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Chapter 351: Fu Zhi Found The Necklace

Fu Zhi figured that the necklace must mean a lot to Lu Yu’an.

In reality, after Chu Hao brought the two medical apprentices away, he did not leave anyone in the courtyard to help Lu Yu’an look for the necklace, leaving him hanging on the side instead.

“I couldn’t find the necklace in the room. Did I lose it in the courtyard, or was it taken away by someone...”

He was torn between two voices in his mind, for he did not know if a normal person would behave like this or not. Then, Fu Zhi put a gummy in the center of his palm.

The white, squarish gummy sparkled brightly under the sun, causing Lu Yu’an’s heart to skip a beat.

“It’s okay.”

She patted his head. “I will help you find it.”

“It’s... It’s fine...”

Before Lu Yu’an could stop her, Fu Zhi had already gone out of his room.

He thought for a while and then decided to let her be.

After all, she was just bluffing.

There was no way she would help him find his necklace.

Since he was young, other than Lu Chuwan, who would come and talk to him from time to time, nobody cared about what a murderer actually wanted.

While sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Yu’an looked at Fu Zhi through the window. After a short while, he threw the gummy into the trash can.

He did not believe Fu Zhi at all. He was certain that she would not be good to him for long. As long as someone gave her a cup of milk tea, she would abandon him.

However, it did not matter to him. After all, he only needed one cousin, and that was Lu Chuwan.

Time flew by rapidly, and it was already 10:00 p.m.

Lu Yu’an went to bed to sleep.

At night, a continuous drizzle graced the capital, and it was destined to be a sleepless night for Lu Yu’an.

The night grew deeper, and instead of stopping, the drizzle evolved into a heavy downpour. Lightning would flash across the dark sky, and thunder could be heard from time to time. The courtyard was filled with the fresh scent of herbs.

Suddenly, Lu Yu’an cracked his eyes open when he heard someone talking outside his room.

He noticed that the window was not closed properly. Raindrops trickled inward along the edges of the window, wetting the desk and textbooks.

He frowned and got up to close the window.

After the medicine apprentice that took care of Lu Yu’an finished setting up a temporary tent over the flowers and herbs in the courtyard, he took a look at Fu Zhi and yawned. “Ms. Fu, you have been looking for the necklace for an entire night. Are you not going to sleep yet?” The medicine apprentice then said, “Master Chu Hao sent some people to look for that necklace just now, but they couldn’t find it. I’m sure it isn’t in the courtyard.”

Lu Yu’an froze.

Looking past the dense curtain of rain, he saw Fu Zhi. She was holding a phone in her hand, and there was a coat draped over her body to shield her from the relentless rain. She was rummaging through the grass, and it seemed like she was looking for something.

Lu Yu’an’s fingers, which he had put on his knee, twitched as he nearly could not hold the urge to say something.

Fu Zhi waved her hand at the medical apprentice and said, “A little more.”

Other than wearing a coat, she was also holding an umbrella. When she squatted on the ground, she looked just like a green ball.

Then, by the time she finally got to her feet and lifted her head, she was stunned. Lu Yu’an was looking at her.

She opened her mouth and said something.

Her voice was low, unlike the voice of the medical apprentice, who shouted at the top of his lungs.

Lu Yu’an felt as if something was scratching his heart.

Fu Zhi had kept her promise. She had really helped him look for the necklace.

Then, as if he was possessed by a demon, he pushed the door open and looked as Fu Zhi walked up to him.

She was just 17 years old, and she was by no means more mature than a 13-year-old teenager. After looking for the necklace in the courtyard for a few hours, her white shoes were covered in mud, and her coat was wet.

There were water droplets hanging from her eyelashes.

“Here. I cleaned it for you.”

She opened her hand, bringing the blue-colored necklace in her palm into the light.

There was a crystal in the center of the necklace that glittered under the light.

Everyone thought that the necklace was very important to him, but in reality, he was the one who had deliberately thrown it away. Even he had forgotten where he had thrown the necklace, so he had not expected Fu Zhi to get it back for him.

He pressed his lips firmly.

The reason Lu Chuwan was nice to him was that they spoke a common language, as both of them could play the piano. However, Fu Zhi was different. She did not covet the power that came with his status, and she did not care about what kind of person he was either.

A surge of annoyance surfaced in his heart when he thought of the gummy that he had thrown into the trash can earlier.

“Thank you, cousin.”

“You’re welcome.”

There was no emotion in Fu Zhi’s voice. Before she went away, she pointed at the necklace in his hand and said in a serious voice, “Don’t ever do it again.”

Lu Yu’an raised his head to look at her.

“If you don’t like the medical apprentices, you can always let Chu Hao know and ask him to have someone else take care of you.”

“I did not do that,” he said.

Fu Zhi frowned. “I know you’re the one who threw the necklace away.”

He was stunned. He did not say anything else, and there was a hint of nervousness in his gloomy eyes.

Fu Zhi could sense that he was angry.

Lu Yu’an did not care about the necklace. Even after losing it, he’d continued to eat and sleep as if nothing had happened at all.

When Fu Zhi had found the necklace, there had been no damage to it. Lu Yu’an had not gone into the grass to look for the necklace himself, but after he’d told Chu Hao that his necklace had gotten lost, Chu Hao had punished the two medicine apprentices who had said bad things about him behind his back during the day.

Fu Zhi felt that she had been wrong about Lu Yu’an. He was not fragile, and he definitely did not need someone to look after him.

Lu Yu’an had just wanted to punish the two medicine apprentices.

He had never expected that Fu Zhi would really help him find the necklace.

After Fu Zhi went back to her room, she took a shower and went to bed.

As for Lu Yu’an, he kept his head low and sat in his wheelchair for a long while, looking as if he was waiting for someone to comfort him.

Just as the medicine apprentice thought he was going to sit like that for the rest of the night, he saw Lu Yu’an slam the door shut.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ Lu Yu’an thought.

‘I don’t like her after all. She doesn’t know anything.’

She did not know anything about music or medicine. They did not have anything in common, and they were two different people from two different worlds.

He did not care what she thought of him.

After all, he had more than one cousin.

Lu Yu’an took the piano scores that Bai Yao had given him the last time they’d met. There were five of them, and he liked them all. However, they were incomplete, and Bai Yao wanted him to complete them.

Lu Yu’an’s train of thought was exceptionally clear tonight.

The next day, when he found out that Fu Zhi had already left with Lu Yumo without letting him know, he was dumbfounded.

Chu Hao did not notice the change in his expression. He went up to him and handed him an analysis sheet about his condition.

“Initially, our opinion was the same as that of the experts overseas—amputation and replacement with prosthetic legs. However, Z God has taken over your case. They have contacted your mother and said they’re 70% sure they could make you walk again. They will inform us again about the time and place of the surgery.”

There was no expression on Lu Yu’an’s face. He had already gotten used to the wheelchair, and he no longer had any illusions that he would get better.

“Z God is very experienced. They have treated several patients like you, and all of them were able to walk again in the end. Here are their profiles for your reference.”

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