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Chapter 257: It’s Payback Time!

Even though the quality of the medical team in Yu City’s No.1 Hospital was not as great as the medical team of the first-class hospital in the capital and there were plenty of diseases that they could not cure, the director of No.1 Hospital was different. His name was Ye Zhiwen. His father was very accomplished in the field of medicine, not to mention that he himself was an overseas returnee who had been the top student at his university. The reason he was in Yu City was that he had to oversee an important project.

He was turning 48 years old this year, and he had pledged most of his life to the field of medicine. He breathed with an air of dignity, and his eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s. “You’re Lu Chuwan, right? Mr. Lu has told me everything, so give me the medicine.”

His voice was flat, and he seemed rather uninterested. He could not fathom what kind of medicine was worth this kind of hustle and bustle.

Lu Chuwan nodded and handed two bottles of medicine to him.

After taking the two bottles of medicine, Ye Zhiwen squinted his eyes and said, “Wait outside and keep quiet.”

He demanded absolute silence when he was experimenting or testing. It took him at least half an hour to accurately determine the composition of the medicine. Therefore, all of them just waited outside the laboratory while the police took Fu Zhi’s statement.

Dong Cun could not understand why Fu Zhi refused to apologize to Lu Chuwan. He could not help saying, “You’re still attending high school now, and do you have any idea that your future will be ruined if you spend a few years in prison? You will end up at the lowest level of society, and you can forget about your family. There’s nothing they could do to help you. Besides, since you had the audacity to steal from your cousin, why can’t you just bring yourself to apologize to her? After all, an apology will bring about a brighter and better future. The choice is pretty easy to make, right?”

Sheriff Zhao was cut short by Dong Cun. As he listened to Dong Cun’s speech, his brows furrowed even tighter. After Dong Cun finished speaking, he added, “So you think Lu Chuwan did nothing wrong in this case?”

Dong Cun had always considered himself superior to others. Upon hearing Sheriff Zhao’s question, he said matter-of-factly, “Does any law of the state dictate that the victim is also at fault? My niece is a good kid. She wouldn’t utter nonsense or cause us trouble like Fu Zhi.”

Sheriff Zhao did not agree with Dong Cun. Pulling a long face, he said, “However, according to the oral testimony of Mama Zhang, as well as the professional certification of some objects presented by Fu Zhi herself, most of the medical information on her desk is remnants of ancient books. All of them have immeasurable value, and even the Valerian Root that she grew is a rare plant that could not be easily found. However, all these things were destroyed by Ms. Lu Chuwan while she was looking for her medicine.”

He paused for a moment before adding, “Even if Fu Zhi had really stolen her medicine, the very first thing she should have done is call the police. However, she did not do that. Instead, she took the matter into her own hands, went to Fu Zhi’s house, and destroyed her belongings. This is already a crime, and she could be sentenced to at least one year in prison.”

Both Dong Cun and Madam Lu were stunned. They’d only known that Fu Zhi had the Valley Orchid in her house. They had not known about the rest.

Dong Cun had thought the reason Lu Jingqing had pulled a long face at Madam Lu was that he was being petty.

However, it seemed to him that he had been wrong.

He did not doubt the truth of Fu Zhi’s words, and he knew about the Valerian Root due to the element of his job. It was fine if she only had a pot or two, but if she had a ton of them, then the market value would be even higher than the anti-cancer drug’s.

The remaining anger and arrogance in Dong Cun went out like a deflated balloon.

Actually, the matter itself was traceable. The fact that Fu Zhi had been able to get Madam Lu back from the clutches of death meant that she must have encountered an expert at a certain point in her life and picked up quite some skills from him.

However, unlike Lu Chuwan, she’d never fawned over him deliberately, and he did not feel respected. That was why he had chosen to side with Lu Chuwan.

Right now, Dong Cun licked his chapped lips as an inner voice shouted at him, saying that there was no way he could mend the relationship between him and Fu Zhi anymore after today’s incident.

“Well, I was too angry at the time, so I might have gone a little overboard. Besides, I can just pay her back the money. It’s not a big deal at all.” Lu Chuwan touched her neck and pointed at her broken arm. “Fu Zhi hired someone to take my life, Sheriff Zhao, so are you expecting that my family and I will shake hands and make peace with her?”

Sheriff Zhao looked at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi was now standing as straight as a ramrod with her hands inside her pockets, gazing at Lu Chuwan, who was marching straight at her with a face livid from rage and eyes filled with unbound anger. If it were not for her self-control, she would have fallen out with Fu Zhi already.

After a long while, Fu Zhi chuckled and said, “Do you have any proof?”

“I heard it with my own ears. He called you his sister!” Lu Chuwan snarled.

“Did you tape it then? Since you said he looks a lot like me, can you show us a picture with his face in it? Besides, even if he looks like me, does that prove anything?”

Lu Chuwan’s expression changed.

Dong Cun had established his research center on the outskirts of the city due to safety reasons. When she’d told Ye Jiu that he was surrounded by surveillance cameras, she had just been bluffing. The alley was small and dingy, so there were no surveillance cameras installed around it.

There was no expression on Fu Zhi’s face as she leaned against the handrail. The cold gust of wind from the window and the air-conditioner blew past her face and ruffled her hair.

Suddenly, she pulled a rhinestone-studded pencil and a stack of photos from her bag.

Among the stack of photos were national certified medical books and the professional paperwork of the Valerian Root.

After doing that, she began writing on the back of the photos, her brows tightly furrowed as she looked rather annoyed.

Everyone looked at her, as they did not know what she was doing. For a moment, nobody talked and the corridor turned silent.

It took her no more than ten seconds to finish writing the price of the herbs and medical books on the back of the photos. After she was done, she walked up to Lu Chuwan with the photos in her hand.

Lu Chuwan stood frozen in front of her, as she could not be sure what Fu Zhi was going to do. Before she knew it, Fu Zhi separated the photos and began throwing them at her one by one.

There were about a dozen photos. Even though getting slapped by photos did not cause much physical pain, it was very humiliating.


A photo fell from Lu Chuwan’s face to her shoulders before fluttering to the floor.

Lu Chuwan was stunned. By the time she came back to her senses and took a step back, Fu Zhi was already done.

No one could believe that Fu Zhi was daring enough to do such a thing in front of the police.

Madam Lu opened her mouth but did not dare say anything. She could only curse Fu Zhi inwardly for her ruthlessness, and she swore to herself that she must send Fu Zhi away no matter what.

The edges of the photos were sharp. While Fu Zhi was throwing the photos at her, some of them grazed the corner of her lips and left small cuts on her cheeks.

She touched her lips and hissed in pain as her eyes went red around the rims.

She still could not quite come back to her senses, and it was only when she slowly lowered her head to look at the photos around her legs that she realized what Fu Zhi had done.

According to an unwritten rule, one should never go for the face during a fight. Not only had she broken her arm and nearly killed her today, but she’d also thrown photos on her face.

Fu Zhi was audacious enough to throw photos on her face. It was even worse than her going to her house and destroying her plants.

At the same time, Lu Yumo lifted his face from his phone and chimed in, “According to Article 246 of China’s Criminal Law, if the circumstances are serious, anyone who publicly insults another person by using violence or other methods or fabricates facts to defame another person shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of no more than three years, detention, control, or deprivation of political rights.”

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