right.”

Right now, Fu Zhi felt like she was the vicious female supporting character who tried to take credit for the good deeds of the leading female character.

But it did not matter anymore.

Lu Jingqing turned to Xu Wei. “I have to go to Myanmar in the next few days. I heard that Lucky Cloud Pavilion recently discovered a batch of high-quality jade. I might have to stay there for one to two months.”

When someone mentioned the jewelry sector, they would think about jade and agate, and when someone mentioned jade, they would relate it to stone gambling.

Stone gambling was a very risky practice. If jade could be found in the stone, the buyer could make a huge profit, but if the stone contained nothing, the buyer had bought a valueless rock at a high price.

Therefore, although Lu Jingqing had deep pockets, he had to do his homework properly before going to Myanmar for stone gambling.

It hurt Xu Wei a lot to see how exhausted Lu Jingqing was. She remembered that Bai Yao’s sister was married to a jeweler in the capital, so she said, “The Wu Family seems to know a lot about stone gambling. They have made quite a lot of profit from it in the past few years, and I heard that they acquired high-quality jade in Myanmar at a low price recently. Why don’t we go ask them for help?”

Xu Wei had always felt inferior to other people. Her family was very nice to her. Although she had grown up in the countryside like Fu Zhi and was the eldest daughter of her family, her parents had never let her do any dirty work. Her grades were bad, so her family had not had high expectations of her either. As a result, she was like a small flower that had grown up in a greenhouse.

She could not help her kids, nor could she support her husband. With that thought in mind, she felt even sadder and more disappointed in herself.

As for Fu Zhi, when she heard the thing her mother said, her eyes gleamed and she touched her phone.

Lu Jingqing replied, “That’s too troublesome. Besides, we’re not that close to the Wu Family. Although Wu Qi doesn’t have a high status in the capital, he knows a lot of stone gambling experts...”

The Wu Family had earned its fortune through stone gambling. Their ancestors seemed to have been blessed with luck, and the luck extended to them. Lu Jingqing had heard that they did not have to do any fieldwork before stone gambling, yet they always hit the jackpot.

As a result, although the Wu Family’s status was not as high as that of elite families, their influence was something to be reckoned with. Bai Yao’s sister might not even give Bai Yao any help, let alone Lu Jingqing...

As Xu Wei was talking to Lu Jingqing, Fu Zhi pulled her phone out. It had been a long time since she had last logged into the QQ messenger, for she had been using WeChat the whole time. However, this time, after she logged into the QQ messenger, her phone rang a few times in quick succession.

She clicked into the “Stone Gambler Group” to take a look at it.

Some of the members were talking about the stone gambling activity of Lucky Cloud Pavilion, but she paid them no heed and just scanned the members.

Since it was an official group, there were plenty of bigwigs from the jewelry sector in it, and all of them went by their real names.

Fu Zhi saw two Wus in the group, and judging from their avatars, she surmised that they were father and son.

Fu Zhi did not activate stealth mode. Soon, the members of the group noticed her and they all began to nudge her.

Fu Zhi then replied “.” into the chat, and the entire group exploded into a commotion.

Lao Liu: [Boss, are you interested in the stone gambling activity of Lucky Cloud Pavilion as well?]

Bao Ji: [Boss, I’ve performed a detailed evaluation, and stone no. 23 looks promising to me. I think it contains high-grade jade. What do you think?]

Qian Yunfei: [Where are you now, Boss? It has been so long since I saw you. Has anything happened? Do you need any help?]

Fu Zhi thought for a while, and replied, [I’m in Yu City now. Nope. I’m having a good time here. Though there are some annoying bugs from time to time, I get rid of them, so everything is fine.]

The members of the group were stunned.

When Wu Qi saw the messages, his eyes glowed.

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