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Chapter 352: Lu Yushen Spoke

Chu Hao told Lu Yu’an a lot about Z God’s achievements, from a small achievement, such as making a rich man with a severe degree of disability walk again, to a big achievement like stopping a major pandemic outbreak in Country F.

This was something the bunch of top specialists Lu Yu’an had come into contact with over the years could not achieve.

After hearing everything about Z God from Chu Hao, Lu Yu’an was intrigued. “When can I meet them?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to see them in person.” Chu Hao sighed. “Every patient that they’ve treated never knew what they looked like. This is their rule.”

After Chu Hao convinced Lu Yu’an, he exited the room. When he passed by Fu Zhi’s room, he stopped in his tracks.

He remembered that Fu Zhi was going to make the Minor Exchange Pill. As for whether she had succeeded or not, he did not know, as he had been busy working on Lu Yu’an’s stuff.

When the medical apprentice that was cleaning up Fu Zhi’s room saw Chu Hao, he let out an “ah” and ran toward him. “Master Chu Hao, I found this when I was cleaning up the room!”

The medical apprentice held up the medicine bottle in his hand and said, “Ms. Fu left you a bottle of pills and a letter!”

‘Pills? What kind of pills?’

Chu Hao furrowed his eyebrows into a curious frown. He took the medicine bottle from the medical apprentice and opened it up.

A surge of pleasant smell wafted up to his face, and Chu Hao felt refreshed. He stared at the bottle for a few seconds straight and then poured a pill out.

It was a golden-colored pill with some distinct patterns on it. It was exactly the Minor Exchange Pill that was recorded in the ancient prescription!

“Holy moly!” Chu Hao’s eyes were wide from shock. He seemed to have discovered something big.


Fu Zhi was just a high school student.

“No, no, no, no, no... This can’t be. I must be dreaming...”

The medical apprentice took a dozen steps back upon seeing Chu Hao talk to himself like a lunatic.

Suddenly, Chu Hao smacked his head.

“This is it! This must be it!”

Chu Hao, who never watched the news, reached a conclusion. “Fu Zhi is Z God’s daughter!”

It was only now that he realized why Z God would accept Lu Yu’an’s case.

Chu Hao did not plan to let Lu Yu’an know about this, but his disciple was different. He went to his room and knocked on his door. “Let’s go to the Lu Family once you’ve healed up. I will help you set up a marriage with Fu Zhi. She’s cured you, so you have to marry her to pay her back!!!”

Also, he wanted the pills she had in her hands. The Chu Family had been running out of money recently, so he muttered, “We finally have something to sell at the medical auction!”

It was the onset of autumn. The leaves of the ginkgo trees that flanked the road had become yellow, and the entire Yu City was shrouded in a somewhat depressed and cold environment.

Fu Zhi took a leave from school and took Lu Yushen to the doctor that Li Nanli had introduced them to.

The doctor’s name was Dr. Wu. She was an older woman with a motherly look.

Fu Zhi was sitting on the chair, swinging her legs as she listened to a few psychological questions such as “What’s the color of the sky today?” that she asked Lu Yushen.

The decoration in the room was neat and tidy. After Dr. Wu gave Lu Yushen some suggestions, she nodded and said, “Ms. Fu, can you please come with me? I have something to discuss with you.”

As a doctor, she was not supposed to discuss a patient’s condition in front of the patient.

Lu Yushen was sitting on the chair. He clutched tightly the hem of Fu Zhi’s shirt, and after some contemplation, he let go in the end.

Fu Zhi followed Dr. Wu into the room. After they took a seat, Dr. Wu said, “Here’s the deal, Ms. Fu. Initially, your brother’s condition could not get well soon, but because of your Minor Exchange Pill—which I heard has a miraculous effect even on patients with mental conditions—as well as the fact that you’ve been staying with him the whole time, his condition has improved drastically. However, if you want him to talk, he still needs a push.”

“A push? For example?”

“For example, you can do something to make him feel happy, sad, or nervous to stimulate him. However, you have to watch it and not overdo it, or it might cause your brother to feel discomfort and aggravate his condition,” Dr. Wu said. “I will discuss this with President Li again, and I will let you know when we have a better plan on how to execute this idea.”

“Okay.” Fu Zhi nodded.

Just as she was about to leave, Dr. Wu suddenly thought of something and asked, “Oh yeah, Ms. Fu, may I know where you got the Minor Exchange Pill? I don’t mean any harm. It’s just that one of my distant relatives has the same mental issue, and I...”

“I bought it from the Chu Family,” Fu Zhi said simply. “I’ll be leaving now.”

Fu Zhi took Lu Yushen home.

Xu Wei had been looking rather tired recently. She had always lived in constant fear that someone was coming to take her daughter away from her. Therefore, she was in a highly-strung condition, ready to run away with Fu Zhi should anything happen.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Fu Zhi finally come back. She floated to the kitchen to prepare something for them to eat.

Rain began to fall again, and the ducks in the garden were quacking happily.

Fu Zhi went outside to put away the clothes.

She had to admit that she was a little bit short. Mama Zhang was able to get the clothes by standing on the chair, but she had to add another stool on top of the chair before she could reach the clothes.

Most of the clothes were Fu Zhi and Xu Wei’s dresses. After she yanked the dresses down, she collected them into her arms. Then, just as she was about to jump, she accidentally stepped on a dress.

Everything happened so fast that Fu Zhi could not react in time.


While she began to fall forward, she tried to grab the rope, but at the same time, she wanted to hold the dresses in her arms. In the end, she sadly realized that she had not gotten anything.

She fell to the ground with a loud thud.

A sharp pain shot from her tailbone and her arms. When Lu Yushen, who came out with an umbrella, saw the scene, he shouted anxiously, “Zhizhi!”

Fu Zhi blinked her eyes. Her first reaction was to think that her brother had finally spoken, and her second reaction was to wonder whether she would get even shorter after this.

Devastated, she tried to pull her legs.

‘I must not get any shorter!’

Lu Yushen had thrown the umbrella away and dashed toward her.

There were a few dresses draped over Fu Zhi’s body. She looked at her brother, who was in a panic, and the things Dr. Wu had said earlier surfaced in her mind.

A push would make Lu Yushen talk.

Unlike the delight she had felt when she’d fed him a cake last time, the sadness she felt was a little unexpected this time. Fu Zhi’s arm was bruised, and her body was still screaming in pain.

However, those things did not matter. Her eyes were glowing brightly as she stared at Lu Yushen. “Did you just call me Zhizhi?”

Lu Yushen saw that she was happy and felt slightly embarrassed.

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Fu Zhi said, “Can you call me that again?”


After a short while, Lu Yushen met Fu Zhi’s beautiful eyes and tightened his hand. He did not want the glow in her eyes to disappear. Thus, he opened his lips and tried his very best to force a few raspy syllables out of his mouth. “Don’t worry. I will carry you...”

Carefully, he scooped Fu Zhi up from the ground. His eyes were red around the rims. He grazed the tip of her eyes with his lips and kept repeating himself.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry...”

Fu Zhi was not worried at all.

She said that she could still jump three meters high after she applied some ointment on her wounds. However, Lu Yushen thought differently.

He thought Fu Zhi was going to die soon.

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