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Chapter 325: The Presentation Slides That Got Copied

Fu Zhi had a lot of work to do. She only loved bubble tea and sweet and sour pork ribs, and she did not have the slightest interest in other local specialties. As for the event, she did not have time for that.

Besides, she was going to crash into the Chu Family and make a big scene!

As a result, Fu Zhi replied righteously, [The wellness of a patient is the responsibility of a doctor. I’m extremely honored to be able to witness the heartbreaking growth history of a child. You don’t need to mail them to me. It’s kind of troublesome to collect parcels. I’m pretty busy right now, so later.]

Chu Yan was stunned.

‘She doesn’t want the souvenirs, and she even rejected the invitation I drew myself?’

He started to look at Fu Zhi in a different light.

He was certain that she must be a hermit or an otherworldly master who did not like to interfere with mortal affairs, and he wanted her to treat his disciple’s throat more than ever.

That said, he could not think of other ways to get her here to treat his disciple. After all, an otherworldly master like her was used to moving in and out with wizardly elusiveness, just like a fleeting cloud or a wild crane.

As he was lost at sea, the young man standing beside him took the phone away and sent a message. [Hi, doctor. My souvenir is not worth much. It’s just a few bank cards with a total of eight million yuan in them. Consider it a token of appreciation from me...]

When Fu Zhi saw the message, her eyes glowed up as if she was shooting beams out of them.

She pressed on. [Are all the people over there so simple and lovely?]

It turned out that she had saved a good guy!

When the realization hit her, she replied without any hesitation, her words dripping honey, [No.1 High School, xx street, xx avenue. The recipient is Lu Yumo.]

[Remember to pack the cards separately, and don’t forget to add a few layers of bubble wrap! Thank you for your cooperation, and I wish you a good life!!!]

Chu Yan did not know what to say at all.

‘The hell with this otherworldly master! She’s nothing but a money-grubbing, dishonest businesswoman!’

After Fu Zhi finished the presentation slides, she put them in the concealed compartment of her school bag. As for the presentation slides prepared by Jiang Zong and the others, they brought them to the hall by themselves.

On Sunday, Fu Zhi was late. This was because, based on the results of the written test, the team with the best result would go to the stage to present their findings last.

This was not the first time Fu Zhi took part in a meaningless oral presentation like this.

She arrived about one minute before the door of the building was closed. There were a lot of people inside the building. There were 12 areas in total, and each of them was separated from the other by a fair distance.

The person on the stage was a black man. He was speaking in a tub-thumping manner, and Fu Zhi found him noisy.

She had the urge to spray milk powder into his mouth.

The participants present in the hall seemed rather relaxed. After all, they knew they would not be able to win no matter how much they tried.

There were three or four cameras in the hall recording the event in real-time. The participants below the stage felt bored and restless.

Jiang Zong had shown the presentation slides to Fu Zhi a long time ago.

Since they were the last team to go on the stage, Lu Yubai did not need to put the flash drive along with the documents needed on the first row of tables to go on stage in advance. Instead, he placed them separately on Fu Zhi’s table.

When Fu Zhi arrived, Lu Yubai thought of going through the information with her again. As soon as he opened up the kraft paper file, his eyes widened in shock and his heart leaped into his throat. The documents and flash drive were gone.

Flustered, he turned around to look at Xia Tian and the others and asked, “Did any of you notice who came to Fu Zhi’s table just now?”

All of them were sitting in alternate seats. Gu Yan and Yuan He were sitting in the back row, and they had paid no mind to Lu Yubai’s question.

Xia Tian was typing down the viewpoints of other participants on his laptop, and he was very far away from Fu Zhi’s seat.

When he heard Lu Yubai’s question, he turned his body sideways and saw Jiang Zong rummaging through the paper files. However, there was nothing inside. “Where are the flash drive and the documents? Did you guys not double-check before coming here?”

Xia Tian’s expression changed. Jerking his head, he looked at Gu Yan, who was sitting behind Fu Zhi, and said, “You are closer to Fu Zh’s seat. Did you see the red flash drive and the documents in the paper bag?”

“What do you mean?” Gu Yan’s face sank, and her voice was inundated with mockery. “If it was really that important, then she should’ve come earlier and watched over them herself. She doesn’t care about her own stuff, yet you expect me, an outsider, to help her keep an eye on her belongings? Are you out of your mind, or are you just dumb?”

“That’s not what I meant. I was just asking.” Xia Tian’s face turned red. They were in the hall right now, and they were surrounded by participants from other countries. He did not want to argue with Gu Yan right now, as it would make them look bad.

“Let’s keep searching.”

All of them got to their feet and began searching.

The presentation slides in the flash drive contained the essential content of the 20-minute oral presentation. As for the documents, they were the information the speaker would refer to should they get stage fright and forget their speech. If they lost both things, then they could foresee that they would get the lowest score in history if they went on stage to speak today!

Infuriated, Lu Yubai kicked the corner of the table.

Fu Zhi took the paper file, turned her body around to look at Gu Yan, and asked, “Did you really not see anyone come to my seat?”

There was a string coiled around the buttons on the kraft paper. The documents and the flash drive would not just vanish into the air for no apparent reason. Lu Yubai was very certain that he had put the documents and the flash drive in the paper file, so there was only one possibility left—

Someone in this hall had walked to Fu Zhi’s seat in full view and taken the documents and the flash drive.

Even though they did not know who had stolen the documents and the flash drive, they knew for certain that whoever had done it wanted to make them a laughing stock. After all, without the flash drive, they could not do anything.

“It’s not a good idea to keep looking around like this,” Jiang Zong said as he let out a cough. He got to his feet and took a glance at Gu Yan. “I will go talk to the cameraman and see if he could let us view the footage or not.”

He had a weak body and a bad temper, and he kept blowing hot and cold from one day to the next.

One second earlier, he had given Gu Yan the wrong impression that he really liked her, but the next second, he had kicked her to the curb and gone to curry favor with Fu Zhi. Gu Yan did not like that feeling at all.

As she was looking at Jiang Zong, a mixed feeling that was more akin to jealousy welled in her stomach pit.

She had no idea why, but it occurred to her that everything that belonged to her was easily taken away by Fu Zhi whenever she showed up.

Lu Yushen had been stolen by her, and now it seemed that Jiang Zong was going to follow in his footsteps.

He clearly had not liked Fu Zhi at first. He had told her that the way Fu Zhi treated other people was arrogant and high-handed, so she should not stoop down to her level and argue with someone like her.

But what was he doing right now?

Not only had he not blamed Fu Zhi for showing up at the hall late and causing them to lose their flash drive, but he was even...

Gu Yan continued to stare at Jiang Zong. There was a faint grin on his handsome face, and he was comforting Fu Zhi.

She took a deep breath and looked away.

Very soon, after Akita from Country R finished his presentation, it was Mia’s turn.

She was not wearing the cast, as she wanted to make herself look more presentable. She inserted the red flash drive into the computer, and the screen lit up.

Then, Mia looked at the crowd in front of her and opened her mouth to speak, her voice clear and unhurried. “The topic chosen by our team is the role of Physics research in the cultural field, and we are also going to have a deep look at the history of Physics development in China...”

Each and every picture on the slides was the material selected by Lu Yubai and his team from the branch after pulling several all-nighters.

Since the competition was an international event held in Country M, all the participants were required to prepare their presentation slides in Country M’s language. Therefore, the text on the slides was in a foreign language.

Mia had copied their presentation slides and made them her own!

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