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Chapter 342: As Long As Fu Zhi Is Bad*ss – 2

Fu Zhi completely evaded every single surveillance camera.

Right now, it was 1:30 p.m. The rookies that were going to take part in the competition in the afternoon, the veterans who had just woken up from their naps, and their leaders were all attracted by the group of cadets.

The monitoring room was divided into two worlds.

Li Nanli was sitting on a chair, his brows tightly furrowed and his expression dark. Thus, nobody dared to go near him.

At a distance of about 10 meters away from him, the members of the Ouyang Family had gathered in a circle and were discussing amongst themselves. “What’s going on? Where is she?”

No matter where they looked, they could not find Fu Zhi.

An older commander smacked his thigh and shouted, “This is bad! There are a lot of poisonous snakes and worms in the swamp. She’s an outsider who isn’t familiar with the map, so she should stay in the area where the surveillance cameras can see her!”

“This is absurd! It’s an impossible feat to run for 800 meters across a forest filled with different obstacles and traps, let alone a swampy area. I will do a poop-eating live-streaming session if she can run 100 meters without falling into the swamp!”

“Ah? Does that mean that we have to extract her later? Don’t you guys think that Ms. Ouyang is winning too easily?”

A cadet chimed in, “Sigh. She nearly lost her life just because she wanted to prove that she’s right. She’s so pretty. Too bad something is wrong with her brain.”

After the cadet finished speaking, a few of the cadets that were aware of the gravity of the situation all got to their feet. Their expression was serious, and they were ready to go rescue Fu Zhi from the swamp.

However, the moment they reached the door, a member of the group shouted, “Holy moly! Where has she been this entire time? I can’t believe she’s almost arrived at the destination. This is so unbelievable! How long did it take her? She’s going to break the record!”

The young lady suddenly appeared in the surveillance camera, looking neatly dressed. She was carrying the 658 rifle on her back, and she was playing with the bristlegrass with her fingers.

Her two slender legs were firmly planted on the ground.

Most of the people in the monitoring room found this rather ironic. Not only was Fu Zhi able to break the record, but she also did it by just walking. On the contrary, Ouyang Yu, who was one of the top 10 contenders during her first competition, was sweating and panting like an engine.

The swampy zone was a new zone developed by the Ouyang Family. This was the first time Fu Zhi got there, and yet she was able to walk as fast as if she was having a stroll in the back garden of her house. All the members of the Ouyang Family felt that Fu Zhi was really frightening.

A veteran snapped back to reality and asked with a gloomy face, “Are there any shortcuts in the swampy zone that were just developed not long ago?”

One of the cadets, who was Fu Zhi’s fan, replied, “What’s the point of asking this question since Fu Zhi almost reached the destination? Are you mentally retarded?”

Then, the cadet was removed from the room for using improper language.

At the same time, Fu Zhi had crossed the last swamp. As she was sliding off the slope, she pulled a knife out of her pocket and stabbed ahead.

A colorful, venomous snake was chopped into two from its head. The scene was so gory that the group of cadets that had been taunting Fu Zhi nearly puked.

Suddenly, ten moving targets appeared.

As a clicking noise filled the air, a bullet shot out of Fu Zhi’s rifle, and the first moving target over 60 meters away was instantly hit.

Kneeling on the ground, Fu Zhi turned her body around and took her second shot.

Another bullseye!

The reason the swamp was called a swamp was because of its special geographical environment. It left the participants with little to no area to stand and take aim. Since there was a difference between the distance of each target, whenever the participants adjusted their position or posture, they’d have to find a new location and they might fall into the swamp if they were not careful enough.

Thus, the swampy zone was the zone that every cadet hated the most. This was because they did not only have to look for the target, but they also had to watch out for their feet.

However, the young girl in the surveillance camera was different. She was brave. She did not even look at her feet. She just focused on her target.

As if there was a map in her head, she jumped and leaped around with a feline’s grace. She was always able to find the perfect landing spot, and every time her feet touched the ground, she would have already fired a shot.

There were many high-definition cameras at the destination that were capturing every step of the process as Fu Zhi was shooting from all angles. Based on the number of rounds fired, the inclination degree of the gun itself would be affected, and the shooter would need to aim slightly further in order to shoot at the moving target. No one had ever told Fu Zhi about this, but it seemed to them that she knew about it as well.

Another bullseye!

The crowd was stunned!

“Holy sh*t!” someone shouted.

Ouyang Ya had not reached the destination yet, and Fu Zhi had already scored a few bullseyes. It was only now that they realized why Fu Zhi would say they were lousy. It turned out that she was the expert!

One of the cadets was so fascinated by Fu Zhi’s skills that he had forgotten he was part of the Ouyang Family. He threw his arms into the air whenever Fu Zhi hit a target and shouted “nice”, causing the other cadets to look at him as if they were looking at a traitor. He swiftly changed his attitude, put on a straight face, and said, “That’s not nice at all! Stop showing off as if it’s your own stage! Ms. Ouyang, hurry up and defeat her!”

However, deep in his heart, he shouted, “Ahhh! Go, go, go, Fu Zhi! Get rid of her!”

As if she’d heard the calls of the cadet, Ouyang Ya ran even faster. She looked rather miserable, and there were some leaves and patches of soil on her shirt.

However, just as she was about 100 meters away from the destination, her heart skipped a beat and she nearly fell when she heard a few gunshots come from ahead.

Fu Zhi had shot six rounds, and there were only four left. When a moving target appeared, as she held her gun up, her ears twitched and her skin erupted into goosebumps.

Fu Zhi rolled along the ground to the rock next to her. At the same time, a bullet shot out of Ouyang Ya’s gun, grazed past Fu Zhi’s skin, and hit the moving target.

3 rings!

An error like this should not be happening to a professional like Ouyang Ya.

In other words, she was not aiming at the moving target at all!

Fu Zhi’s eyes turned cold.

Ouyang Ya let out a sigh and got to her feet. She turned to the camera and said, “I’m sorry. I must be too tired for running for too long, so my fingers slipped.”

Fu Zhi looked at her emotionlessly.

“Well, you might not know it, but participants are allowed to attack each other when everyone has reached the destination. This is the rule. I’m sure you don’t mind it, right?”

Ouyang Ya tilted her head and smiled.

Then, a loud bang echoed as Fu Zhi delivered a punch on her head, causing her head to tilt even further.

For a moment, Ouyang Ya could not see anything but stars in her eyes.

“Do I mind? Of course I don’t. Since this is a competition, it’s within the rights of the participants to go all out against each other. It’s the rules, right? Very well then. I kind of like to play by the rules too.”

Fu Zhi felt that she had been talking too much today. She did not care if Ouyang Ya plagiarized her work, for she did not want those designs anymore. She had made everything very simple and told Ouyang Ya about the risk of using the rifle 685, so she did not know why Ouyang Ya would play dumb.

She did not owe Ouyang Ya anything, but since Ouyang Ya had dared to shot her from the back, she was not going to sit still without doing anything.

‘It’s time to teach her a lesson.’

With that thought in mind, Fu Zhi clenched her fists tight and began hitting Ouyang Ya. She was a head shorter than Ouyang Ya, and yet the latter was not able to do anything against the former’s rain of punches.

The crowd was stunned when they saw the scene.

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