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Chapter 260: Fu Zhi’s True Identity – 3

Ye Tian had been born 40 years earlier than Fu Zhi. It had taken the research team about 30 years to modify some of the gene sequences before they’d come up with the second-generation test subjects.

Therefore, there was a smaller age gap between the subsequent generations.

Ye Zhiwen decided not to argue with his father anymore, as he did not want to incur his wrath. He got to the main topic and took Fu Zhi’s anti-cancer drug out of the lab bench. “Dad, this is the enhanced version, and its effect is even better. You can give my aunt some money, and she will let you test the pill.

“Didn’t you always say that it’s such a shame that the research team was disbanded that year and that you guys were not able to complete the anti-cancer drugs? Well, if you give my aunt more money, she will introduce the new core research team members to you!”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Tian said as he looked at his own son as if he was looking at an idiot. “This anti-cancer drug is being made by your aunt and her team. I’m not really obsessed with getting to know any of the core members. I just regret that we couldn’t complete the anti-cancer drug that year, so your aunt had no choice but to pick up the baton.”

He heaved a sigh of relief as he added, “You really are the greatest among us, Sister Zhizhi. Not only did you successfully complete the anti-cancer drugs, but you have also successfully made our country known in the rest of the world! Attagirl!”

The entire room fell into a deep silence after he finished speaking.

Fu Zhi handed a handkerchief to her brother.

Ye Tian took the handkerchief, but he did not wipe his face. Instead, he looked at the crowd in the laboratory and asked, “It’s a real feather in her cap. Why are you guys not clapping?”

‘Could they not love their country? Or do they think that my sister doesn’t deserve applause?’

Ye Tian really wanted the whole world to know how great his sister was. He chided himself for not bringing the biography of Fu Zhi he had compiled behind her back. Otherwise, he would have given each of them one and opened their eyes to the greatness of his sister.

Truth be told, if it were anyone else, Ye Tian would not have exposed Fu Zhi’s identity. However, he’d heard that his sister had been taken in by a new family that they treated her pretty well.

In any case, Ye Tian would stare at his phone every day like an old man squinting at his phone in the subway, waiting eagerly for Fu Zhi to update her WeChat Moments.

“You’re joking with us, right? Fu Zhi is the leader of the research team that created the anti-cancer drugs? How is that possible?” Bai Yao was the first one to come back to her senses. She found it unbelievable, so she said, “I think you better go and see a neurologist.”

‘He must have gotten Alzheimer’s disease. After all, no sane people would call someone as young as Fu Zhi as his sister? He must be delusional, right?’

Ye Tian’s face sank. He shot daggers at Bai Yao and snarled, “How dare you! I would never joke about something like that!”

As Ye Tian was talking with Bai Yao, he noticed Sheriff Zhao, who was standing amongst the crowd, and he had a basic grasp of the entire situation.

He felt that they were bullying his sister, so he pulled out his phone and opened up his conversation record with Du Min to look for the photo of Fu Zhi working at the research institute.

When he found the photo, he shoved his phone at Bai Yao and said, “Do you have any questions now? If you don’t, then please do me a favor and use your brain. These drugs are only sold to foreign countries, and not everyone could get their hands on them.”

He paused for a moment before adding, “Or do you think that someone of my stature would lie and joke about such a thing?”

Bai Yao studied the photo. Fu Zhi was wearing an ID card and a white lab coat. The words on the ID card were unreadable, as Ye Tian had erased them, and there were several sophisticated instruments Bai Yao had never seen before behind her back.

Her face sank, and so did Dong Cun’s.

He had never expected that Fu Zhi would be one of the core research team members.

If he had known about it earlier, he would definitely have been on her side no matter what.

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