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Chapter 324: There Is A Surveillance Camera Outside Fu Zhi’s Room

After Grumpy Fu was done roasting Mia, she turned her attention to Yuan He and her group. Then, she sighed. “Are you happy that I am fighting so hard for the glory of our country?”

‘Can’t you f*cking see if I’m happy or not?’

While facing the group of reporters, Yuan He gritted her teeth and replied, “Yeah, I’m very happy.”

“Is that so? Then...” Fu Zhi thought about Yuan He’s previous attitude, and an idea popped up in her head. Therefore, she grinned at her and asked, “If you’re happy, then why don’t you praise me?”

Yuan He’s eyes bulged wide in surprise, and she thought she was hallucinating when she heard what Fu Zhi had said. She had never felt so disgusted before, but there was nothing she could do other than continue this game of fake cordiality with Fu Zhi. “Oh, you’re truly a little genius!”

Then, Fu Zhi expressionlessly shifted her eyes to the soon-to-be-unemployed higher-ups of the branch.

The group of higher-ups was speechless. There was nothing they could do either, so they all followed Yuan He’s lead and praised Fu Zhi in unison. “You truly are a God-sent genius!”

Their words sounded artificial.

Fu Zhi looked toward the camera that was approaching her and began interacting with the viewers in the live-streaming room. “They all are so good at berating people, but when it comes to praising, all of them are tongue-tied. It made me unmotivated to participate in the oral presentation.”

Yuan He and the group of higher-ups were baffled. It seemed to them that Fu Zhi was going to utilize the power of the internet to attack them.

The live-streaming room blew up.

[Why can’t you just praise her properly? Don’t you know she’s still a three-and-half-year-old toddler who just crawled out of her crib with a bottle in her arms? Can’t the branch of the Physics Association be more sincere?]

Fu Zhi had about 600,000 followers on her Weibo right now, and it went without saying that they would do everything they could to protect their idol.

In the end, it was only after Yua He promised that each and every one of them would hand in a 3,000-word article praising her in glowing terms that the matter ended.

At the same time, in the Lu Mansion...

Ever since they had heard about Fu Zhi’s result, Lu Yumo had been so happy and felt so proud of her that he’d been spinning like a top.

On the contrary, Xu Wei, who always enjoyed showing off her daughter, was inexplicably getting skinnier and skinnier with each passing day. She had lost 7 kilos in a week.

She might be missing Fu Zhi, or there might be other reasons. In short, she just did not want to talk to Lu Yumo, the son she had picked up from the garbage can.

She had even changed her WeChat alias from “I have a daughter” to “Eat and stay alive”.

Lu Yumo was speechless upon seeing his mother in such a state.

With an expressionless face, he asked, “Mrs. Xu Wei, if you feel any dissatisfaction, please say it out loud, okay?”

“Why are you yelling at me so loudly? And why are you not calling me mom?” Mrs. Xu Wei suddenly felt exhausted, and tears were welling in her eyes. She put her chopsticks down and said, “I’ve had enough. My daughter is leaving me, and my son is being ungrateful. I have no appetite to eat anymore.”

She wiped her tears off and then threw the vitamins that she used to take into the dustbin like a stubborn patient who refused to take her medicine.

After doing that, she turned toward Mama Zhang and said, “Zhizhi is still taking exams, so you must not tell her about my physical condition. I don’t want to drag her down, although it has been two hours since she last called me... Well, it may also be because she doesn’t love me anymore...”

Mama Zhang did not understand her and replied in a serious manner, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Ms. Fu Zhi that you miss her so much that you don’t want to eat!”

Xu Wei was speechless and could sense that something inside of her had snapped.

She sobbed loudly and went upstairs, locking herself up in her own room.

Mama Zhang could not read the minds of the rich, as there was another thing on her mind right now. She turned to Lu Yumo and said, “Young Master Yumo, about the surveillance camera that you installed outside Zhizhi’s room... The technician said the content will be refreshed once a month, so you want to watch it from beginning to end before deleting it, or...”

Lu Yumo had installed a surveillance camera outside Fu Zhi’s room to monitor her, for he felt he had the obligation to protect his little sister from getting harmed by the evil dudes outside. After he thought for a while, he said, “Alright, let’s watch the footage. Later, after you give me the hard disk, you will get someone to remove the surveillance camera...”

After all, if Fu Zhi found out that he had installed a surveillance camera outside her room, she would cut all ties with him.

After the result of the written exam came out, the Physics Association gave the topic for the oral presentation. It was a rather general topic—’history of Physics development’.

They had to go to the branch of the Physics Association to get the information that they needed.

Fu Zhi was planning something, so she didn’t mind that Gu Yan and Yuan He’s group also came to the discussion room.

Gu Yan thought Fu Zhi was showing off in front of her. Jiang Zong was currently working on the presentation slide, for he had a better grasp of the production of the slide. All four boys present were sort of seriously discussing, taking notes, and checking information, but Fu Zhi was just sitting on the sofa playing games.

“Hey, come over here. If you are okay with this, then we’re going to use it.” Jiang Zong kicked the leg of her couch lightly and threatened her menacingly. “If you don’t stop playing your game, I’m gonna kick over your milk bottle.”

Fu Zhi twisted her wrist. She did not do anything to Jiang Zong, so he had no idea why he suddenly felt a bolt of pain flare on his cheek. His Adam’s apple bobbed nervously up and down in his throat, and he hastily said, “Forget it. I can do it myself. You don’t have to come over and have a look anymore. Thank you.”

Fu Zhi lowered her head and continued playing games. “Then you do your best, and I will go on the stage to speak.”

When her words wafted into Gu Yan’s ears, she frowned in dissatisfaction, and her chest felt stuffy.

She lifted her head to look at Jiang Zong. He was sitting in front of a computer right now, and his fingers were dancing nimbly on the keyboard. He seemed to have become even weaker, as he was coughing non-stop.

The uncomfortable feelings in Gu Yan’s heart grew even more intense.

At the headquarters of Country M’s Physics Association...

The chairman summoned Mia over. She was still holding a photocopy of Fu Zhi’s test papers in her hand, and her face was pale and grim.

“I believe you’ve seen Fu Zhi’s ability as well. Her team is 100 points higher than your team. What are your thoughts?” The chairman took a sip of coffee and spoke in a calm manner.

Gritting her teeth, Mia clenched her fist so tightly that she nearly crushed the test papers in her hand. “Fu Zhi is cunning. If she hadn’t found someone to break my arm, I could have performed better! Just you wait and see, I will show her who’s the boss at the oral presentation round!”

The chairman put the coffee down on the table after he heard what Mia had said. He raised his arm and patted her shoulder. “They are very good at compelling people. Every year, the difference between our scores is no more than 10 points. The judges can’t be too biased, so there’s a good chance you will lose this competition.”

Seeing that Mia’s face was getting darker and darker, the chairman then hinted, “The Ford Family is the most elite family in Country M. I believe that you’ll find a way to protect the honor of your country, right?”

Mia nodded. She was not good at scheming, but Gu Yan knew.

She could tell that Gu Yan did not want Fu Zhi to win.

The chairman, who was relieved, said, “The international Physics competition is run by us, so it’s up to us to decide the rules and who gets the glory. The ants will always dream of biting the elephant to death. All you have to do is completely crush their beautiful dreams and make them wretchedly go back where they came from!”

The next day, when Fu Zhi got up, she received a WeChat message.

It was from Chu Yan.

[Here’s the thing, boss. After my disciple took your medicine, he wanted to thank you, so he bought some souvenirs for you. Besides, we’re having a small event at the end of the month, so can you give me your address? I will send the souvenirs and invitation to you, and you can come over to join us if you’re available.]

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