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Chapter 259: Fu Zhi’s True Identity – 2


Lu Chuwan’s smile froze.

“What do you mean by Version 2.0? Did you make a mistake during the test?” Lu Chuwan had never heard of any Version 2.0 before. “It has only been a few days since the sale of the first generation of the medicine started, so how’s there any chance they will introduce a Version 2.0 so soon?”

‘It doesn’t make any sense!’

Besides, Dong Cun had told her that the medicine was difficult to produce, so she could not imagine how much effort the government had to invest to manufacture Version 2.0.

Most importantly, how had Fu Zhi gotten her hands on the medicine?

Lu Chuwan went forward and grabbed the test result from Dong Cun’s hand.

Ye Zhiwen’s attitude changed again. Moving like a wind across the laboratory, he took the stools away from Lu Chuwan and her group and moved three chairs over to Fu Zhi. “Miss, may I ask who you got the medicine from? Can you introduce them to me?”

“Call me aunt,” Fu Zhi corrected him.

Ye Zhiwen answered obediently, “Nice to meet you, aunt.”

Lu Jingqing’s jaw dropped in reaction to Ye Zhiwen’s shamelessness.

Nodding, Fu Zhi said, “Yes, I can introduce them to you, but you have to give me a referral fee. After all, financial matters should be settled clearly even though I’m your aunt and you’re my nephew.”

“Sure! That’s not a problem at all!” Ye Zhiwen replied without any hesitation.

Lu Chuwan looked at the scene before her and clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails dug into her flesh. Her chest was pumping up and down rapidly, as anger was snowballing fast inside of her.

She did not know why things would turn out this way. She was supposed to be the center of attraction, and yet Fu Zhi had stolen her thunder once again.

‘Why does she have to get in my way every single time? Why?’ she asked inwardly.

At the same time, Madam Lu only now realized they had accused Fu Zhi wrongly. She took a step back and hid behind the door.

As she took cover behind the door, she tried to recall if she had said something harsh to Fu Zhi just now. She pulled her hand out and began counting on her fingers to see how many sentences she had said to Fu Zhi ever since she’d stepped into the hospital. After all, considering Fu Zhi’s way of doing things, Madam Lu was certain that she would certainly rake things up against her, so she had to prepare herself for it.

Bai Yao pulled her daughter into her arms, while Dong Cun just stood frozen stiff on the spot. His brain was a muddled mess right now, and it took him a long while to come back to his senses. It was only now that he realized how wrong he had been. He should not have been prejudiced against Fu Zhi, and it had been a mistake to treat her unfairly.

He pulled Lu Chuwan away from Bai Yao’s arms and led her to Fu Zhi. He wanted her to apologize to Fu Zhi, but he did not know whether it would work or not. “It’s true that Chuwan made a mistake in this case, so she owes you an apology.”

If he had taken a stand before the revelation, he could have presented himself as a fair and unbiased adult and things would not have looked too bad for him. However, it was too late now. After everything he had done and the things he had said to Fu Zhi, trying to act reasonable and understanding right now would only make him look like a clown, and the person who had put him in such an awkward situation was none other than his own niece.

As a businessman, Dong Cun felt that it was not wrong to break the rules sometimes or utilize some petty tricks to reach a certain goal. However, if one had decided to go down that road, then he or she had to make sure that no one would catch them. Otherwise, they were just idiots.

“Oh.” Fu Zhi chuckled. “I don’t accept her apology. If you have anything you want to confess, tell it to the judge after you pay me back the money and make me happy.”

After saying that, she popped a piece of milk candy into her mouth. Then, she turned around and added her new nephew on WeChat, her back facing Dong Cun and Lu Chuwan.

The light above Fu Zhi’s head was bright. It cast a halo of white light around her that made her ethereally beautiful. Upon looking at her back, Dong Cun only then realized that Fu Zhi had been able to prove her innocence since the beginning, and he and Lu Chuwan were nothing but buffoons in front of her.

He took a deep breath. Even though Lu Chuwan was an idiot, she had a way to contact the core member. She was also a talented pianist. Therefore, she was worth the investment, and she would be of use to him in the future.

As for Fu Zhi, she had witnessed too many of Dong Cun’s embarrassing moments.

Dong Cun said, “Both of you are my nieces, and I treat you two equally. If Wanwan wanted to put you in jail, I’d help you persuade her.”

Upon hearing what he said, Fu Zhi turned around and replied flatly, “Okay.”

‘Just okay?’ Dong Cun’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Fu Zhi’s apathetic reply.

It occurred to him that Fu Zhi was hellbent on suing Lu Chuwan, and he knew this matter was not going to end anytime soon.

Lu Yumo, who had been sitting on the sidelines, couldn’t help interrupting. “Are all of you rich people so unreasonable? You are an adult, so you should set a good example for us. How could you take the lead and bully my sister? Why don’t you force Lu Chuwan to apologize to her?”


‘Nice job!’ Lu Jingqing shot his son a dissatisfied look as he praised him in his heart. Then, he turned to Dong Cun and said, “Please forgive my son. He just can’t stand it when someone is bullying his sister. You wouldn’t mind, right?”

Dong Cun’s expression was dark. He had never been humiliated so much in his life before. He pressed Lu Chuwan’s head to force her to bow and shouted, “Say sorry to her now!”

Lu Chuwan’s eyes went red around the rims. “Her brother tried to kill me! I lost my medicine and nearly died! Why do you guys still want me to apologize to her?”

However, Lu Chuwan could currently not present any evidence, and without any evidence, everything she said meant nothing.

Dong Cun grew even angrier at her inability to see the situation. However, he still had to defend her. In order to make Fu Zhi forgo her attempt to sue his niece, he commanded her, “Apologize to your cousin. Now!”

Lu Chuwan pressed her lip and refused to do as she was told.

She still thought that she had not done anything wrong.

Fu Zhi knew someone from the core research team, and so did she. Both of them had the same social status, and she was the heiress of the Lu Family, so must she apologize to her?

As for Fu Zhi wanting to sue her? Lu Chuwan was not worried about that at all. After all, Xu Wei was her aunt, and Xu Wei used to take care of her in the past. All she had to do was complain to her, and she was certain that Xu Wei would help her talk to Fu Zhi.

As Dong Cun kept persuading Lu Chuwan to apologize to Fu Zhi, a series of footfalls and the sound of a walking stick hitting the floor came from outside the laboratory.

Then, someone knocked on the door of the laboratory. The incoming person was an old man in his sixties. He was wearing a dark grey coat and a pair of black cloth shoes.

Even though he was old, his eyes were sharp, and he had a domineering aura about him.

Ye Zhiwen rushed up to him. However, before he could get to him, Lu Yumo used his leg to trip him and made him plop down on the floor, kneeling right in front of Lu Yumo and stunning him.

When Lu Yumo came back to his senses, he said, “Please forgive me, Xiao Wen. I promise you there won’t be a next time.”

Ye Zhiwen did not know how to reply.

When Fu Zhi noticed the old man, she rose to her feet.

She was the first person Ye Tian saw the moment he set foot in the laboratory. He thought his eyes were playing a trick on him, so he rubbed his eyes to get a clearer view. Then, he said, disbelief accenting his voice, “Sister Zhizhi? Is that you?”

The people in the laboratory were stunned.

Even though Ye Tian looked very youthful, he was still an old man with one foot in the grave. Therefore, everyone found it rather strange and unacceptable that he would call a 16-year-old girl his sister.

However, Fu Zhi replied, “Hi there, brother.” Her answer stunned everyone once again.

“Dad!” Ye Zhiwen was the first one to snap back to reality. “What are you doing?”

‘Have you gone mad?’

“Are you so happy that I finally found the anti-cancer drugs that you’ve gone crazy?”

“Shut up!” Ye Tian shouted as he hit Ye Zhiwen with his walking stick. Then, he pointed at Fu Zhi and said, “She is your aunt! Hurry up and greet her!”

Ye Zhiwen was certain that there had to be something wrong with his father. “Let me take you to see a neurologist first.”

Ye Tian did not want to talk to him anymore.

After all, as the first-generation test subject, he surmised that since he had miraculously lived for so long, it had to do something with his easy-going personality.

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