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Chapter 350: Z God Finally Took The Mission – 2

“You still have to go to school. That’s where you learn how the world works.”

Fu Zhi said, “The reason Lu Yumo always becomes the target of scammers is that he’s bad at studying and doesn’t like to read books. However, he has changed a lot, and he likes to read now.”

Lu Yu’an gripped the cup tightly and said, “Okay.” The same feeling of annoyance came back to haunt him again.

Just as he thought Fu Zhi was about to give him a lecture, Lu Yumo sent her a video call invitation.

He saw Lu Yumo shake the cup of milk tea in his hand, and then Fu Zhi, who had been sitting obediently on the chair and eating her breakfast, ran frantically toward the gate.

She did not ask whether he wanted the milk tea or not.

She was also nicer to Lu Yumo than she was to him.

Lu Yu’an licked the milk stain at the corner of his mouth, blinking slowly as he looked at Fu Zhi’s back.

After a short while, a surge of disappointment flooded his heart.

“Liar,” he muttered under his breath. She was the one who had said it was fine for him to be eccentric, but she had left without looking back before she’d even finished her breakfast.

Not only that, but she’d also deliberately angled her phone camera so that Lu Yumo could not see him.

One of the medical apprentices standing beside him asked, “Do you need me to take these plates away? Besides…”

He remembered that Lu Yu’an had eaten breakfast this morning, so he asked, “Do you need me to inform the kitchen to increase the portion of your breakfast tomorrow? It seems to me that you’re still hungry after having breakfast.”

Lu Yu’an put the cup on the table, and a dark glint flashed in the depths of his eyes.

He thought for a long while and then offered the two medical apprentices an amicable smile.

The hair in front of his forehead was long, and it made him look even more innocent.

“It—It’s fine.”

The two medical apprentices were surprised by his sudden change of attitude.

After both of them went away, the smile on Lu Yu’an’s face disappeared.

He touched the necklace around his neck.

He found it weird. One second earlier, the people there had been fearful of him, but a second later, their attitude had completely changed.

Lu Yu’an moved his gaze away from the two little boys, and when he passed by the pavilion, he casually threw something he was holding in his hand.

He then pushed the door open. The computer in the room was still on and kept playing the same piano song on a loop.

He slept poorly and had a bad temper. His mother had consulted many doctors, but none of them could help him. In the end, only the piano song from “Addiction” could somewhat calm his mind.

However, this composer had only released one piano song so far. Lu Yu’an had been listening to this song for five years, and to him, this song was his personal safe haven.

He had grown tired of it, but the silver lining was that he had found a new safe haven recently.

While he was thinking, the phone he had put beside his bed rang. He took a look at it and realized it was Bai Yao.

Frowning deeply, he picked the phone up. When he answered the call, Bai Yao’s noisy voice erupted. “I heard Zhou Qiong brought you to seek help from the Chu Family? I thought the surgery in Country M was the last one? What the hell is she thinking? Why can’t she just let you have peace?

“There is no way your legs could be healed! I’ve said this several times, so why can’t she accept reality? Why must she give you hope and let you down again and again, huh? Why must she be so cruel to you? Do you have any idea how sad Wanwan is? Seriously, if you have the free time to look for doctors, you might as well put that time to good use and help your cousin perfect her song! By the way, have you finished the second half of your cousin’s song?”

Lu Yu’an just replied with an indifferent “yes”. He didn’t listen carefully to what she said, but her sharp voice irritated him greatly. He rubbed his throbbing temples, his eyes were red, and the veins on the back of his hands were bulging.

Then, a second later, he saw the textbook next to his bed.

It was an advanced mathematics textbook for college students. He did not know why, but he took the book and began flipping through it.

The sun that filtered through the window was warm and bright.

What had Fu Zhi said just now?

Oh, she had said that studying would allow him to have a better grasp of how the world worked.

Lu Yu’an massaged the spot between his eyebrows, and he grunted in pain when he thought of the things Fu Zhi had told him.

As if she had remembered something, Bai Yao shuddered and asked, “What… What happened?”

‘What the hell is this murderer thinking?’

Lu Yu’an did not say anything as she hung up the call.

It was already nighttime by the time Fu Zhi completed her pill.

At the same time, the members of the Demiurges were talking to her on WeChat. “According to our investigation, she’s from the Zhou Family, and her name is Zhou Qiong. She wants you to treat her son, and the price she offers is 50 million yuan and keeps rising. So, what do you think? I’ve taken a break from work for too long, and I guess it’s about time I got back to business. So, do you want to do it?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Well, to be honest, there was nothing she could say. She took her laptop, logged into her account, clicked on the official page, and took a look at it.

Anyone who wanted to enter the webpage and reveal the mission, including the hacker alliance and other members, needed to use their true ID.

Fu Zhi had two IDs in the alliance. One of them was Z God, while the other was Siren.

She thought for a while and then clicked “reveal” in the end.

At the same time, in the Li Mansion in the capital…

Gu Yanqi was about to enter his game when two messages popped up at the top part of his phone screen.

One was a WeChat message, while the other was a message from a certain website.

“Holy moly!”

His eyes widened, and he shot up from the couch. He looked at the man sitting not far away and shouted, “This… this, this, oh my goodness! Nanli, Z God has accepted the mission!”


The cup in Li Nanli’s hand dropped to the floor.

He turned his head around, and although there was no expression on his face, his movement a second ago had belied his true emotion. “Let’s set up a meeting with him after he sends us his contact number.”

Li Nanli’s plan sounded good, but…

Gu Yanqi paused for a while and then added, “But, Nanli, they didn’t accept our mission. The mission they took was posted by another person. We can’t get to them…”

Li Nanli was stunned.

“Plus, the mission they accepted was simple, and that person only offered them 50 million yuan. It’s far less than the price we offered.” Gu Yanqi licked his lips and added, “Could Z God know someone from the Zhou Family? But it can’t be… If they knew the Zhou Family, the attitude of the Zhou Family wouldn’t have been so…”

Gu Yanqi clicked into the ID that had published the mission. In fact, he would investigate everyone who published a mission demanding Z God’s service.

“Zhou Qiong? Your girlfriend’s aunty?”

After Fu Zhi closed her laptop, she prepared to go catch some sleep. However, before she could get to her bed, a commotion that broke out outside her room caught her attention.

She pushed the door open and saw Chu Hao standing in front of Lu Yu’an room with a grim face. Then, the two medical apprentices that delivered breakfast to Lu Yu’an were led away.

“Rest assured, Young Master Yu’an. I will certainly give you a proper explanation regarding your necklace.”

When Chu Hao and his group walked past Fu Zhi’s room, he stopped and talked to her for a while.

It was only then that Fu Zhi found out that Lu Yu’an had lost his necklace, which was very important to him, and they suspected that the two medical apprentices had stolen it.

Fu Zhi turned her head to look at Lu Yu’an.

The teenager was learning the emotions of normal people. Thus, he put on a sad face and met Fu Zhi’s gaze.

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