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Chapter 256: Is It Wrong For Me To Defend Myself?

With that thought in mind, Dong Cun believed that he had to do something about it. Turning his head, he looked emotionlessly at Fu Zhi.

“Can we talk now?” Fu Zhi asked.

Bai Yao nodded profusely, and Fu Zhi withdrew the dagger. She did not feel guilty for what she had done. She walked straight to the center of the ward and stood beside Lu Jingqing.

There was no expression on her face, so no one could tell if she was angry or happy right now.

While Lu Jingqing had been on his way here, he had gone to the black market and bought some rare seeds for her. He handed the seeds to Fu Zhi and said awkwardly, “Don’t worry. Daddy will help you smash her room later.”

Lu Yumo’s ears wriggled like a rabbit’s when he overheard what his father had said. He jumped up excitedly, offered his dad a broad grin, and said, “I’ve already done it!”

Lu Jingqing, who had been robbed of this responsibility, fell silent.

What was so great about having a son? Not only did he spend money like water, but he could not read the room either.

The ward was filled with Lu Jingqing and Lu Yumo’s voices, while Bai Yao sat hunched up in the corner, gritting her teeth in anger.

‘Madness! This is madness! All of them are crazy!’

Bai Yao was frightened by Fu Zhi, but Dong Cun was not. After all, he was a man. He just stared silently at Fu Zhi.

Lu Chuwan knew that Dong Cun was not in a good mood right now, as the experiment on the anti-cancer drug had not gone very well. Even though he had not said anything, it was very clear that he still wanted the Valley Orchid in Fu Zhi’s garden.

She let out a sigh of relief when she saw the dissatisfied look on Dong Cun’s face. She then said, “I’ve called the police. Let’s wait until they’re here.”

Lu Jingqing had the same thought, but again, Dong Cun was different. He might need more of the Valley Orchid, as he was getting breathless and was being pressed by his investors overseas.

Frowning, he ordered, “Fu Zhi, apologize to your cousin.”

“Jeopardizing other people’s interests is something only a loser would do,” Dong Cun said straightforwardly. “What you should do is take care of your own parents. You shouldn’t stick your nose into the matters of the Lu Household, as they have nothing to do with you. If you apologize to her right now and admit your mistake, I will help you talk to the police—”

Before Dong Cun could finish his sentence, Fu Zhi suddenly tilted her head up and gave him a meaningful smile.

Lu Chuwan did not know why Fu Zhi still acted as if she had everything under control although the odds were against her. She scoffed and added, “Grandma is Uncle Jingqing’s mother, and the medicine is the only thing that could save her life. So why did you steal the pills? Do you want grandma to die, and is this your way of repaying the kind family that took you in? We shouldn’t really have let an ingrate like you join our family in the first place.”

She did not want Fu Zhi to apologize, nor was she going to give Dong Cun the chance to help Fu Zhi. She wanted to send her to jail. She wanted her to get the punishment that she deserved.

Lu Jingqing was indeed a good son. Even though Madam Lu was selfish and conceited, she had never treated any of her sons harshly before. Besides, no child would watch their own mother die before their eyes.

Lu Jingqing looked at Lu Chuwan, but before he could say anything, Lu Yumo interrupted. “Hold on a second. Have you forgotten that you also nearly killed our grandma the other day with your prescription? According to your logic, you’re a shameless ingrate as well. Can you teach me how to become as shameless as you? I’m not asking for much. I just want to be half as shameless as you are so that I won’t feel so guilty for everything I’ve put Zhizhi through.”

Lu Chuwan was speechless. People always said that you could never defeat someone who was willing to put everything on the line, and it was only now that Lu Chuwan realized how true this phrase was. She really did not know what to say to Lu Yumo, so she kept silent.

Before long, Madam Lu arrived with the police.

Sheriff Zhao was there. When he saw Fu Zhi, he gave her a grin as he waved his hand enthusiastically at her. “We meet again, little girl!”

Madam Lu pulled a long face and cleared her throat, reminding Sheriff Zhao of his job.

Sheriff Zhao took a step back and began to do his job. “Fu Zhi, I received a report saying that you stole something from your cousin and you even hired someone to kill her?”

Bai Yao added, “She even brought a dagger to threaten me!”

‘This is a little overboard.’

Sheriff Zhao’s face turned serious, and he asked, “Do you have anything to say?”

“Well, I know that we can’t bring knives or daggers to school,” Fu Zhi said. “But there isn’t any rule stating that we cannot bring a knife or a dagger to the hospital, right? So how can you say I have broken the rules? Besides, Bai Yao was the one who wanted to beat me just now. She even threw a remote control at me. Although the remote control has been shattered into pieces, I’m sure that you can still extract her fingerprints. So, do you think it was wrong of me to defend myself?”

Sheriff Zhao nodded in assent, as he thought that Fu Zhi was right. Then, he turned to Bai Yao and scolded him. “Why do you have to be such a cranky-pants? What’s wrong with her carrying a dagger into the hospital? You’re an adult, so how can you bully a little girl like her?”

Bai Yao was stumped.

She had high cheekbones, and she always had an arrogant look on her face. As for Fu Zhi, she had just been wrongly accused of murdering someone and taken to the police station recently. She was such a good kid, so how was there any chance she would harm other people?

Not only that, but Sheriff Zhao also remembered that Madam Lu had beaten her without any reason at the police station as well. After putting everything together, he confirmed that Fu Zhi had been framed.

The scale in Sheriff Zhao’s heart began to tilt toward Fu Zhi. He turned to Lu Chuwan and asked, “How come you’re so sure that Fu Zhi can’t have the same medicine and bottles as you?”

“Sheriff Zhao, when you have nothing to do, please take your time and see how much a bottle of that medicine costs on the official website. She’s a cheapskate, so there’s no way she would buy it. Besides, the medicine is only sold to foreign countries, and I’m the only one who knows where to buy it in our country.”

Lu Chuwan had always looked down on a powerless police officer like Sheriff Zhao. She felt it was a waste of time talking to him.

Sheriff Zhao took a glance at her and asked, “Why are you so certain that others don’t know where to buy the medicine either?”

“Oh please, are you trying to defend her as well, Sheriff Zhao?” Lu Chuwan scoffed. “I think you’ve gotten something wrong. I called you here to arrest her, not question me!”

“Chuwan!” Dong Cun chimed in. He decided to give Fu Zhi another chance. Turning to Fu Zhi, he said, “You apologize to your cousin now, pay her back the money that she used to buy the medicine, and sell your flowers. Then, I’ll help you settle this matter.”

He spoke as if he was doing Fu Zhi a big favor, but Lu Jingqing saw through his intentions. He knew that Dong Cun was doing this because he wanted the Valley Orchid in their garden. If it were not for the orchid, Lu Jingqing was certain that he would not have offered any help to Fu Zhi at all.

He scoffed inwardly as he scanned the room. Most of the people were standing on Lu Chuwan’s side, including Madam Lu, who was hiding behind Bai Yao. She wanted to say something as well, but she did not dare do so, as she was afraid of Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi told Lu Jingqing that her medicine was an improved version. It only lacked one kind of herb that could be harmful to the human body.

There was no way Lu Jingqing would let Sheriff Zhao take Fu Zhi away. Then, he received a text message through WeChat. He pulled his phone out to check the message and then said in a calm voice, “How about this? I’ve made an appointment with the director of this hospital. Let’s put both medicines to the test. If it’s determined that the two medicines have different compositions, all of you will have to apologize to Zhizhi.”

“Jingqing!” Madam Lu shouted.

Lu Jingqing then said, “Zhizhi has poured a lot of effort into raising the flowers on her desk. Your granddaughter only lost a bottle of medicine, but how can you forget everything that Zhizhi has done for you? Have you forgotten that she saved your life? Please stop being such an ingrate, mom.”

Madam Lu was stumped.

Sheriff Zhao nodded as he said, “Well, we policemen need evidence as well if we want to arrest someone. Ms. Lu, are you willing to let the director of the hospital test your medicine?”

One pill in the bottle cost about 100,000 yuan. Lu Chuwan was reluctant to do the test, but she wanted Fu Zhi to get the punishment she deserved. After a short bout of rumination, she nodded and said, “Alright then, but Fu Zhi has to be responsible for all my losses.”

Fu Zhi chimed in, “Just because you’re ugly, everyone has to listen to you?”

Well, it was a fact that Lu Chuwan was not as pretty as Fu Zhi. She did not know what to say in reply, so she just ignored her.

Lu Jingqing then led all of them to the laboratory of No.1 Hospital.

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