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Chapter 341: As Long As Fu Zhi Is Bad*ss – 1

Fu Zhi stared at the parts of the rifle on the table for a long while without moving.

Sensing her hesitance, Ouyang Ya gave her a scornful smirk. The cadets around also put their heads together and began to mock her.

“There’s no way she could assemble the rifle designed by Ms. Ouyang Ya without knowing its principles. I bet she couldn’t even remember what a 658 rifle looks like, and she’s still talking out of turn here.”

“That’s right. She’s an outsider. Not only is the 658 rifle lethal, but it’s also the greatest creation made by the most talented person in the Ouyang Family!”

“Ms. Ouyang Ya has designed more than 20 firearms in just 5 years. She’s very talented. It’s such a pity that she’s adopted…”

“But Ouyang Zhui doesn’t have any descendants. In my opinion, Ms. Ouyang is the most outstanding amongst her peers. Although she still has a long way to go before she could catch up to Ouyang Zhui, at the very least, she has some creations that could represent her, unlike some other people. They are all talk, but they couldn’t even design a good rifle.”

The moment they finished talking, they raised their heads, and their hearts skipped a beat when they saw that Li Nanli was staring at them coldly.

A second later, before Li Nanli could say anything, Fu Zhi suddenly took a step forward.

Without giving anyone the time to respond, she swiftly assembled the rifle, and before they knew it, she slotted the clip of ammo into the rifle and began shooting, her movements fluid as the bullets pierced right through the bullseye.

From the moment she started to assemble the rifle until she fired the first shot, a mere 0.97 seconds passed.

Someone then shouted, “Bullseye, 10 rings!”

This was not a stroke of luck or anything like that. Even the most seasoned professional would need at least 1.8 seconds to achieve this.

Everyone was stunned.

After a few seconds, an uproar spread across the crowd.

“Wow, this is impressive. Even the most elite people amongst us cannot do that in such a short time. Has she been trained professionally?”

“She could have practiced target shooting at the shooting range, but the 658 rifle was designed by the Ouyang Family. If she didn’t understand the structure of the rifle, how could she have assembled it so fast?”

“She accurately hit the bullseye against such a strong force. She’s an expert!”

Everyone in the hall was restless. The Ouyang Family’s system was different from the system of other families. They adapted the survival-of-the-fittest system, so strength was the absolute winning factor.

The attitude of the cadets who had looked down on Fu Zhi just now started to change.

As for Ouyang Ya, she still could not come back to her senses. Her mouth was left ajar, and she was surprised by the fact that Fu Zhi had been able to both assemble the rifle and fire a shot.

She had initially thought Fu Zhi was just another pretty face, but it seemed like she’d been wrong. Fu Zhi had been able to do something that she could not do!

Caressing the rifle, Fu Zhi turned to look at Ouyang Ya and asked, “What do you think? Do you still insist on using a rifle with such a high risk?”

“Ms. Fu! Whoever comes here is a guest. You’re a guest brought by President Li, and I respect you. However, please stop testing my limits again and again!”

Ouyang Ya’s face was beyond dark.

When it came to firearms, unintentional discharge and explosion were considered rookie mistakes, and what Fu Zhi was doing right now was no different from making her a laughing stock, not to mention that every cadet that was going to participate in the competition was in the hall right now.

Thus, she figured that she should do something to protect the reputation that she had been building tirelessly for the past five years, especially since most of the cadets thought Fu Zhi was better than her.

Fu Zhi did not know what Ouyang Ya was thinking. Even she herself did not think highly of the rifle that she had designed, and a catastrophe was bound to happen if those flaws in her design were not fixed.

She felt that it was wrong of Ouyang Ya to be so hellbent on helping her rectify the name of the faulty 658 rifle.

That said, it was indeed commendable that she had been able to recreate the sketched parts accurately.

Fu Zhi insisted. “There are too many bugs and flaws in the 658 rifle. If you insist on using it, you’re going to get them killed.”

“Please watch your mouth, Ms. Fu!” Ouyang Ya shouted. Then, she walked up to Fu Zhi and added, “I know you’re strong, Ms. Fu, but you’re too full of yourself. The shooting ground is almost done, so I wonder if you’d be interested in having a match with me?”

Ouyang Ya had once been the superstar crowned as the gun master of the Ouyang Family. It was just that her status in her family had become different in the past two years, so she did not participate in the competition anymore.

However, in her first competition, she had ranked among the top 10 shooters in the Ouyang Family during the moving target shooting session.

Most of the new cadets were excited that they’d be able to see Ouyang Ya in action.

“Go, go, go! Go fight with Ms. Ouyang! I want to see with my own eyes how strong Ms. Ouyang is!”

“Say yes! Since you had the audacity to say that the 658 rifle is faulty, I’m sure you will not be afraid of accepting the challenge!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Everyone was getting pumped up as they all urged Fu Zhi to say yes to the challenge.

Li Nanli frowned. Then, he heard Fu Zhi say, “Don’t forget to get me a water tank when I’m having a match with her later.”

Li Nanli did not know what to say.

‘Are you going to compete with her to see who will break the water tank first?’

Li Nanli did not know how to stop Fu Zhi.

When Ouyang Ya heard what Fu Zhi had said, she sneered, “Don’t worry, President Li. I will go easy on her. If she wants a tank of water, I will prepare one for her. Also, to be fair, I won’t be using the 658 rifle.”

As she was talking, she picked a rifle from the side.

The crowd turned and zeroed in on Fu Zhi. Then, they saw her shamelessly pick up the 658 rifle that she had assembled just now.

The crowd was stunned.

‘Are you for real? Ms. Ouyang chose not to use the 658 rifle because she didn’t want to take advantage of you, so how could you shamelessly pick the 658 rifle?’

Ouyang Ya let out a laugh when she saw Fu Zhi pick the 658 rifle. She said, “You’re smart, Ms. Fu. The 658 rifle has strong firepower and is safe to use. It indeed will increase your chance of winning by leaps and bounds.”

“Really?” Fu Zhi said. “For me, this is the most dangerous rifle.”

One of the cadets could not hold himself back anymore and interrupted her. “Bullsh*t. I’ve been using the 658 rifle for a long time. It’s never exploded before!”

Fu Zhi then replied seriously, “That means that your shooting skills are lousy. Your speed is too slow. That’s why you’ve been able to cheat death so many times. If I were you, I would rather find a hole and hide in it.”

The rest of the cadets were left speechless and they all felt offended upon hearing Fu Zhi’s words.

Thus, they all turned to Ouyang Ya and shouted, “Let’s get her, Ms. Ouyang. Let’s show her who’s the boss here!”

Although most of the cadets were on Ouyang Ya’s side, there was one who supported Fu Zhi. His voice was sharp as he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Good luck, Fu Zhi! Try your best not to get defeated too badly!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Do you think you’re very funny?’

Generally, a mock battle was mission-based, and infrared-light guns were used to enhance the overall training intensity and realism. However, the Ouyang Family used real guns to shoot moving targets.

There were six types of simulations, such as swampy zone, mine zone, and water zone.

Ouyang Ya picked the swampy zone, as it was the one she was the least familiar with.

When the game began, the two parties started from two opposite sides. Each party had to cross several obstacles before meeting the 30 moving targets in the center of the field. The party that got the most points would win the game.

The cadets were excited, as they did not have many chances to watch a mock battle up close.

Ouyang Ya had never run in the swampy zone before, but she was fast, and the cadets were proud of her.

After Ouyang Ya ran nearly 300 meters, all of them turned to search for Fu Zhi.


Where was Fu Zhi?!

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